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best wheels for crit racing

Criteriums are a long run bike racing on which the wheels are so important. Your performance can go down or exhausted because of the wrong types of wheels. Along with your hard efforts, the installation of proper wheels provides you a good result.

It is time to exchange your old tubular to the new clincher wheelset. Instead of the aluminum rim, the carbon wheels are reigning over the market. Updated 3k technology provides good strength along with a good look. The latest wheels are good for crit racing and support up to 11 speed.

So if you want to buy the proper wheels for your bike, it is necessary to be aware of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the best wheels for crit racing.

However, here’s the list of 7 best wheels for crit racing:

  1. Superteam 500mm Clincher Wheelset*Popular Picks
  2. Queen Bike 50mm Clincher Wheelset
  3. Sunrise Bike 700c × 38mm Clincher Wheelset***Overall Best
  4. ICAN 700cLightweight Carbon Clincher Wheelset
  5. LANDMYTH 700c Clincher Wheelset
  6. Eagle 60/60 Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset
  7. ZIPP 302Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Best Wheels for Crit Racing

Here we provide you with all the updated information about the best wheels for crit racing bike.

1. Superteam 500mm Clincher Wheelset

Superteam 500mm Clincher is a carbon fiber road wheelset with 700c × 50mm rim size. The width of the rim is 23mm. The rim of the wheels finishes with 3k carbon wave technology and a matte look has appeared on it. In front, there are 20 spoke holes and in the rear, there are 24 spoke holes available. The wheels are nice to look and worthy to use.

You can find the wheels new after several cycling also. appropriate for crit racing on the flat or semi hilly road. Standard R13 power way hubs. 120 KG rider recommendation to ride. The wheelset weight 1600g (the weight can rise or fall for 30g). The wheels provided with brake pads and skewers.


  • The cassette replacement is easy.
  • Hubs make a comparatively low sound.
  • Carbon weaving makes it durable.
  • Lightweight and perfect for crit racing.


  • Not appropriate for long mountain climbing.

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2. Queen Bike 50mm Clincher Wheelset

Queen Bike 50mm Clincher wheelset is durable for crit racing. This wheelset is fully carbon fibered with Toray T700c materials. The 3k technology rim looked like a matte finish. There are 20 spoke holes in front and rear 24 spoke holes are available. Clincher type of rim 700c in size, the depth is 50mm and width is 23mm. The brake line is 14mm. The set works perfectly for long racing byke use. The company also gives the facilities to change the settings of the wheels according to the customer’s necessity.

Standard R13 power way hub. In the front 2 and rear 4 seal steel bearing. Recommendation for weight 120kg of a rider. The wheelset weighs 1565 kg. The wheelset provides the brake pads, rim tape, quick release, and valve extender.


  • Easy to install and adjustable to the bike.
  • Well built construction with special carbon rims.
  • Durable for crit cycling.
  • The wheelset has the endurance to perform in the long run. Over 3000 miles is perfectly tested by the user.
  • Provided accessories are good enough to use.


  • The brake pads are something less good.

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3. Sunrise Bike 700c × 38mm Clincher Wheelset

Sunrise Bike 700mm clincher wheelset is a good light option for crit bicycles. Its made of standard carbon fiber Toray T700 materials. Advance 3k technology with a matte finish, these wheels will add an extra look on your bike. The size of this clincher rim is 700c × 38mm. Rims depth and width is 38mm and 23mm. 20 spoke holes on the front and 24 spoke holes on the backside.

R13 power way hubs. Maximum recommendation for 120 kg riders weight. The whole weight of the wheelset is 1506g. The wheelset provides brake pads and quick release.


  • Six pawls hub like the other standard wheelset.
  • The wheelset is along with high-quality skewers, brake pads, and 10-speed spacers.
  • 23mm depth of the rim quality is appropriate for crosswind cycling.
  • Spin with great balance.
  • Trouble-free 1500 to 2000 miles a year riding for a light person. (less than 170 lbs)


  • It may need some repair for 5000+ riding a year.

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4. ICAN 700cLightweight Carbon Clincher Wheelset

ICAN 700c is a lightweight wheelset for the crit bike. It’s a carbon rim wheelset with a Basalt brake surface. The depth of the rim is 38mm and the width is 23mm. The wheelset will fit with 700 × 23c tire and 700 × 25c tire. Standard carbon rim with a nice finish. Stiff and durable for many runs. Strong and flexible quality helps the rider to crit on line. This wheelset will be a perfect fit for your bike.

Standard 6 pawls hub with 48 points. Recommendation of 100 kg riders. The weight of the set is 1420g. The wheelset included 1 skewer, 2 brake pads, and 1 rim tape.


