Explore 5 Best Cheap Power Meter With Updated Buyers Guide

Accurate tracking of your performance in training is crucial towards your cycling goal for being a cyclist. And so, modern power meters come with strain gauges to measure your hard attempts accurately rather than guesswork. However, you may worry about compromising your needs due to its high price tags. But you don’t need to break your bank to get the best one. These days, power meters are available at a low budget that is better at their job than the price.

Today we will break down our top favorite 5 best cheap power meters. So keep reading, and let’s help you to achieve your best cycling level!

Best Cheap Power Meter

Cheap Power Meter

Let’s look at the complete reviews for our top-rated 5 recommendations we pick for you today.

1. Gen 3 Stages Power Meter– Get Lot of Compatible Options to Try  Out

The stage’s power meters are now broadly compatible with Hologram, Cannondale’s, FSA, SI, SRAM, and multiple Shimano versions. This on top, ensures you not to buy different meters for each cycle.

Also, this meter is made with carbon fiber material for the versions of FSA, SRAM, and Campagnolo. This thing allows you to get a stiffer and stronger power meter with lightweight.

The active Temperature Compensation of this cycling power meter prevents environmental changes affecting its consistency and accuracy.  So, you can get accurate feedback for a worry-free performance.

This cycling meter is best for left – hand crank, but it also offers a full chainset with a meter in both cranks. And, you can easily swap them between your Shimano bikes.

However,  it is one of the best cheap power meters with its sturdy communication protocol like Bluetooth and ANT +. This on top, makes sure 6x better strength of data transmission.


  • Compact design for any cycling computer
  • Offers tool-free battery replacement
  • Transmit data accuracy of +/- 1.5
  • Long-life battery
  • Easy to get fit


  • Non – rechargeable battery system

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2. 4iiii PRECISION Power Meter– Enjoy Lightest Crank Arms with This  One

The 4iiii power meter is considered as the best cheap power meter with its lightest weight. It only adds 9 grams to the crank arm that is best if you’re seeking lightweight. Besides, it has no lackings of quality due to its weight.

In addition, this meter’s battery is made of 2032 coin cells that alert at a 15% battery level on the app on your smartphone. Also, this battery comes with a rechargeable option to facilitate concentration in training time.

On top of that, it is the most accurate power meter that provides you +/- 1% accuracy. This thing ensures you reliable data so that you can upgrade your cycling.

Moreover,  this meter features 3D technology, which is configurable in both single and dual-sided. It enables you the option to choose the best balance in cycling.

With its ” Ride Ready ” option, this power meter is preferable for anyone who wants a pre-installed power meter. It is also available from 165mm to 175mm size that is incredibly compatible with any Shimano R6800 and R8000 cranksets.


  • Supports ANT+ & Bluetooth for communication
  • Capable of including new updates & features
  • Durable for long-lasting
  • Waterproof


  • Short battery life

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3. PowerTap G3 Power Meter– Try Out  This  for Professional  Standard  Power  Management

The PowerTap brought up the wireless power meter for the first time. And now, this becomes professional-level equipment. In fact, it is updated continueously to ensure you improved performance and power.

This is the only wheel hub-based designed power meter which offers you stiffer and ANT+  features.  That provides you with the most reliable option among the power meters on the market.

But wait, G3 hubs gained pride for their bulletproof and hardy nature at such a lower price. You can swap it between bikes if your wheel fits both bikes.  Also, it gives convenience to a 2 years warranty that makes you satisfied with their service.

However, this power meter is an excellent pick for those who like to use the same wheels for a more extended period. You can buy this only in a hub or in a complete package of wheels.


  • Most accurate power meter
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • The long battery life of 200 hours
  • Relatively lower price


  • Power reading may be lower.

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4. Favero Assioma Power Meter–  Get IAV Power System  with This  One

One of the best cheap power meters brought up by Assioma offers the most accuracy measures in real-time. This power meter includes an integrated gyroscope, which allows you instantaneous angular velocity to get the best accuracy measurement of your riding. It also ensures you can paddle in any style, and even you can pedal with oval chainrings.

Also, it provides automatic temperature compensation that makes sure you get exact and consistent measurement under any outdoor weather conditions. This thing confirmed the power meter’s reliability and stability between 10°C – 60° C temperature.

