7 Best Cooling Fan For Zwift- Get Your Cooling Master Right Now

best cooling fan for zwift

It is important to a Zwifter to control your body temperature while cycling indoors. Because getting hit can less your absolute FTP (Functional Threshold Power). So I suggest you set a cooling fan for comfortable riding or cycling.

In your indoor activities like Zwifting, you can’t move on the fresh air and get stuck in a certain place. The virtual training effort you a lot and you get hotter after some time. The overhit produced in your body can damage your internal organs. It will fall your wattage and you cant gain the actual power for riding. A perfect cooling fan can provide you the comfortable blow of air to your body.

By the way, here’s the list of 7 best cooling fan for zwift:

  1. Kicker Hand- Wind Smart Fan, High Technological Performer***Top Choice
  2. Stanly 655704- High-Velocity Blower Fan, Directed Heavy Airflow***Popular
  3. Vornado 630 Mid-size Fan: Both Blower and Wind Machine Facilities***Overall Best
  4. IRIS USA 586805 WAZOO Remote Controlled Fan- Easy Use Whiling Riding
  5. Lasco 3300 20- Wind Machine Fan- Energy Saving with Huge Air
  6. Holmes 12 inch- Blizzard Rotating with Remote Control Fan
  7. Lasco U15720- High-Performance Pivoting Fan

Best Cooling Fan For Zwift- Exploring The Top Picks Of 2020

Well, start now to scan the reviews one by one. Hope you will get the expected one soon. Let’s go!

1. Kicker Hand- Wind Smart Fan, High Technological Performer

Kicker hand-wind is an updated smart fan for the indoor cyclist. It has a speed sensor for monitoring the heart rate and the fans wind adjust up to 30 mph. it has Bluetooth and ANT+- enable system by which you can control it by your iOS and Android phone. It stands on four legs and has an upward airflow system. There is a power button in front of it and a speed controller upon the power button. Airflow pattern is targeted to mirror the outline of the cyclist body during riding. Four types of programmed fan speed.


  • Powerful wind speed over 30 mph keeps you cool.
  • Mirror the shape of a cyclist during riding.
  • Easy to control by app and takes fewer spaces.
  • An adjustable heart rate monitor controls the airflow along with the rider’s need.
  • Safe for children because it has no visible blades.


  • Make a rattling noise while working.
  • The price is comparatively high.

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2. Stanly 655704- High-Velocity Blower Fan, Directed Heavy Airflow

Stanly 655704 High-Velocity Blower Fan is a small but powerful blower fan for office site, garage or house. It has two stands and a handle for carrying. Easy and handy to use anywhere and directed airflow can make you cool. You can use it in your Zwifting riding so that you get cool for proper performance.

There is three applicable high range speed which provides cool air. 350 CFM wind blow system. A built-in circuit breaker with two 120-volts gives you the facilities to charge or connect to the power line during work. The patented pivoting system allows it to straight the airflow anywhere you want.


  • Three speeds allow you to choose your range of airflow.
  • You can charge it or run it through electricity.
  • The yellow pivoting head allows you to direct it anywhere even floor level.
  • It is very quiet even at its highest speed.


  • The targeted airflow blows only selected directions so it is not for big spaces.

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3. Vornado 630 Mid-size Fan: Both Blower and Wind Machine Facilities

Vornado 630 whole room Fan is a blending of blower and wind machine can be used in Zwifting. Three types of airflow with a multidirectional system gives you comfort. Up to 331 CFM, this fan moves air 70 feet in a room. Comfortable for whole room air circulation and indoor riding. This fan is suitable for office and home also.

Three manual speed controllers easy to use. Built-in Intel air accelerator requires U.S. voltage systems. Flow air up to 70 feet.


  • The upper airflow system is multidirectional.
  • The blades are deep-pitched with an air duct system and spiral grill makes it safe.
  • It can be used for big space.
  • The spiral grill and multidirectional upper allows it to move anywhere.
  • Easy to clean and carry.
  • The three-speed controller gives 331 CFM airflow which is really cool.


  • It is a bit noisy.
  • Sometimes not safe for children because of its blades.

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4. IRIS USA 586805 WAZOO Remote Controlled Fan- Easy Use Whiling Riding

IRIS USA 586805 WAZOO is a remote-controlled fan for better performance. Oscillates anywhere left, right, up and down as you need. Its size is compact so that you can place it anywhere in a little space.

Three airflow and natural flow settings. Compact in size. Dimensions are 8.66” L × 7.99” W × 11.93” H. Comfortably adapts 120-volt wattage for US home.


