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  • Echelon Ex5s Vs Peloton- Which One Is Better?
    Exercise bikes are a can’t-miss option to work out especially when you want to work out in the comfort and privacy of your home. But yes, we know that working
  • What Is A Good FTP Peloton? Is Yours Too Low?
    FTP or Functional Threshold Power is the best way to find out how much power you can hold in one hour. The metric helps peloton riders to know their capabilities. 
  • What Can Peloton Followers See?
    Chances are you’re in confusion with ‘what can Peloton followers see?’ this question. Don’t worry, head over to the article and it will rub off all of your confusion. What
  • What Is A Peloton EDM Ride
    What Does EDM Mean? EDM is the abbreviation of Electronic Dance Music aka dance music or club music. It’s made largely for festivals, nightclubs, radio, fitness, and raves. Overall, it’s
  • What Is A Good Average Output On Peloton?
    The answer may sound tasteless but trust me, there’s no direct answer to the question. A good average peloton output is dependent on factors like your size, weight, proficiency (whether
  • What Is The Weight Limit For A Peloton Bike?
    First of all, congratulations on taking the very first step on your health journey!  Believe it or not, chances are little to zero that the peloton bike can’t weigh you