You can simply install it without any special tool on any bikes. This power meter is adjustable like a regular pedal from one bike to another.

Most professionals like this power meter because of its pedal-based system. If you have more than one bike and intend to use one power meter in all, then this is the best option for you with its easy fitting. It provides independent left / right balance measurement and is excellent for smooth pedaling.


  • Available in two colors
  • Waterproof and lightest weight
  • Rechargeable batteries for 50 hrs
  • Torque efficiency


  • Not like known  as rivel

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5. Magene Ridge Power Meter– Achieve a Long battery Life with This One

If you are looking for a long-lasting battery life power meter on an affordable budget, this one is the best bet for you. It comes with up to 350hrs battery life that provides you 16000 km longer riding distance than others.

Additionally, Magne features all-new strain gauges, which are cadence-based algorithms. This thing assures you to get reliable, accurate cadence data with very low data latency.

That’s not all. It also has some excellent specifications, such as the toughest riding environment resilience, IP67 waterproof,  dustproof. If you have a ride in rainy weather or go to a dusty place, you don’t have to be worried about its damage.

Moreover, it’s the thinnest slim power meter with 1.5mm.  This thickness and lightweight guarantees you maximum compatibility in the frame.

Furthermore,  if you need the most reliable and left-sided crank’s force exerted measurements, this power meter will be a smart pick for you. With the chainrings style, it perfectly fits with your bike for outdoor metering.


  • Dual communication protocol
  • Allows continuously updated firmware in-app
  • Precise recording of power level
  • Official warranty of 12 months


  • Not suitable for direct – mount brake frames

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Features to Consider While Buying Best Cheap Power Meter

Features to Consider While Buying Best Cheap Power Meter

You may hesitate about what features you must take into account with your low budget. Let’s clear your confusion with a comprehensive guide.


The first thing you should check is whether a power meter is compatible with your bikes. If you want to use a power meter for more than one cycle, which is easy to move, you can consider a pedal-based power meter.

Communication Protocols

Most power meters provide ANT+  protocols for sending data to a recording device. But if you want to get the measurement in your phone, check it out if your power meter has Bluetooth protocols.

Consider Installation System

Almost all the power meter systems suggest the installation method in their packaging. Before buying, you must read it well to know if you can install it yourself, or you need to install it professionally for your safe riding. Generally, hub-based or chainrings-based power meters need professional installation.

Battery Life

Power meters come with two types of batteries. One is rechargeable, and another is non – rechargeable. Every type of battery has its own battery life.

Most of the batteries service you for their claimed period, or some will fail to last long. Before choosing a battery, be sure about its battery life, how long you want, and what kinds of battery you would like.


To get an idea about any product quality, you can’t look down its warranty. It can be said that the better is the quality, the higher is the warranty.

So if you want service after purchasing a power meter,  consider the one that provides the warranty.


Accuracy is the most important thing for your power meter.  How many attempts you are making on your bike and how more you should improve it provide feedback.

Choosing the highest accuracy option is essential for you to get reliable power data.


Nothing is frustrated more than buying a faulty meter. Because in your everyday training, you must want to get reliable data from the meter.

Though modern power meters are mostly reliable, consider the one you think is more reliable than others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get standard accuracy with a low budget power meter?

Well, it varies from one manufacturer to another. You can choose a trusted brand for getting a standard accuracy from the power meter.
Although the accuracy is not much standard, it doesn’t let you get frustrated. You can purchase a power meter with near-standard accuracy at a cheap cost.

Does a cheap power meter add more weight to a bike?

No. These days, power meters generally come with lightweight. So it doesn’t look so grave and does not stand in the way of your success.
If you’re seeking lightweight, you can choose crank-arm-based power meters, which are the lightest among power meters.

How much a cheap power meter can be durable?

Well, durability depends on the brand and varies from one to another. Some of the cheap power meters are also durable in the long run. Check out the power meters that are waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to any most challenging weather.

Wrap Up

There is no better choice for bringing your cycling to the next level than a power meter in your training zone.  It would be best if you didn’t let it go due to its high price. You already know there is no shortage of low budget options to make your choice for the best.

However, check our listed 5 best cheap power meters. No matter what you pick at the end, but consider the way it can meet your intention. Just Take your time to grab the best one and go ahead with your cycling goal!