How To Clean Peloton Handlebars- Why Most Of User Recommend This?

We appreciate your concern about how to clean peloton handlebars. Because some users do not provide proper attention to the handlebars.

Since handlebars are high-contact areas, you need to keep them free from dirt, germs, and sweat to extend their shelf life. Now, fear not as this article is crafted for making your path easier.

Also, there are some additional tips including some do’s and don’ts concerning the topic.

Therefore, we will guide you to be on track. Are you ready to start?

How to Clean Peloton Handlebars

When you clean your Peloton bike, you always should start from the top of the bike and gently wipe each section. While doing so, you’ll want to pay more attention to the handlebars, resistance knob, seat, and the other high-contact areas.

Here’s an easy and quick guideline to rub off your confusion about cleaning the handlebars.

The good news is, the cleaning process doesn’t require any rare or fancy product. All you’ll need is:

  • An all-purpose cleaning spray
  • A microfiber cloth

Also, cleaning the handlebars is not something exceptional from cleaning the rest of the bike.

The ideal way to clean your peloton handlebars is:

  • Spray the all-purpose cleaning spray on the microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe the handlebars down with the microfiber cloth. 
  • Dry the handlebars using a dry microfiber cloth.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Here are some things you must avoid while cleaning your peloton handlebars.

  • Do not spray directly on the handlebars or any other parts of your bike.
  • Do not saturate the microfiber cloth with the spray you’ll use for the cleaning purpose.
  • Choose a cleaning product that doesn’t contain any abrasives like bleach or ammonia.

Why Sweat is Bad for Your Peloton Handlebars

Almost every one of us uses sweat protectors as added accessories to our peloton handlebars. But you may have confusion about how sweat can be bad for the handlebars.

Your sweat has salt in it and there is a corrosive nature in your sweat. For this, when the sweat gets into touch with the handlebars, chances are the metal of your beloved peloton will rust.

When the sweat starts building up on the non-rusting areas of the bike, grime, dust, and dirt will start sticking to the areas. Eventually, your peloton bike will have a gross look. 

Now, you may guess why sweat is the unwanted guest here and why cleaning & maintaining your peloton handlebars is important.

How Often Should You Clean Your Peloton Handlebars

Another relevant question you may ask- how often to clean your peloton handlebars?

Clean your peloton handlebars with a damp cloth after every single ride. It will help to prevent dirt and dust from building up on the handlebars. And, the cleaning process we’ve shared above, follow it once a week.

Cleaning with an all-purpose cleaning product only once a week will be enough.

And, if you are going to stop using the peloton for a while, make sure you clean the handlebars before storing them. Moreover, if you move your peloton upstairs or simply from one room to another, make sure you clean it afterward.  

Additional Maintenance Tips

Now, you know almost everything about the proper cleaning procedure for your peloton handlebars. These maintenance tips below will help to keep the handlebars rust-free and in good condition.

  • Make sure you clean the sweat and dirt from the peloton handlebars after every workout.
  • Use a spin towel to cover the handlebars. It will allow you to wipe your sweaty hands without making the handlebars dirty.
  • Use only gentle cleaning products to clean the handlebars, avoid any harsh chemicals.
  • Clean your peloton handlebars with a solution of isopropyl alcohol while re-wrapping the handlebars.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why are my Peloton handlebars turning white?

They don’t turn white just because they’re dirty. Generally, it happens when the handlebars get dried out. And, the reason for drying out can be sweat or using abrasive cleaners for a long time.

Should I lubricate my peloton handlebars?

Yes, it’s even a great idea to avoid dryness from the handlebars. You can even simply use vegetable oil on a dry towel to wipe off the handlebars.

Can I use disposable wipes to clean the handlebars?

Sure. It will work like a champ to keep the handlebars free from dirt and germs. 


By now, you’ve got your answer to ‘how to clean peloton handlebars?’, right? It’s not hard to upkeep your peloton if you’re on the track.

Try to clean the handlebars regularly since it’s one of the highest contact areas and things will stay just right. Good luck!