Best Triathlon Saddle Bag – Top 7 Comfort Winner To Try

best triathlon saddle bag

Are you looking for stylish and suitable saddlebags that can arrange your stuff nicely? Here we have come with the top triathlon saddle bag.

Expert riders know how important the saddlebag is. There are hundreds of brands that produce saddlebags. But it is very tricky to choose the right saddlebag. Before buying a saddlebag, many things, you have to consider.

But for first, grab the list of 7 best triathlon saddle bag:

  1. TriSeven– Lightweight with Premium Design Saddle Bag***Overall Best 
  2. Rhinowalk– Waterproof and Stable Top Tube Saddle Bag***Recommended
  3. BV Strap-On Design & Quality Seat Bag***Popular Picks
  4. Opamoo-Triangle Design and Water-resistant Bicycle Saddle Bag
  5. Roswheel– Durable and Water-Resistant Saddle Bag
  6. Ibera– Slim and Stylish Saddle Bag
  7. Lezyne Caddy QR– Wedge Shape Saddle Bag

Best Triathlon Saddle Bag

So, let’s jump to the next to know more about the saddlebags of different brands. The experts recommend all these bags.

1. TriSeven– Lightweight With Premium Design Saddle Bag

TriSeven saddlebags are lightweight and contain a premium design. These bags can set on top of the tube of your triathlon with rigid straps. So the frame won’t scratch by the bang. The bags feature with a dual-zippered system and an anti-slip bottom to hold the grip. The bag’s dimensions are 27cm x 3.8cm x 8.5cm. So it is spacious enough to store your necessary stuff like phone, keys, tire pump, or nutritional packets.

TriSeven bags are popular among many professional riders. The bag comes with 4x strips or a 2x screw. There is a hole for keeping Headphones and power bank. In the outer layer, there is a waterproof material. You can clean it easily. However, TriSeven is confident that they supply quality products, so they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Lightweight and slim design.
  • Spacious Enough.
  • The structure is on the first tube of the cycle.
  • The bottom is made with anti-slip material.
  • Easy setup.


  • It comes with only a 2x screw.
  • Poor customer service.

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2. Rhinowalk– Waterproof And Stable Top Tube Saddle Bag

Rhinowalk has an ample storage waterproof saddle bag in a narrow shape. The width of the bag is 2.4in and perfectly fits in your cycle frame. Being eligible to shape your leg won’t touch the bag. The bag can set on the top tube of the cycle. It comes with a large opening design so that you can quickly put in and out your stuff. The bag is also easily fixed and disassembled.

In the bag, you can carry a mobile, keys, wallet, and other small items. The shape looks small, but it holds many things. The bag is made from Twill Fabric, and there is 600D TPU Nylon Waterproof material coating in both the inner and outer layers, and things will be safe even in any extreme weather.

The bottom of the bag is none-slippery, so that it can be stable in place. The weight of the bag is 0.26lb. Rhinowalk offers excellent design with quality products and services.


  • Waterproof bag.
  • Exceptional design and lightweight.
  • Easily fixed and take off.
  • Easily clean the bag.
  • Stay in a place with anti-attritional material.


  • It doesn’t contain the modern design.
  • Sometimes zippers limits to use.

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3. BV Strap– On Design & Quality Seat Bag

BV saddle bags are available in three sizes – large, medium, and small. The bag is made with a strap-on mountain design that fits perfectly and nicely under the cycle seat. The most exciting feature is the 3M Scotchlite with reflective trim that is in the back of the saddlebag. The light ensures safety when you ride at night. It contains a Velcro strap design so that you can quickly attach and detach.

BV saddle bags remain stable in its place, and the big zippers opening feature gives you easy access. You can keep your essential items smoothly with its mash pocket and key clip. BV offers quality products so that they provide limited product warranty if any manufactured defects in the bags.


  • The bag has 3M Scotchlite to ensure safety.
  • Large zippered opening system.
  • It comes with a Velcro Strap.
  • The bags are available in three sizes.
  • Good quality materials with elegant design.


  • It has no waterproof material.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work for every seat.

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4. Opamoo– Triangle Design And Water-Resistant Bicycle Saddle Bag

Opamoo brings the triangle shape saddlebags with a slim design. You can install the bag under the top tube of the cycle. It is also suitable for long rides because the bag is lightweight. The weight is less than 2oz.