  • A remote-controlled system gives comfort to the user.
  • Oscillates every direction like left, right, up, down.
  • Three types of speed settings and natural air options for users necessity.
  • Auto timer settings can shut off the fan after 1, 2 or 4 hours.
  • Powerful little fan with extra cooling system gets you cool during Zwift riding.


  • Oscillation is not so smooth and causes a little jerk and noise.
  • The manual control buttons also move with the oscillation part.

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5. Lasco 3300 20- Wind Machine Fan- Energy Saving with Huge Air

Lasco 3300 20” Wind machine fan is an energy-saving option with huge airflow. The pivot allows it moving the air in any direction. Easy to carry with a built-in handle and set up on the two small steps. Three types of speed detectors provide proper airflow as you need. You can place it in your room for Zwifting. The heavy wind makes you cool during your cycling and enriches your ultimate performance.


  • Easy to carry with built-in handle.
  • Five blades are well enclosed with grills that are safe for the children.
  • Comfortable three types of wind speed.
  • Fully assembled with huge airflow.
  • Makes no disturbing noise.


  • It can not be moved while running.
  • Fans motor is not well protected from weather issues.

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6. Holmes 12 inch- Blizzard Rotating with Remote Control Fan

Holmes 12 inch remote control fan with a remote control device is fully convenient for indoor activities. Its rotating grills and diametrical blades allow the air to blow to every direction with a wide space. You can set it any suitable side of your room to get proper air during Zwiftinng. Automatic four types of shut off timer. Motorized oscillation for a wide range of air.


  • Rotating grill increase 40% of airflow.
  • Large diametrical blades give cool air to a large space.
  • Three-speed settings for controlled air.
  • Program your time limit by auto-timer up to 8 hours.
  • The remote control system makes easy to use the fan.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not suitable for hanging.
  • 3 years of warranty which is comparatively limited.

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7. Lasco U15720- High-Performance Pivoting Fan

Lasco high performance pivoting fan U15720 is another good fan for Zwift cycling and riding. It’s a blower fan that can flow the air with heavy speed. Its pivoting system allows the fan to rotate 180 degrees. So the air can blow at any directions. Integrated handle for easy carry and three-speed types systems. Suitable for garage, kitchen and indoor workout. Two accessory outlets of 120 volts. Three-pronged plug system in addition to a long cord.


  • The pivoting system allows the blower to blow the air towards the cyclist.
  • The two 120 volts accessory system are suitable for multiple fan use like radio, lights, tools and so on.
  • Ideal airflow for cooling, drying, and ventilation.
  • Strong airflow upward and downward directions.
  • Easy to clean by giving airflow with a leaf blower to the side vent of the fan.


  • The price is comparatively high.

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Tips to Select  the Best Cooling Fan for Zwift

Now it is time to choose your fan for virtual riding. Among the seven you need to select the best. Here some tips are provided for you by which you can take your decision.

A good CFM fan for greater speed

A focused airflow with a good CFM fan can cool you properly. A good CFM (cubic feet per minute) cooling fan is for good speed. CFM can measure the volume and speed of airflow which is important for indoor Zwifting. More CFM can add more speed.

 Controlled airflow can be useful

Buy the fan with having air control options. Most of the fan has three options for choosing airspeed. You can set speed high in summer and low in winter. The pivoting system helps you to direct the flow to your chosen system. It is always encouraged to pointing the airflow to the chest.  Also, you need to control the speed of being cool.

Smart technology is always welcomed

Try to buy a smart fan that requires a monitor, sensor, Bluetooth technology or remote control device. The smart systems allow the rider to judge his/her workout. In this case, the  Kicker hand-wind can be beneficial for you. Just download the Wahoo app in your iOS or Android and maintain your speed, timings and heart rate. This fan applies the blowing according to your heart rate.

More than one fan can be a need for good performance

Sometimes one fan can not enough for you. You may need two or more fans to make you cool from every direction. In this case, you can set small fans from different directions.

Safety issue should be the topmost concern

Safety first. You may have a child in your home. Choose the fans which blades are not visible or well grilled. Concern about plug systems and electricity lines before buying the fan.

Final Verdict

We hope you will get proper guidelines from this article before buying your best cooling fan for Zwift. To achieve your goal it is necessary to get cool and steady during riding. These cooling fans can provide you perfect air blow with the safety issue. These fans are available in Amazon and the user reviews are comparatively good.  Also, the prices and warranties are user-friendly. So, go and get your necessary fan.

 Getting sweaty or hot can decrease the performance of Zwifting. Buy smart fan, blower, wind machine or remote control fan among the widely used best cooling fan for Zwift.

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