5 Best Cycling Jerseys for Big Guys to Maximize Your Coziness

Wearing a suitable outfit during outdoor or indoor activities (cycling, running) is essential. Because an outfit/jersey not only gives you identification but also makes your ride easy and comfortable. As it features breathability, drags the unwanted moisture and ensures a sweat less ride.

We create this post to help those riders who have planned to buy a new cycling jersey. A wide range of branded jerseys is available in the market. But it is a challenging call to pick up the right one.

If you are a big guy rider and unable to find out the perfect jersey for you, then do not get hyper. We are here to enlighten you by providing all the ins and outs of some best cycling jerseys for big guys with a complete buying guideline.

Best Cycling Jerseys For Big Guys

Cycling Jerseys For Big Guys

While going to buy a new jersey for you or to give as a gift to someone, the crucial prime factor is the quality. It would be best if you did not do any compromising with the product’s quality. Many reputed manufacturer companies have produced thousands of cycling kits and apparel.

Therefore, we make a recommended list of some best cycling jerseys for big guys. And we try to mention the reason for our recommendation includes all the highlighted features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages to make your buying task quick and hassle-free.

Let’s begin the discussion!

1. Aero Tech Cycling Jersey– With Great Fitting Design

Our first pick-up is Aero Tech cycling jersey. We refer this jersey because it has specially designed to fit for big guys with some superior features which ensure coziness.

This item comes with different sizes and color options so that you can choose your favorite one. It does not bother you while riding as it has an excellent fitting design. The polyester fabric’s quality is very sophisticated, and the comfy AeroDri fabric gives better evaporation by managing moisture. It pulls your sweat and keeps your body sweat less, and there is no chance of increasing cloth weight due to sweating. So you can keep your full concentration on your activity; thus, it improvises your performance.

The jersey has a 14 inches long zipper to discharge the extra sweat, heat and has a reflective trim for better visibility. Arms of this outfit are super flexible for cycling, and the backside is usually longer.

If you look for a comfortable cycling jersey for summer ride than we refer you to this item, it will not disappoint you.


  • Light-weight
  • Very comfy
  • Greatly fitted
  • Best choice for big guys


  • Check out the size before purchasing; otherwise, it will not be a good fit

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2. INBIKE Cycling Jersey– With Better Breathability

Our next cycling jersey is from INBIKE. You will fall in love with its eye-catchy design, and the exceptional features make your ride enjoyable.

The unique mesh fabric allows better breathability, and it is available in black and fluorescent green color. Its prime features include light-weight, durable, soft, better moisture wicking capacity, 3D gel pad, anti-slip, and anti-shock quality.

It has many holes, so it delivers excellent breathability ensures your comfort and allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze. It has a reflective bar so you can ride safely at night, and it considers as the best choice for a long time cycling. The light-weight of this jersey does not bother you while riding, and the anti-slip feature prevents it from sudden slipping. It includes pockets so you can carry your essential personal accessory or stuff.

If you want a light-weight, well-designed jersey with super breathability and extend durability for your long time riding, we suggest this item.


  • Better quality product
  • Fits well
  • Increases your comfort level
  • Provides better durability and breathability


  • Less color choice option

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3. KORAMAN Cycling Jersey– With Excellent Ventilation

We keep KORAMAN’s cycling jerseys in our list as it contains some excellent features to bring out your maximum performance and ensures your safety while riding.

This jersey has made from top quality material fabrics with lighter weight, but if you think it is not long-lasting, you are entirely wrong. The product is exceptionally durable though it is light-weight, so you won’t feel any extra weight. It is available in different colors, and due to frequent washing, colors do not fade away. The excellent elasticity of this fabric makes it stretchy to fit perfectly.

The excellent ventilation and fast-drying capacity allows you to soak sweat quickly and keeps you cool. It has multiple pockets so you can preserve your valuable pieces of stuff with you. The jersey’s reflective logo makes you visible in the night view, and the waist gripper protects you from sliding.

If you are a serious rider and searching for a multi-tasking jersey as you can use it while running or gym activity besides cycling, then this item is a suitable option for you.


  • Good fit
  • Provides fast drying
  • Color won’t fade away
  • Affordable price range


  • Pocket quality is not up to the mark

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4. Bpbtti Cycling Jersey– With Better Air Flow

Now we will discuss bpbtti Cycling Jersey. Bpbtti has produced lots of sports wears, and the cycling jersey is one of them.

This fashionable bike jersey does not only enhance your look but also makes your cycling enjoyable. The jersey is well made and has crafted with comfortable materials. The loose fit design gives you the complete freedom to change your arm position. Its outstanding breathability allows fast-drying, and the fine mesh on the sleeves delivers excellent airflow and controls the temperature correctly.

