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Are you dreaming of participating in the Criterium? Or, you are a Crit racer? Then, you must need the best wheels for Crit racing to riding with your highest.

Nowadays, instead of the Aluminium wheel rim, the Carbon fiber rim has been ruling over the market. And some advanced technology in the wheels helps the rider perform stiffer than ever.

But if you fail to choose the right wheels according to your riding nature, you can’t provide your utmost output.

So, we have brought you some best wheels suggestions here. You can choose anyone according to your cycle preferences as well as your riding quality.

Oh! We also show some significant points to look for to make the right purchase. Let’s see them.

Best Wheels For Crit Racing

Among various brands and non-brands of wheels, we have found the 7 most efficient ones that will be suitable for the Criterium racing module.

1. Superteam Clincher Wheels– Enjoy 12 Carbon Layered Brake Track with This

Superteam wheels are the excellent ones with Carbon fiber made with the high-quality Toray T700. This material of wheels nowadays is the standard for racing purposes.

On the wheel rim, there is the advanced 3K technological matte finishing is seen that looks so smooth and glossy.  The depth of the wheel rim is 50mm with a 23 mm width.

If you wish can customize the logo or the paint on the rim. You will find the braking surface of Basalt that provides you the benefit of high acceleration.

The unique feature that makes it authentic is the 12 layers of Carbon on the brack track. Among them, six layers are on the braking rim that makes the wheelset durable enough.

The standard number of spoke holes is 20 on the front hub and 24 on the rear wheel hub that is found here. This wheelset will easily fit up to 11 speeds of the Shimano bike cassette in terms of compatibility.


  • Easy Cassette replacement
  • Comparatively minimized sound from the center hub
  • Stiff & responsive wheel
  • Great wheels for Crit course or fast group ride
  • 2 years warranty for regular usage


  • Spokes may loosen sometimes.

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2. QUEEN Bike– Get Steel Bearing Center Hub With This One

In this bike wheelset, you are getting the standard size of the rim that is 700C.  Oh, the wheel rim is, of course, clincher type Toray Carbon fiber with 3K matte finishing.

50mmx 23mm diameter of rim cassette fits Shimano or Campy body correctly. These wheels come with the 14 mm size of the brake line.

The wheel rim has 20 holes on the front and 24 on the rear side. Here, you find the R13 type Power way black color hub center. In the hub, there are seals of steel bearing on both sides.

Queen Bike wheels offer an external nipple of CN alloy. And the spokes are also ideal enough for road biking.

Queen Bikerecommends to have a maximum of 120KG weight of a rider. They facilitate you to customize any changes if you need them.


  • Comes with rim tape, brake pads & other essentials
  • One year of warranty for regular use
  • Gorgeous & money valued wheel
  • Excellent quality
  • Fits nicely to the cassette


  • Little whirling noise from the hub

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3. Sunrise Wheelset– Spacer-Included 38 mm Lightweight Wheel

This wheelset from Sunrise is also of Carbon fiber T700 material that makes a wheel stiff and tensile enough.

This wheel also passed all the European standard tests of wheel quality. And you will get the 3K mattifying finishing for the rim.

This wheelset has 20 spokes in the front and 24spokes in the rear side of the wheel. And it is perfect enough for any racing type bicycle wheel.

Oh, talking about the brake track, you will find 12 layers of Carbon. Among them, six layers of carbon will be on the body of the rim.

These wheels will easily fit on your Shimano or Campy. Though this wheel comes with an R13 hub, you can customize it.


  • Come sweet brake pads and skewers
  • Getting one year warranty
  • Will come directly from the US warehouse
  • Can be bought with different hubs
  • Budget-friendly wheel
  • Very light and minimal appearance


  • May have issues after 3500 miles

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4. ICAN Road Bike Wheel– Classic Wheels With 6 Extra Pawls Hub

ICAN brings a wheelset for those who need more advanced and love to enjoy the MTB riding most.

These wheels are from 700C carbon fiber with a brake surface of Basalt. The rim of the wheel will fit finely both on 38 millimeters and end 23 millimeter wide tires.

The specialty of these wheelsets is you will get two different features for the rear and front wheel. There are two sealed bearing and CN-type spokes on the front wheel, and these spokes are radially patterned.

In the case of the rear wheel, there you will find four bearings. And to talk about the spokes, there are CN-type spokes, and they are in two cross patterns.

This wheelset easily fits only in the Shimano cassette. And this is the only lacking of it we have found.

The weight limit for the rider is 100 kg, which may look a little offensive to some. But the hub is ideally manufactured for aerodynamic activities which can wow the riders.


  • Ideal for sprinting and MTBriding
  • Comes with two years of warranty and lifetime replacement for crash
  • Three pawls connecting 24 points on each hub
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Strongly durable
  • Excellent and smooth-rolling off the hubs


  • Hubs do noise

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5. LANDMYTH Wheelset– Race With High Heat-Insulated Weels

In this wheel, you can enjoy the braking surface module on the wheel rim. And another feature is the thermal insulation formula that can give the best effect from the long brakes.

