How To Move A Peloton Bike Upstairs- 8 Simple Ways To Do!

Let me admit it first that moving a 140+lbs machine is not a piece of cake. 

But believe me, it’s time to say adios amigos to the fear of not moving a peloton upstairs. 

Because this article contains everything you need to know about how to move a peloton bike upstairs. 

As long as you follow the instructions exactly how we describe them, things will never get out of your hands. 

How to Move A Peloton Bike Upstairs

You can get the job done by following two different ways. The one is:

  •  Dissembling the parts of your peloton 
  • Moving the bike upstairs
  • And, re-assemble the parts

But this disassembling and reassembling can damage your bike. If you are not so experienced, don’t take the risk. 

There is a better way around it. So, let’s check it out.

Things You’ll Need

  • A moving harness/shoulder dolly 
  • Wrap towels

Also, you’ll need a partner. Otherwise, it’s very risky to move your 100+lb bike upstairs without damaging the machine. 

Step 1: Lower the Seat and Handlebars to The Lowest Position

The zero-step is, turn off your peloton screen. If you’re confused about how to turn off the peloton screen, determine you learn to do it first.

Then, start with lowering the seat and handlebars of your bike to the lowest position. To do this, you have to move out the adjusting rod. You will find the adjusting rod locating under the seat as well as under the handlebars.  

Step 2: Wrap the Bike

Now, you will want to use bubble wrap or wrap towels to wrap the bike. Start from wrapping the touchscreen, then the seat assemblage, to the flywheel. Use tape or bungee cords for securing the towels. It will protect your bike from scratch.  

Step 3: Wear the Moving Harness

If you ever didn’t wear a moving harness (aka shoulder dolly harness), take the harness and lift it over your head, you’ll find it easy to put it on. Make sure there is an ‘X’ shape on your back. Also, the connecting buckle of the harness is supposed to be on your front. 

Once you put the harness on properly, you’ll notice that the one strap is under each of your arms whereas the other strap is over each arm. 

Step 4: Slide the Strap Under Your Peloton

Grab the front end of your bike and lift the side gradually. 

Then, slide the strap of your harness under the front feet of the peloton. Do the same thing with the back feet of your bike. Make sure the strap fits securely under the feet of your peloton. 

Step 5: Attach the Strap to Your Harness

In this step, both you and your partner should attach the straps to the front buckles of your harness. It’s pretty easy to make it happen. 

Once you attach them, you’ll see the end of the strap pointing down away from you. And, the same goes for your friend. 

When you stand still, adjust the strap in a way that your shoulder can feel the tension. 

Step 6: Lift Your Peloton Up

You may be worry about how to lift up the peloton as it’s heavy as hell but it’s not hard as you’ve walked through the preparatory steps. 

Stand up carefully and lift the peloton with you. Hence, you have to position your arms straight in front of you. It will let you balance the peloton ideally. 

Step 7: Move the Bike to Upstairs

Since you’ve ridden the 80% of Everest, moving the bike upstairs should not be a big deal for you now. 

Take very careful and slow steps upstairs. Be very communicative with your partner and take breaks if necessary. Then, lower the peloton upstairs and place it wherever you want. 

Now, take enough rest and drink water (if needed) before you move into the next step. 

Step 8: Remove the Moving Harness 

You are almost done. Lean your bike onto one side and the other side should be up. You can easily take the shoulder dolly straps. 

And, that’s all. Your bike is all set and totally okay to have a ride! 

However, don’t forget to clean the bike before reusing it. Clean the handlebars, the seat, and other high-contact areas to make the bike free from dirt and germs.  

Is It Noisy When You Keep the Peloton Upstairs?

Well, this is a quite hard time for me because this question is a bit arguable.

To be very honest, the bike itself isn’t the issue because the tread is louder. 

Some users want to compare peloton tread to a jet engine whereas others say that it’s never too loud to get disturbed. 

However, while you work out playing music, the sound of the music will beat the noise of the treadmill for sure.

Another factor we can’t skip mentioning, the height and construction of the roof and floor also matter here. Saying fair and square, if the construction is anything except concrete, chances are you can hear some noise.

So, what to do if the peloton tread is so loud?

Use thick mats under your peloton tread to not facing the noise or vibration. However, for the best result, try your best to install the peloton on the ground floor.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a peloton bike go on carpet?

Yes, it’s totally okay if you place the bike on a carpet. But using an exercise bike mat will work like a champ when it comes to minimizing the vibration noise and keeping your bike stable. Also, the back mat on the carpet will protect the carpet from sweat as well. 

Can you remove handlebars from the peloton?

Yes. You have to remove some bolts from the bottom of the handlebars. Then, things will be easy for you. 

Is it easy to move a peloton?

When you have someone else as a helping hand, it’s not an uphill battle to move a peloton.

How much does it cost to move a peloton?

Well, it’s costly to move a peloton with a professional assistant. Around $300-$350 can be spent on moving your peloton. 


Thanks for counting our words and staying with us to the last.

See? It’s never impossible to move your peloton. By following the right instructions, you can be master at doing the job. So, now you know how to move a peloton bike upstairs and we believe that you will never make a mess while moving your peloton. 

Happy dealing with the peloton!  

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