The reflective parts allow high visibility, so the chance of any accident reduces at night. You can use it for all the seasons as it has superb ventilation so you can easily use it in the hot summer. It ensures your coziness while you are on a long ride.

If you want a jersey for mountain riding, then this is the right choice for you. It is also suitable for outdoor activities such as walking, workouts, running, camping, etc.


  • Great design
  • Comfortably fit
  • Best choice for mountain biking
  • Provides excellent ventilation


  • Sometimes a synthetic smell can appear

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5. ARSUXEO Cycling Jersey– With Light-Weight Functions

It is the final product from our recommendation list. ARSUXEO has manufactured varieties of top quality sports apparel. But today we are only talking about the cycling jersey.

ARSUXEO has introduced this sleek design jersey that includes many functional features. This branded outfit has been made from a combination of spandex and polyester. Its excellent wicking performance keeps you dry, cold and makes your ride sweat less. The item is very flexible, durable, light-weight, and provides exceptional air breathability. These features come together to deliver you various riding feelings.

The jersey includes four pockets with one zipper pocket, so you can keep your valuable kinds of stuff into the pocket and zip it out to ensure better safety during your ride. It also has reflective prints to keep you safe in the dark. The elastic hem holds you tight and delivers more safety coverage.

This jersey is perfectly suitable for you if you want a less heavy jersey with better features but in a cost-effective price range.


  • Nice material
  • Provides sweat less ride
  • Ensures excellent air breathability
  • Good for price


  • A little bit warmer

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How To Choose The Best Cycling Jerseys For Big Guys?

How To Choose The Best Cycling Jerseys For Big Guys

It would be best if you gave importance to some essential factors before going shopping. Firstly, you have to know the difference between big and tall. Most of the time, people get confused between these two sizes. Then it comes to product quality, price, and so on.

Let’s know the essential points that help us to choose the best cycling jerseys.


The prime thing that you should consider first is fabric.  The breathability and flexibility of the outfit depending on the nature and quality of the material. For example- polyester provides excellent breathability and drags unwanted moisture during cycling. But if you choose any cotton fabric, it will make you upset as it engulfs your sweats and makes you uncomfortable while cycling. Try to select a material with UV-ray protection and anti-microbial features as UV-ray protection protects you from sun heat and sunburn.

Weather Condition

Weather plays a vital role here because you should select your jersey according to the weather’s nature and condition. In different seasons you need different types of adaptable kits and clothes. Water or windproof jersey allows excellent breathability, and the panels deliver better ventilation, so no more sweating in underarms. For a summer ride as the weather remains too hot, try to choose a jersey with SPF protection.


Try to select a light-weight, waterproof, durable, and highly breathable jersey because it increases your comfort level. Pockets will add an extra point in this race as it helps to keep your important stuff (such as- phone, wallet) safe.  The zip-pattern design enables you to keep you cool in hot riding.

The Fit

It has one of the essential factors to consider. If the temperature is cold, then go with the long sleeves. But if you choose it for the rest of the seasons, then it will go wrong as hot summer needs short sleeves. If you have a tight budget to afford more than one outfit, our suggestion is to select the short sleeves and buy arm warmers for winter.


It is good to spend your money wisely and not waste on the unworthy product—a jersey with high price having more extra features and benefits. Extra money allows additional panels or holes as well. So try to spend your money on the right fabric that adjusts your body temperature, delivers better breathability, increases performance, and offers additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I use a jersey for cycling?

Wearing a jersey during cycling is essential because it redoubles your comfort level and protects you from adverse weather conditions. Besides, it upgrades your outlook. Some of the jerseys also have UV-ray protection and anti-microbial features. So you should wear a jersey while riding.

How much should I spend on buying the best cycling jersey?

This decision is totally up to you. Jerseys with a lower price also provide better function, but most of the time, they have designed for the non-racers. Costly jerseys come with extra features and facilities. For example- extra money offers you exceptional fabrics, advanced features, more flexibility, and breathability.

What is the difference between tall and big guy jerseys?

While purchasing a new jersey, you should know the difference between tall and big size. It depends on body length, ratio, and chest, hip, and waist size. If you have the right height, then you should buy a tall guy jersey. And if you have overweight, then go for the big guy jerseys.

Final Words

An excellent and soft cycling jersey increases your comfort level and confidence that directly enhances your performance. Not only it levels up your performance, but it also allows you to look classy and elegant. And its extra features always present to boost your power and energy level.

We hope our article based on the best cycling jersey for big guys helps you choose a suitable item for you as our main perspective is to offer you some useful things with accurate information to ease your purchasing method.

If you think you miss out on any point, then scroll up and reread the post. Make a preference list based on your demands and needs than budget your price and get ready to place your order.

Enjoy your cycling with your preferable cycling jersey!