You can use this wheel for your training and even racing. Here, the hand-build module provides a durable wheel with a maximum level of heat protection.

The new resin moduled technology here can induce more than 280°C temperature of heat build-up.  The wheel rims are of Carbon fiber T700  type with a 3K matte finish. 38 mm deep and 28mm wide U-shaped rim is none other than a clincher type wheel rim.

This wheel is finely fit for Shimano Cassette. The hub is a Power way  R13 hub with the standard number of spokes- 20 in the front and 24 in the rear wheels.

LANDMYTH wheels come with a year of warranty and compatible with the Presta tube. You will get two extra brake pads, two spokes, and two skewers.


  • Excellent & well-built wheels
  • New resin module protects from heat
  • Very long-lasting
  • Highly preferable for racing & training courses


  • Little squeaky noise from the hub

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6. Eagle Bicycle Store– All-Purpose Improved Wheel With 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Eagle Store brings the most lightweight weel with premium quality Carbon fiber that improves the vibration and the fatigues you may have due to the road conditions.

This 38mm deep and 38mm wider wheelset is so responsive and perfect for cycling, splintering, climbing, and whatnot. You can not only race using these wheels but practice any training courses.

The toroidal design of the wheel helps to reduce the dragging when you brake. And it helps in finely handling and maintaining the wheels.

In the built of Eagle wheels, the primary focus is always kept in the safety section. As you can use this wheel for climbing, it features an incredible level of capability and acceleration option.

The resin used here can resist heat up to 240° F. Again, the Titanium BEAD on the braking track will help you to ride with utmost strength and sufficient pressure on the tires that are only 180 Psi.


  • Safe & durable
  • High-quality wheels within budget
  • Clincher type aerodynamic style wheelset
  • Perfect for the triathlon, touring, racing & road cycling
  • Excellent wheels for windy conditions
  • No sound from the hub


  • Ops! It’s difficult to find any cons for Eagle wheels

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7. Zipp 302– Enjoy The Riding With Sapim’s Performance Spokes

If you are a Criterium race lover? And if you wish to have the original wheels to wheel out, then Zipp wheels are ideal for you. These wheels are from Indy. The depth of this wheel rim is 45mm, which fits right.

The wheel rims are standard 700C clincher type and 45mm wider. The best feature of these wheels is the Sapim’s CX sprint spokes, which adds extra performance to enjoy.

The Zipp skewers that come with it are in tangent angeled for quick releasing. And you will love this wheel in case of the lower aerodynamic dragging and the accurate handling you can have.

However, these wheels will come with the Zipp valve extenders and the rim tape. You can use them both in  Shimano 10 speed wheel and 11 speed SRAMs.


  • Budget-worthy excellent wheels
  • Accurately maintained in all riding types
  • Superior quality from the manufacturers
  • Appropriate for road riding


  • No brake pads come with it
  • Some find this 16650g little weighty.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Wheels For Crit Racing

Tips For Choosing The Best Wheels For Crit Racing

To sustain your performance in the Crit race or any of the wheels can influence much. If you fail to choose the right wheel according to your cycling module, you won’t be able to outgrow your flow.

So, it’s vital to choose the right wheels for your cycle, especially when these are for such racing like the Crit race.

Let’s guide you with some significant factors to look for when buying the wheels.

Wheel Rim Material

The rim material is the first thing you should look for in wheels. There are various materials of wheels available. But for racing purposes, look for the Carbon Toray fiber. It’s the best one nowadays for high-performing riding.

The T700 type of Carbon tray is the awesome one for its tensile module.

Riding Type

While buying the wheels, consider your riding type. Choose the wheels according to your riding preferences. Some are perfect for road riding; some are for climbing, some are for climbing, etc.

So, look for the riding capability before making the purchase.

Cassette Fitness

If the wheels do not fit your bicycle cassette, then what is the point of buying? So, you must look for the one that correctly fits your cycle. And in this case, carefully inspect the wheel rim, spokes number, and compatibility.

Look for the Lightweight

If you love to do splintering, you may not want the wheel weight to become an impediment. The more lightweight wheels you can have, the higher performance you can give.

Again, if there is any weight limit for the rider, you can be sure before making the purchase.

Choose Having Additional Parts

Some models of wheels come with some additional parts such as brake pads, skewers, etc. If you can’t make time for purchase, always have these types of wheels.

It will make your task like killing two with one.

Look for Warranty

Having a minimum of one 1year of warranty gives you security and saves you from buying the faulty one.

Some wheel companies provide one year, and some provide two. But a minimum of one year is preferable.

Wrap Up

Criterium race is the name of a dream to some as well as a passion for some. But to cope with the eligibility of Crit features, you must train yourself in that way.

When you train yourself for the Crit race, you have to build up your cycle and make ready for the racing criteria too.

So, here we have shown some of the best wheels for Crit racing among various brands. In addition to that, you are getting a complete buying guide that you may need if you miss any feature to look for while purchasing.