How To Adjust Peloton Screen- A Simple Guideline!

Peloton bikes are super useful when it comes to dealing with fitness machines.

The wireless touchscreens of these indoor cycling bikes offer you to stream live videos while working out at home.

But to maximize the use of your peloton, you need to know how to adjust the peloton screen.

The novice users often can’t figure out the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of adjusting the peloton screen so here we are! In this article, we’ll show the proper way of adjusting the peloton screen, so, stick to the last.    

Why Adjusting Peloton Screen?

When you can’t rotate or adjust the screen side-to-side, you’ll find it difficult to view the angle especially when you do floor-based workouts.

Let’s think about the older generation bikes that are tough to adjust and there’s no chance to move the screen. For this, you can’t manage the screen and see what your instructor is doing while you are in front of the bike or off to the side of the bike.

However, the latest editions of the peloton allow you to install a pivot and rotate the touchscreen. Once you install it, you can move, rotate, swivel, and adjust the screen according to your wish. 

Yes, it’s actually pretty handy if you are not on the bike while working out.  

How to Adjust Peloton Screen?

So, if you want a straightforward answer then, you already know that you need to install a pivot to adjust the original peloton bike screen.

However, installing a pivot is no big deal. It’s an easy DIY project and may take around only 15 minutes. Therefore, let’s see how to install a pivot, ready?

Purchase a pivot and wade through these steps. Worth mentioning, most pivots come with bolts, wrenches, and washers, so you may not need any additional tools here.

  • Unplug every data cable that goes into your monitor.
  • Now, let’s remove the screen. Take off the bolt and washer first. You can easily locate the bolt and washer at the back of your monitor.
  • Take out the screen and then place it on the floor.
  • After that, you should attach the pivot to your bike’s frame. To get the job done, install the new bolt and the washers that you’ll find coming with the pivot.
  • Tighten the bolts and the washers using the wrench.

And, you’re done. Now, you can treat your peloton screen according to your wish.

However, if you think the whole pivot-installing process is kind of a hassle, do it when you move your peloton bike upstairs or simply to another room. It will be more like two birds killed with one stone. 

Changing the track, I think I owe an explanation of how things are working here.

Once you install the pivot, it will let you rotate the screen in any direction (a full 360 degrees). Moreover, you can even angle the screen for pointing it to the ceiling or down towards the floor.

So, basically, the pivot here is allowing you to upgrade the original bike and rotate it how you want.

A relevant question peloton nations often ask is ‘how to tilt the peloton screen?’

You will want to tilt the screen of your peloton vertically around 0 to 30 degrees. It’s simple, carefully grasp both sides of your screen and tilt it in whatever direction you want.

Things You Must Consider While Adjusting Peloton Screen

You May Need This Essential Tips Too!

Now, you know the process of adjustment. But stay very careful about a few matters or you may regret them later.

  • When you rotate the screen, it may get scratched by the handlebars of your bike. So, keep your eyes open when you rotate the screen. Try to rotate it at a very certain angle and do the job carefully.
  • Go through the cable management job carefully. Turn off the peloton screen by following the right way. 
  • If you rotate the screen at a 90-degree angle from the position where the screen would normally face, then you can’t angle the screen as far down. Because it can hit the bike’s handlebars. In this case, rotate the screen slightly to get the screen at a downward angle.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there a video camera on the peloton screen?

Yes, there are. But fear not because the camera doesn’t let your instructors see you. It’s for you so you can video chat with friends while having a ride.

How much does a pivot cost? Is it a worthwhile investment?

It costs only around $60 and yes, it’s totally worthwhile.

Can you view TV/Netflix on the peloton touchscreen?

Well, this answer may make you feel sorry because there’s no way to connect your peloton to apps like Netflix. But the manufacturers will bring the feature soon.

What are the peloton 101 videos about?

Well, the series of videos are the tutorials of how to adjust your peloton bike (e.g seat position). It results in giving you a more comfortable ride.


Now you see, how to adjust the peloton screen doesn’t have a complicated answer. Peloton bikes are super easy and handy to operate. If you follow our instructions properly, you won’t damage such an expensive machine.

So, good luck! 

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