My Peloton Power Cord Not Working- How to Fix It?

Peloton bikes are a whiz at helping you to keep yourself fit and make you feel powerful. 

Speaking of power, sometimes, you may face some issues like the peloton power cord not working because there’s a connection loss or faulty cable. But this can’t stop you from working out, right?

So, go through this well-crafted article that contains every necessary thing regarding the topic and the ultimate solutions for the issues.

Why is the Peloton Power Cord Not Working?

Your Peloton cord isn’t working means the touchscreen isn’t powering on. We know how irritating it is, but you need to know the possible reasons behind it first. 

  • Any kind of loose connection.
  • The power cable on the peloton tread isn’t connected properly to both the Tread’s deck and the electrical outlet.
  • There is a cord behind the touchscreen. It may not be attached properly. Among the three ports, the cord on the back of your touchscreen isn’t seated in the middle port. 

These are the common reasons why the peloton doesn’t power on.

How to Fix Peloton Power Cord Related Issues?

Start the fixing process with these steps.

  • Check the power button (it’s positioned behind the touchscreen) and hold it for around 5 seconds. The Peloton logo should appear in the meantime. 
  • If still, the touch screen fails to light up, hold the stop button. Then, whether the center button and the knobs receive power.

But if these are not the problems here, maybe there’s anything else like any problematic connection beside the flywheel or any problem with cables.

In this case, your peloton screen won’t turn on. So, you can troubleshoot it in the way below.

  • Locate the two cables from the monitor’s back. 
  • The exact peloton cable is the left cable and this one uploads your data. On the other hand, the right cable is actually the power. You need to disconnect both cables. 
  • Take off the power cable from the bike’s back part. 
  • Plug that cable directly into the monitor’s power socket. This socket is marked with three dots and it’s located on the right part of your monitor. 
  • Press the power button on your monitor. Everything should be okay now. 

Now, let us explain what happens here. This operation bypasses the power and data of your peloton and shows you that maybe there’s anything wrong with the flywheel connection or the cables. 

We would like to remind you that, always unplug the tread and turn off the peloton screen before you clean your peloton. 

However, we are not done with the problems yet. Sometimes, there’s literally no huge issue with the power cord. If you only…

  • Unplug it
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • And, plug it back

…your peloton may turn on easily. Yes, there are times when resetting is simple like that.

Or perhaps, the power cord isn’t pushed in perfectly. If you are in doubt:

  • Pull the cord out
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • And, plug it into the peloton’s base.

The problem should not be there anymore. 

However, what else can happen to the power cord is, maybe there’s a blown fuse. To avoid this:

  • Don’t plug your bike directly into a wall. Chances are this will leave it vulnerable to the power surge.
  • So, make sure you don’t ever connect the bike by plugging it into a power strip/surge protector.  
  • Also, if you think any power surge is bad for computers, it’s also bad for your peloton. 

Now, if there is not bugging you power cord related issue, then you should make sure that:

  • The required power recommendations are there (e.g from 100 to 240 volt and from 50 to 60 Hz are the power requirements)
  • There is no loose connection above the brake shroud.

When these are also okay, you have no option except to consult with Peloton support. But hey, don’t worry about it because peloton support is available  24/7 so you’ll know what you should do anytime you reach them. 

Additional Tips

Here are some tips regarding what to keep in mind about the power supply of your peloton 

  • If your bike is so far from the outlet, use an extension cord. This will indicate that there is a consistent power supply.
  • Be sure that the power requirements are fulfilled according to the recommendations.
  • Before you finalize the location of your peloton (maybe you just moved the bike up stairs or from one room to another), go through a speed test. It is for confirming that your selected area is receiving a constant signal.  
  • Make sure the power adaptor isn’t running under the Tread.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reset a peloton after a power outage?

Hold the power button and select ‘shutdown’ in order to power off the touchscreen. Then, press the power button as well as the volume up button. Wait for a few seconds to see the peloton logo and that’s all.

Why is my peloton not showing output?

It happens when there is a loose connection between the touchscreen and the monitor cable. If you face it, totally unplug the cables and check if the prongs are damaged. If they are, then contact peloton support. 

Why is my peloton saying, “connected but no internet”?

Maybe your bike isn’t close enough to the access point. You can escape from this by using an Ethernet connection. Still, if you face other issues, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How often should I test the braking power of my bike?

After every 5 to 8 rides.


And, this was all about why your peloton power cord not working and what you can do to fix it.

Now, you know the real reasons behind the problem and how you can resolve the issues, don’t you? Dealing with your peloton is not an uphill battle. Still, if you find things too difficult to solve, then consult with peloton support and you should get help. 

Best of luck! 

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