  • Frivolous alloy hubs with 6 pawls. Smooth and roll very well.
  • The bearing is made of steel cartridge.
  • Stiff construction transfers the power directly to run forward.
  • Makes no awkward sound on hubs.
  • Strong enough for mountain climbing.
  • The company offers the facility to give a discount for replacement.


  • The price is comparatively high

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5. LANDMYTH 700c Clincher Wheelset

LANDMYTH 700c Clincher Wheelset is rated the most popular choice for crit racing. Appropriate for a 700c road bicycle with 3k technology. T700 carbon fiber is used in rim materials. The depth of the rim is 38mm and the width is 23mm. Clincher type carbon rim with high-temperature resin gum and Basalt brake exterior. The setup of the wheels complete with the hand which gives it a durable and strong quality. Perfect for crit training and riding and lasting a long time with the best service.

Standard R13 power way hubs. 125kg/231lbs weight rider recommendation to ride. The wheelset provided with 1 pair skewers, 1 pair brake pads, and 2 extra spokes. The weight of the wheelset is 1515g.


  • Standard carbon wheels with resin plus Basalt brake exterior.
  • Good temperate resin gives more heat-insulation quality.
  • Correctly build with hand and straight set up of the wheels make them flawless.
  • Durable 3k technology enriches its lifetime.
  • Strong enough both for crit racing and training.


  • Not appropriate for mountain climbing.

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6. Eagle 60/60 Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset

Eagle 60/60 clincher wheelset is made of lightweight carbon fiber. The lightweight and low profile rim are appropriate for crit riding. Its quick acceleration will increase your speed and the new resin formula on the Basalt braking track makes it endurable on 250 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. This wheelset is a perfect fit for 700 × 25mm tires. The front wheels depth is 60mm and the depth of the back wheel is 60mm also.

The weight of the wheelset is 1374g which is lightweight also. DT Swiss 240 hubs / upgraded Eagle 280 hubs. The wheelset provides the titanium skewers and carbon brake pads. Bladed spokes.


  • High qualified carbon fiber protects the wheels from any road dumping issues.
  • The aerodynamic facilities make the wheelset stiff to handle and reduce drag.
  • Perfect for crit racing, training, touring even in crosswind situations.
  • Titanium reinforcement on the track allows the rim to work under great pressure.
  • New heat resistant resin formula on the braking surface takes up to 250 degrees F temperature.


  • The braking surface is sharp at the edge.

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7. ZIPP 302Carbon Clincher Wheelset

ZIPP 302 carbon clincher wheelset can be a good choice for a crit bike. It’s a 45mm deep carbon material rim enhanced for short aerodynamic drag. The wheels are 25mm wide and will fit a 700c bike. Strong enough for crit racing. Perfectly adjust with any speedy bike.

Rims depth is 45mm. 76D/176D hubs work with brake rotor for easy and light work. The wheelset provides quick-release skewers. The weight of the wheelset is 1645g.


  • A central locking brake rotor along with the hubs provide a graceful and cool workout.
  • The hubs are along with replaceable axels and caps.
  • The tire is easy to install and remove.
  • Smooth rim made of carbon and brass spoke nipple.
  • Appropriate for any type of road.
  • Stiff and durable but lightweight to handle.


  • No negative issue is found. People who use it are satisfied with its quality.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Wheels for Crit Racing

After knowing about the latest wheels you may find other brands that are unknown to you. So we are giving you some important tips on which basis you can evaporate your confusion.

Wheels for different purposes

First, confirm your need. If you race on the flat road you may need one kind of wheel. If you need to climb your wheels will be other types. There are distinct types of wheels for flat racing and mounting.

Carbon fiber wheels

Carbon fiber rims are the latest in the market. Carbon fiber is used to reduce the weight of a rim. A lightweight wheel can help you to achieve your goal.

Compatible body parts

Make sure about your bike hardware. The hubs, cassette and the spoke have to compatible with the wheel.

Lightweight is best

Choose the lighter wheels for the best performance. It will be easy for you to control your bike. Stay on the line and avoid the attack. The lightweight also helps to pass the corners.

Recommendation of rider weight

Know the recommended weight of the wheels. You should use the appropriate wheels according to your body weight. Overweight can break the body parts of the wheel.

Customer review can be helpful

Research a little of customers’ reviews about your chosen wheels. Take your decision on the basis of positive reviews.

Final Verdict

We hope now you are sure enough about your best wheels for crit racing. All the presented wheelset brands are available in the market and you can order your product by Amazon.

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