3 Worst Peloton Instructors Based On Community!

First of all, everyone has their personal preference. So, we have no right to insult their opinions. It’s just a piece of ranking and reviewing some peloton instructors who are not close to the best instructors.

Most of the peloton users shared their experiences and listed them as the worst peloton instructors. So, don’t take it personally if you can’t agree with most of the peloton users. 

We respect your choices and preferences.    

3 Worst Peloton Instructors 

Don’t get me wrong but peloton nation doesn’t feel like admiring the 3 instructors below:

  • Hannah Marie Corbin
  • Sam Yo
  • Cody Rigsby 

It’s totally okay if you don’t nod with the points because they are overall good instructors but they’re lacking in comparison to the rest of the instructors. 

So, let’s start talking about Hannah Marie Corbin. Thousands of reviews say the same thing about Hannah Marie Corbin that she doesn’t motivate the peloton users the way they need.

In fact, a peloton employee posted a rank (best to worst peloton instructors) on Reddit. And, guess what? Hannah Corbin is the last person on the list. 

Also, peloton users made youtube videos and discussed in Quora about ranking the instructors and most of their least favorite peloton instructor is Hannah Corbin. 

The reason why Hannah couldn’t win their hearts is that she’s not as inspirational as the best peloton instructors. Users mentioned that they took only 2-3 classes from Hannah and they just didn’t feel like keeping going with Hannah so they quit. 

However, Hannah Corbin is decent and she gives the users a good workout but the users were not inspired to come back and do more workouts with her. 

Now, about Sam Yo, he’s a sweet and decent instructor but almost the same as Hannah, he lacks pushing the users to the next level. He’s solid, he can make them sweat but he never encourages them like ‘Okay you should be spinning a minimum of X resistance’.

So, if you are a person who wants to go as you want, you will love Sam because he never pushes you to work harder. But most of the users want the motivation to go to the next level which Sam has failed to provide. 

And, the ranking list of the Reddit that we were talking about, also keeps Sam down to the list.

Now, we’ve come to Cody Rigsby who is one of the most annoying peloton instructors according to a large number of peloton users. 

He’s surely enjoyable and fun but because he’s always going on about like ‘Let’s get up and dance!’ or all the extra beats actually distract the users from spinning the bike. That’s why Cody falls down to the list. 

However, it’s okay if you love Cody because he’s easy and fun. Easy instructors are best for beginners.

But most regular users want a super sweaty and aggressive instructor who pushes them to meet their best capabilities. Don’t worry if you’re looking for the hardest peloton instructors, there are several options you’ll love. 

3 Best Peloton Instructors

So, enough talking about the worst options. 

There are some hard-not-to-love peloton instructors and you should take at least one class from them. Here’s who they are and why we are claiming them the best:

Best InstructorsReason for Being the Best
Alex TouissantHe makes sure to run a ‘no excuses’ workout. He’s hard on the users because he cares.
Tunde OyeneyiSweaty and aggressive. Motivates and challenges the users to let them get the best results.
Jess KingShe’s creative, quirky, and makes you want to dance on the bike. Also, she makes every ride fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the least annoying peloton instructors?

If you’re tired of some annoying instructors who talk too much, Matt Wilpers, Emma Lovewell, and Denis Matron are the best fits for you.

Who are the most difficult peloton instructors?

Olivia Amato, Kendall Toole, and Tunde Oyeneyin are 3 of the hardest peloton instructors.

Who is the easiest peloton instructor?

As we said before, it’s none other than Cody Rigsby. Hannah Corbin is also easy.

Is it okay to do peloton every day?

If you are a starter, aim for 15-20 minutes to do peloton every day. Over time, your strength will increase and you should be able to exercise for 30-60 minutes a day.

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