7 Best Garmin Bike Computers 2022 With Full Reviews

Want to buy a bike computer of Garmin but troubling with the various models? Read our article, consisting of the best Garmin bike computers.

Bike computers are a crucial one to have while cycling indoor or outdoor. Among the various brands now, Garmin is not lagged in this sector.

Nowadays, Garmin has been a popular name introducing so many series of bike computers according to user’s demands and choices. And this is not the end., it is launching continuously more upgraded one along with new features.

However, to select the best one among these wide ranges of models is a tough task. So, we have discussed here the best bike computer Garmin with features and the weaknesses also.

Best Garmin Bike Computers

All the models of Garmin bike computers are a unique one in each. Here, we have found out the 7 best bike computers. From them, you can choose your one easily. Let’s check them out!

1. Garmin Edge 1030– Large Display Bike Computer

The 1030 series of Garmin has a 3.5-inch display screen with an extensive navigating option. It’s another feature is the cycling awareness options that help you to get the feel of the ride with trainers.

Its other features are HRM option, distance tracking, messaging between the riders, getting notifications, customizing apps from the Garmin Connect IQ store, and also Strava live segment connection.

Well, it’s the advanced GPS bike computer that can connect with other cycling accessories and also other connectivity options. It also can send location automatically when any incident causes, and it can’t detect any movement.


  • Able to add more maps
  • Can connect even WIFI and get access to other apps
  • Readable screen with backlights in darkness
  • Coherent with Varia rearview radar for a safe ride
  • Smart riding giving alert of curved routes ahead


  • Cadence sensor can’t connect properly

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2. Garmin Edge 820– Bike Computer with Remote Controller

This series of Garmin brings a bike computer with a remote controller. The remote is to operate & control the Garmin bike, and the smart device is for tracking and showing the records and other functions.

Garmin Edge 820  bike computer has a 2.3-inch high-resolution touch display that you can work with your gloves and even in wet weather. It can show the performance records, advise recoveries, give Strava live tracking options, score the stress, FTP trackings, and also you can track others with the group tracking option.

The remote help in controlling the device- scrolling pages, setting functions, checking battery life, switching to another type of riding,


  • The remote controller helps to operate more conveniently
  • Small, good-looking device
  • Lightweight
  • You can track others
  • Works perfectly on heavy rain


  • The interface sometimes takes time to turn on
  • The design of the button placement does not look trendy to some users

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3. Garmin Edge 520– Auto Data Uploading Bike Computer

It is an ANT+ Bluetooth version of 4.0 or later enabled bike computer Garmin. It can automatically upload data. It gives you the Strava live segment feature, can report VO2 max cycling or riding, and takes time to recover when the heart monitoring feature works and the battery runs.

The bike computer can track FTP (Functional Threshold Power), send or get notifications smartly, do social media checking, and even weather checking. Its display screen is 200×265 pixels color display.

It’s another remarkable feature it is coherent with GPS or GLONASS satellite. And the battery can run up to 15 hours with sleep mode working.


  • Strava live segment option
  • Various sensor supporting feature
  • Fresh accident detection option for pedantical users
  • Compatible with Android version 4.4 or later and iOS version 0 or later
  • Auto upload data, no need to reconfigurations


  • Gradient metric seems to lag in some cases
  • Weather alert sound seems too annoying to some people

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4. Garmin Edge 520 Plus– Bike Computer with Advanced GPS Tracker

The  Garmin Edge 520 Plus introduces some advanced and updated features like Updated GPS for competitions and navigating routes. It has the built-in Garmin map that helps to alert on new riding, track and show the results of every seconds’ live result with in-built live Strava option.

Its plus point is you can customize the device with any apps or data from the Garmin Connect IQ Store. Such as- Checking stats, Accu Weather, Trailsforks app containing lots of information of more than 80 countries, and even smart tracking features.

Garmin 520 Plus has the smartest accident detection technology and notification receiving options, messaging, and also group tracking.


  • Advanced navigating chip
  • Trailforks app with a lots of information
  • Exclusive one for mountain biking
  • Waterproof & smart compatibility options
  • Always stay connected with the compatible device


  • It takes hours for first-time software updates

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5. Garmin Edge 530– Fast Responsive Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 530 comes with such an attractive technology that can provide a fast response. It has the GPS tracker that gets you MTB ride to the professional levels.

You can track HR, Strava lives, VO2 recovery, nutrition & hydration tracking, built-in maps. It can connect IQ stores for other apps connections, connect power meter or smartphones with fast ANT+ Bluetooth technology, etc.

It’s a perfect one for mountain biking that can count and record jump, jump distance, and height and also track your difficulties or accurateness while riding. So, the computer is like a mini trainer for riding.


  • Can connect Variant rearview radar
  • Supports all cycling accessories
  • Lightweight, thinner but still screen looks bigger
  • More than a speedometer


  • Has issues to connect with iPhone X
  • Not upgraded touch screen

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6. Garmin Edge 830– A Computer Bike with Advanced Safety Features

Garmin 830 introduces GPS tracking computers having HRM, distance tracking, jump counting, acclimate heat and height, nutrition & hydration advising option, and VO2 recovery.

It is a bike computer with advanced safety options. Such as it can create an alarm when an accident occurs. Again, it can help you to create a route on it and track the routes. It is coherent with any riding accessories.

It has the features of tracking others, messaging with other riders,  automatically sends location when you lost tracks. You can even connect more apps from the Connect IQ store of Garmin and explore more apps for the best riding ever. It’s more than a health tracker.


  • All type of sensor activity performs well
  • Easy to upload & connect Strava Live
  • Thick rubber sleeve saves the device for a longer time
  • Fast emergency alarm and auto sending locations


  • Touch response is a bit slow
  • Only US maps are uploaded

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7. Garmin Edge 1000– Large Colored Display Computer Bike

Garmin Edge 1000 has a color display of 3 inches, and it’s easily readable. The display auto-adjusts in the low light space. The screen works well while using gloves and also in wet weather.

It has features of tracking, GPS, jump counting, height measuring, HRM, etc. You can even check social media notifications, emails, and messaging on this computer bike. It can track and connect the routes with its built-in OSM(Open Street Map), more addresses, and updating maps are free.

It can check your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and advise the suitable rides for you. It is less a device more like a trainer as it offers a calendar of training where you can make schedules of your trips. You can customize and connect more apps from the Garmin Connect IQ store also.


  • Color display screen makes easy checking
  • Built-in OSM helps in advanced riding
  • Can connect devices with Bluetooth or wifi
  • Supports all kinds of cycling accessories including Varia radar
  • Great for MTB, hiking, and even a bike trip


  • Metrics do not work well
  • Does not works well on the trail map

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Final Words

So, these are the seven best Garmin Bike Computers discussed in this article. Go through the entire article and know about them. Undoubtedly, you will get your one from these as we have separated the best ones from the various models out there.