Peloton Making Clicking Noise- How to Fix?

We really appreciate that you didn’t overlook the problem that you’re facing with your peloton. Hopefully, you are very concerned about the maintenance of your bike. 

Still, there can be any technical issue or something that you may have missed while taking care of your bike. So, chances are you’re here because your peloton making clicking noise. 

Well, that’s not a big issue if you are on this page right after you start hearing the noise. You can fix it in some simple ways. 

Let’s get to know the common reason for this problem and how you can solve it.

Why Is Your Peloton Making Clicking Noise?- 4 Possible Reasons

Here you go with the 4 most common reasons why your peloton can make a clicking noise.  

1. Cleat Clips into The Paddles are Loose

One of the most common problems why a peloton bike can make a clicking noise is, the cleats in your bike pedals are not tight enough. So, when they are loose and you ride the bike, you can hear a clicking noise. 

You can identify this problem quite easily because you’ll feel the shoes are loose and it’s not comfortable. 

Now, you need to get over this problem. So, get to know how to adjust the cleats of peloton bikes. The relief is, it’s not anything complicated. 

As you ride over time, it may become very easy to clip into the bike. But if it becomes too easy to clip in, you need to tighten the screw on the back of the pedals to ensure a tight connection.

Here’s how you can tighten your peloton cleats:

  • The bottom of your shoes has 3 screw holes, locate them first. Then, place each cleat over the holes.
  • Use a 4mm hex key for tightening the screws.
  • Now, check whether the cleats are properly aligned. The cleats should be on straight. 

The problem should be solved now. But over time, the screws may loosen again and result in the cleats shifting. And, when the cleats are loose again, you can notice noise coming from the cleats. 

So, you better tighten the cleats regularly (e.g once a month) to have a silent ride.  

2. Your Bike is Not 100% Level

Another possible reason for this happening is, maybe you couldn’t place the bike perfectly on the floor when you moved the peloton upstairs or just room to room.

When your bike isn’t 100% level, you can feel the clicking noise because the bike can tap up and down on your floor.

You can notice the noise more precisely when your bike is directly on the floor instead of on the carpet. So, be sure that all the feet of your bike are level. 

Also, you’ll want to check how the lock nuts on the feet are. They shouldn’t be loose or tap on things so make sure you tighten them.   

3. The Pedal is Broken at The Post

When you know that your bike is 100% level and the cleats are tight plus placed right but still hearing noise from the down part of your bike, maybe the pedal is broken at the post.

When the pedal is broken at the post, you need to deal with the crank arm first. Why?

Well, the broken piece of the pedal post remains in the crank arm. In this case, you can’t remove the broken piece simply by using a wrench.

So, now your goal is to extract the broken post from the crank arm first.

So, to find an escape, you need to know how to replace the crank arms on a peloton bike.

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the outer belt guard of the wheel of your peloton.
  • You need to remove the three screws on the opposite side as well. 
  • Remove the bolt inside the crank arm using an 8mm Allen key.
  • Now, things will be easy for you to remove the crank arm. Just use a crank puller to do so.

Once you remove the arm key, you should be able to extract the broken post from the crank arm now and simply screw the new pedals in. 

4. Bad Bearings

Sometimes, bad meanings of your peloton can cause grinding/rubbing noise. It may start from clicking but gradually you will hear loud noise instead of just clicking. 

To get rid of bad bearings, you should change the ball bearings of your peloton

  • Remove the crank arm as we described before.
  • Remove the front belt car with a screwdriver.
  • Take off the sensor screw and wire with a 4-mm Allen key.
  • Remove both bolts from either side of the flywheel.
  • Take the flywheel apart from the frame of your bike. 
  • Use a 5-mm Allen key to remove the screws on the hub and bearings.  
  • Now, replace the old bearings with new ones.

Additional Tips to Take Care of Your Peloton

To make sure that the Peloton bike is in top shape, you must be concerned about the upkeep of your bike. No, we are not telling you to grow eyes behind your head, just keep the things below in your mind to maintain your bike.

  • Tighten the cleats, pedals, and seat of your peloton at least once a month.
  • Be very careful while adjusting the touchscreen to prevent it from getting scratched.
  • Put your peloton in sleep mode or turn it off when you don’t use it. 
  • Clean your peloton at least once a week. 
  • Lubricate the rough and hard-to-move parts to get a better result.

We want to remind you that every DIY project about fixing your bike requires carefulness. If you think you are not the right person for this job, talk to Peloton support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear sneakers on the Peloton bike? Will it damage the paddles?

Yes, you can. If you install toe cages on your bike, you can wear sneakers and they won’t harm your bike.

When to understand that I need to replace the whole peloton bike?

When any of the tricks above cannot solve what you are facing, contact peloton support first. If they also can’t deal with your specific issue, then you should replace the bike. 

Is every part of the peloton covered under warranty?

Yes, peloton bikes come with a one-year warranty and every part of the bike is under the warranty. So, if you accidentally break your pedals, Peloton will set you a new one for free. 

What if I feel that the clicking noise has a relation with the belt rotating of my bike?

Don’t worry about it. Just give it around 10 rides and it will automatically go away


And, we are done discussing the reasons and solutions to ‘Peloton making clicking noise’ this problem. You surely got your answer and understood how to deal with your expensive peloton bike. 

All the bolts are supposed to stay tight, so make sure of it. And, clean, operate, and maintain the bike regularly, you’ll love the journey with Peloton.

Good luck! 

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