Opamoo saddlebags are made with upgraded polyester fabric that makes the bag durable, wind-resistance, and waterproof. So your stuff will be safe in this storage bag, and you also clean the surface easily and quickly. The bag has a reflective trim to increase visibility at night.

The bag has enough space to hold your small necessary items. The big opening design is easy to use. Also, there are five wide Velcro straps for adjusting the bag with the tube. The bags are designed by considering the Universal angel, which fits almost the bicycle’s triangle frame.


  • Triangle shaped and slim design.
  • Waterproof and wind resistance.
  • It has reflected trim for safety at night.
  • It comes with five Velcro straps.
  • Big opening design with a durable zipper.


  • The full dimension of the bag is large.
  • May not fit in every cycle.

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5. Roswheel– Durable And Water-Resistant Saddle Bag

Roswheel is an utterly water-resistant saddle bag you can set under the cycle’s seat. The fabric of the bag is a combination of 300D Polyester ripstop and PU leather that make it water-resistant. Inner layer coats with EVA foam that is solid and durable.

Roswheel saddlebags have 1.8 liters capacity so you can easily carry necessary bike gear, mobile,  wallet, etc. Not only the essential item but also you can take a water bottle with the bag. It has an integrated water bottle holder. The bag has a tail light clip for attaching a bike light, and that provides extra safety at night. Also, the reflective logo print gives extra visibility at night.

The bag contains 4 quality Velcro attachment steps for an easy fix to the bicycle. The bag is also lightweight so that you can carry it effortlessly and go for a long ride.


  • Waterproof fabric and durable.
  • Easy to fix with the Velcro attachment system.
  • It has a taillight clip.
  • It has a water bottle holder.
  • The bag is Lightweight.


  • Sometimes the bag doesn’t stick in place.

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6. Ibera– Slim And Stylish Saddle Bag

Ibera saddlebags add a stylish look to your cycle. You will find multiple color options, and you also can match the color with your cycle. The bag has high-quality waterproof material that makes it water-resistant. So you can use the bag in the rainy season and keep your elements safe and secure.

Ibera saddlebags are very roomy, and you can store a lot of items in it like phone, keys, nutrition tire pump, etc. The bags are tail light compatible. The cyclists can attach a light that ensures full protection at night.

The weight of the bag is 6.7 in, and the dimensions are (L) x 3.7 in (W) x 2.6 in (D). The installation is so easy with the two connection strap-on design, and it also sticks to its place. The bag fits most of the seats.


  • Stylish design with many colors.
  • The bag has water-resistant materials.
  • The installation is easy.
  • It is tail light compatible.
  • It contains a strap-on mountain design.


  • Not suitable for mountain rides.
  • Customer service is not excellent.

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7. Lezyne Caddy QR– Wedge Shape Saddle Bag

Lezyne bag contains a QR mounting system that attaches to the saddle rails. You can arrange the bag around the seat post. The main material of the bag is woven nylon fabric, and it is water-resistant. The fabric is durable that makes the bag strong for extreme usage. The base material of the bag is of durable nylon.

The Caddy bag is suitable for all-weather with its waterproof fabric and zipper. The bag has a feature of a neoprene pocket where you can store accessories and repair items like a small tire pump.

The dimensions of the bag are 130mm (L) x 50mm (W) x 80mm (D), and the weight is 115g. Along with this size, you can find in many ranges. The bag fits perfectly with the saddle rails and provides a grip so that it is stable in place.


  • The fabric is durable woven nylon.
  • It is stable with a strong base.
  • Suitable for all-weather as the bag is waterproof.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • The bag is lightweight.


  • It takes time to fix and release.

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What To Consider Before Buying Quality Triathlon Saddle Bags

What To Consider Before Buying Quality Triathlon Saddle Bags

  • Spacious enough to carry necessary items like mobile, keys, wallet, nutrition packets, etc.
  • Durable and waterproof so that you can use it for a long time and go in all weather.
  • Choose saddlebags with a secure and easy attachment system.
  • Choose the bag size according to your cycle’s holding ability.


These 7 best triathlon saddle bags belong to quality materials, and each of them has unique benefits. The customers of these brands give positive responses to the bags. We research much to provide you with the most accurate information about the bags that match your needs. We hope that you will find the ideal saddle bag for your bicycle.

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