What Can Peloton Followers See?

Chances are you’re in confusion with ‘what can Peloton followers see?’ this question. Don’t worry, head over to the article and it will rub off all of your confusion.

What Does It Mean to Follow Someone on Peloton?

So, what does it mean to follow someone on Peloton? What can peloton followers see? What are the benefits of following each other?

Well, people who follow you on the Peloton app:

  • Can view your workout history.
  • They also can see your statistics for any given ride.
  • And, the history or stats include almost everything like your average resistance, average cadence, speed, distance, and even your output.

And, the same things are applicable for the persons you follow. So, when you follow someone:

  • You will get a notification when the person joins a class.
  • You can observe how the riders you follow are doing.
  • There’s also an option if you want to select any particular person you follow and dig deeper into their stats. 

And, the benefits of following each other on Peloton are:

  • If you want some like-minded people around you while working out, you can make friends by following back your followers.
  • You will get motivation and inspiration from the competitors.
  • Also, you can request video calls with your friends and enjoy their company while riding the bike.

How To Follow Someone And Add Friends On Peloton Account?

So, what can you do to follow someone and make friends on Peloton?

You can do it by following two different methods. If you want to add friends via their Peloton usernames, then go through the steps below:

  • You’ll see 3 dots in the corner (lower, right-hand).
  • Then, select the option ‘Find Peloton Members’ so you can search for the riders by their usernames.
  • Start typing and you’ll notice that it starts auto-populating the matching search results.
  • When you tap on anyone’s username, you can visit their profile page and get an option ‘FOLLOW’ to follow the person.

But if you want to add friends via Facebook, the process will be a bit different.

  • Like the previous process, click on the 3 dots.
  • It will show the ‘Find Facebook Friends’ option.
  • Now, add friends by logging in to your Facebook account.

However, if any of your Facebook friends are already on Peloton and their accounts are linked in Peloton, their profiles will be displayed. And, you only need to tap on ‘Follow’, nothing else.

How To Hide Your Workout History From Followers

Yes, it’s motivating to connect with some people by following Peloton but some users don’t feel comfortable sharing their workout history.

If you are one of them and want to hide your workout history, then, there’s no option to customize and hide them from any specific follower. Instead, what you can do is, delete the ride histories you don’t want to share or make your profile private.

Your Peloton profile is set to public, it’s done by default. Now, if you want to make it private, other members can’t follow you or view your profile and workouts. However, users can still send you a follow request and won’t be able to observe how you’re doing until you accept the requests.

To control your privacy settings on Peloton:

  • Click on your username.
  • To access your profile settings, check the upper left side and find the cog icon.
  • Tap the ‘Social Media Tab’.
  • Check the box saying ‘Private Profile’.

On the web, you can control the privacy setting with the process below.

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the settings details page.
  • Then, you’ll see some vertical ellipsis in the top right corner. Click on ‘Preferences.
  • Then, select ‘Settings.
  • Select the ‘Make Profile Private’ option.
  • Click on Save changes.

So, how to delete a ride on Peloton? Two options are there. 

 You can remove it on your Peloton web profile:

  • Log in to your account on Peloton.
  • Click on your profile. A list of rides will be displayed.
  • Tap the rides you want to remove from the top-hand ride corner.

Or, you can delete a ride on your bike by following these steps:

  • Select your username.
  • Then, select ‘Profile’.
  • You can see the previous rides you had on the left. Just swipe to the left on any ride you want to delete.
  • Select ‘Delete’.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I block someone on Peloton?

No, sorry. There’s no option to block someone on Peloton. But you can send official complaints against someone who harasses you. Just send the complaint to Peloton customer support and they will take care of it.

Can my followers see my birthday and gender?

They will see only you add the information to your account and make the information public. You can select ‘Make My Age and Gender Private’ for hiding the information. 

Can I find out who views my Peloton profile?

There’s no specific way to check it. Your followers can view and observe almost everything you do.

How can I know if someone high fives me on Peloton?

You will get a notification on your screen.

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