Here’s The 5 Best Crank Brothers Pedals Rocking

Casual riders won’t really care much about sport-specific gears and accessories to carry out with their occasional ridings. However, as you keep on progressing along this road, you’ll start to keep noticing the absence of good quality with these essential gears that are supposed to make your rides better and enjoyable.

Pedals are one of the many amazing stuff you would want to invest in when cycling becomes more series to you. And crank brothers’ pedals have a reputation of its own with amazing performance and features to brag about.

Let’s talk about 5 best crank brothers pedals that are absolutely a clear win for 2021 and you should give these a try.

Best Crank Brothers Pedals

Crank Brothers Pedals

We’ll be reviewing the 5 picks that are chosen by our team right below to make you more aware of what you are getting and what not.

1. Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Flat Bike Pedal– Get Riding Grip with This One

This flat pedal comes with adjustable 9 hex pattern traction pins that allow users to control the grip easily. These pins also allow you to get good traction in the hill, water, and mud contact.

On top of that, this flat pedal comes with a 13mm thin minimal profile that allows users the finest surface area to stroke. Both left and right pedal has a good shape to give comfort to your foot when pedaling.

Unlike most pedals, this pedal spindle is made out of Forged SCM 435 chromo steel that makes sure a strong balance to avoid tripping. It on top makes sure you are pedaling in the outdoor or indoor with no mishaps or fracture snag.

This pedal as well as gives good freedom for users to easily pedal with no fear. In fact, it is super reliable and dependable which allows you to pedal with better confidence. This thing also ensures you to pedal stably in most roads.

On the whole, it is one of the best MTB pedals for any riders who want to make their bike look good with a high power stroke. You can also try this pedal set for improving efficiency.


  • It appears with 5 years of quality assurance.
  • This pedal lasts for a longer period of time.
  • It is easy to set up and remove.
  • This pedal is light in weight and slim.
  • Good pick for larger shoes.


  • Some people find the large size weird.

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2. Crank Brothers Mallet MTB Bike Pedal– Wide Frame Option for Rough Terrain

The Crank Brothers Mallet pedal is well-known for its brilliant frame style that is wide and thick. It also ensures you are pedaling well in the tough ground such as mud, watery and rocky land.

And, this is just the beginning. This pedal on top appears with 3 hole cleats that make sure you are using it with most clipless cycling shoes. With this feature, you can easily grab a good shoe to fit in a simple plug and play.

With many benefits, this pedal is super light in weight that allows you to smoothly rotate the bar to move faster. It as well as makes sure you are feeling cozy when riding on the bike with no snag.

The brand on top appears with 5 years of warranty service that allows you to have a good replacement. They also make sure their buyers are getting both the facility of restore and repair benefits. On top, the brand given client service allows its buyers to solve the questions.

If you want a simple installation and 4-sided entry pedals, then it is your best bet. This pedal is also worth trying for avoiding mud and water contact.


  • For the price, it is hard to beat.
  • It is simple to clip out and in.
  • One of the coolest picks for hill climbing.
  • It adds value and good looks to the bike.
  • The traction pins are a good point.


  • It needs Allen wrench to mount perfectly.

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3. Crank Brothers Stamp Flat BMX & MTB Bike Pedal– Toughest Pick to Try Out Now

For high security and stability, thus flat pedal is made out of steel and tough materials. This pedal on top makes sure you get rid of crack, break, scratch, and other snags for a longer lifespan.

This flat pedal as well as comes with a minimal profile 13mm thin profile that makes sure a good grip and less stress on your foot when pedaling. It also makes sure you are pedaling faster with no discomfort on the heel.

On top, this flat pedal comes with Enduro seal system bearings that make sure you are pedaling smoothly with good rolling benefits. It also makes sure your foot is facing no resistance when pedaling harder.

With the 9 hex pattern pins, this pedal makes sure you are getting rid of chafing and uneven placement for pedaling safely. It as well as makes sure you are pedaling well with no snag of low speed.

Those of you who want a good pedal that is good for BMX and MTB bikes, then this is what you need to try out. It is also worth checking out for excellent riding performance in hilly land.


  • Good pick for the BMX bikes.
  • The price is reasonable for novices.
  • It helps getting rid of slippage snag.
  • The pedal gives a good grip to control better.
  • It is good for regular bike riders.


  • Some people find it low in quality.

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4. Crank Brothers Double Shot Hybrid Bike Pedal– Get Maximum Efficiency with This One

Another pick that is hard not to mention is the Crank Brothers Double Shot pedal that has great efficacy for long riding. It also ensures you are pedaling just the way you prefer in good speed.

This pedal on top comes with good quality igus ll-glide and enduro cartridge bearings that ensure good rolling benefits. On top of that, the bearings are dual-sealed that allow you to have no water damage in the most critical weather.

But wait, that is not all. This pedal on top is made out of aluminum and stainless steel that ensures good durability and stability. It on top allows you to pedal with good foot pressure with no fear of breakage or crack.

This pedal as well as comes with 385 grams of great weight capacity for you to easily place foot with no snag. It also allows your foot to comfortably step on with no snag of load problem.

In general, this flat pedal is an ideal pick if you want good traction, reliable, and simple designed options. It is also worth to try out for 15 or 20 degrees release angle.


  • The pedal comes with cleats for easy clip-in.
  • It is trouble-free to install and detach.
  • This pedal is durable for long-term usage.
  • The function of this pedal is amazing.
  • Good for use in most weather.


  • Sadly, it gets dirty easily.

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5. Crank Brothers Candy Clip-In MTB Bike Pedal– Find Good Speedup with This One

The Crank Brothers Candy pedal is the coziest with a brilliant design that gives high torque and speedup benefits. It also allows you to get a good shifting of power in most grounds.

Made out of 435 chromo steel and plastic composite, this pedal is durable for a good while in most terrain. It also makes sure you are pedaling in good shape with no snag of breaks, rusts, or cracks.

This clip-in pedal on top comes with mud shredding design that allows you to get rid of mud or debris attacks easily. It also makes sure you are getting lasting value with no snag of cleaning or maintenance.

This pedal on top comes with cleats support that is made out of stainless steel for getting rid of rust and corrosion. These cleats also allow you to fit in any shoes that are suitable with easy entry and exit benefits.

In short, this pedal is a huge deal for those who want strong bearings and easy pedaling surface. You are free to check it for good performance and quality at a budget-friendly price.


  • Great pick for the SPD shoes.
  • It appears with an adjustable floating system.
  • The cleat of this pedal is easy to insert.
  • It is light and reliable.
  • The package comes with a pair of shoe shields.


  • Not good for wide feet.

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How to Select the Crank Brothers Pedals?

How to Select the Crank Brothers Pedals

After reading the Crank Brothers pedals review, you definitely want to learn some facts to pick the right one. The following aspects will guide you to find the right Crank Brothers pedals:

Check the Material

The pedals tend to stand longer if it is made out of good material. Most of the time, Crank Brothers pedals are built with chromo steel, cast stainless steel, aluminum and other materials for a long lifespan.

These are the best materials that help in getting rid of rust, crack, and peeling. So, makes sure to check the material of Crank Brothers pedals before picking.

Consider the Number of Traction Pins

When in the marketplace to pick the Crank Brothers pedals, check their traction pins quantity to not regretting later. You must be wondering why? Well, the traction pins protect your foot from friction and unstable fracture to pedal faster.

And, the simple theory is a higher number of pins will give you better footing to pedal well. So, ensure that before going with one.

Weight Matters

Another important fact which you want to consider is the weight of the Crank Brothers pedals. It’s better to have light-weighted pedals with good load ability so that you can easily find good grip and power transfer.

Most of the pedals from Crank Brothers should have 300-400 grams of weight capacity. Thus, check the weight first then pick one.

Think About the Performance

The performance of Crank Brothers pedals is a vital fact which you want to check. Basically, pedals should give you better foot support, optimal power transfer and comfort feel to stroke faster in any road conditions.

Also, the good performing Crank Brothers pedals will give you energy to stroke better. You will pedal with freedom and courage if the pedals have a higher facility. So, count that to pedal easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When to replace Crank Brothers pedals?

The Crank Brothers pedals do last for a good while yet you will find the replacing time based on its warranty. Most Crank Brothers pedal has 3 to 5 years of warranty service time. If you aren’t a regular rider, then the Crank Brothers pedals would last even longer.

Do Crank Brothers pedals are compatible with SPD shoes?

Depending on the compatibility, you can say yes and no. However, most of Crank Brothers pedals have specific cleats to fit the SPD shoes easily. It also allows fitting with any clipless shoes with the cleats support.

Do Crank Brothers pedals need cleats?

If you want to, you use the pedals in your bike and ride without cleats. Yet, it will give you some drawbacks like slip, accidents or loose fit. For daily riders, the cleats are essential to continuously pedal with no snag of slides.

Do running shoes good for Crank Brothers pedals?

The running shoes are actually good to stroke the Crank Brothers pedals like a normal ride. not only that The Crank brothers pedals give your foot comfort when pedaling but also adds power to stroke well.


It’s almost the end of today’s conversation on best crank brothers pedals. We really want to see you getting one ideal pedal from this amazing manufacturer that promises some superior quality pedals. Take your time and mull over a little bit more if needed. Your final choice should be benefiting and complimenting your ides to the fullest.