5 Best Shimano MTB Shoes For Effortless Mountain Rides

Having the perfect mountain bike shoe can really enhance all your rides to the extent you may not realize yet. It will be providing the perfect platform for your pedal’s powering, a fantastic solid built-in for feet protection, and a secure fit to enhance your comfort needs. And Shimano has always gone out of the way to provide some excellent gears to ensure these capabilities.

Today we will be enlightening you with 5 best Shimano Mtb shoes that are really up to the mark.

Best Shimano MTB Shoes

Shimano MTB Shoes

Let’s jump right into the complete reviews for each of these five picks that we have for you today…

1. Shimano SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe– Strongest Pick for Mountain Bikes

It is one of the coolest Shimano mountain bike shoes that has a rigid sole made out of carbon fiber and rubber. This MTB shoe also makes sure you are riding well with no slip or mishaps.

Made with soft fabrics and leather, this MTB shoe makes sure optimal comfort to your feet when riding on the mountain bike. It also allows your feet to avoid discomfort and pain from long hours of riding.

This MTB shoe on top comes with an 18 mm spike that makes sure your feet are getting a good fit. It also allows your feet to be prepared for extreme conditions.

On the whole, it is one of the best budget MTB shoes for riders who want good traction and mud-shedding options. You can also try this out for use in the most critical grounds safely.


  • The price of this shoe is reasonable.
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat.
  • This shoe is cozy and flexible than road shoes.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Great pick for male mountain bikers.


  • Some people find the sizing issues.

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2. Shimano SH-AM902 Bicycle Shoe– Get Secure Closure System with This One

The SH-AM902 shoe comes with a speed lacing system that makes sure users tie faster and securer. It on top allows your feet to be secured and free from loose fit when on the race.

Compatible with the most Shimano MTB pedals, this shoe comes with an armored lace shield that makes sure good protection against debris and germs. It also helps the shoe to last for a good while.

This shoe on top appears with a molded toe box that allows your feet to place in a good room with no tight feeling. It also allows your feet to avoid getting sweaty easily.

In general, this shoe from Shimano is an ideal pick for any MTB biker who want toe shield and secure adjustments. It is also good checking out for comfortable mountain ride in rough terrain.


  • Good pick for use on mountain bikes.
  • The shoe closure system saves time.
  • It is easy to enter and remove.
  • The toe box has plenty of space.
  • It looks stunning for the biker style.


  • Hard to take out when cleats on a loose screw.

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3. Shimano SH-ME7 Trail Enduro Shoe– Stop Ankle Pain When Riding with This One

The SH-ME7 MTB shoe from the Shimano brand comes with Stretch Neoprene ankle collar that makes sure extra safety and comfort. It also allows your feet to avoid debris when riding in mud area.

This Shimano ME7 SPD MTB shoes come with tons of breathable meshes that makes sure your feet to keep cool when riding harder. It also helps your feet out of sweat and other things.

On top of that, this MTB shoe comes with a rubber sole and reinforced armor that makes sure good traction to ride in better speed. It also ensures you to enjoy riding with great speed up and efficiency.

In short, this MTB shoe is a big blessing for all riders who want a secure fit, light, and low-profile options. It is also worth trying out if you want an extra-cushion insole for daily use.


  • It appears in many size options.
  • The sole of this shoe is grippy and strong.
  • This shoe is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Good for long-term usage.
  • The quality of this shoe is excellent.


  • Not good for a wide foot.

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4. Shimano SH-XC7 Shoe– Find Ideal Traction & Power with This One

One of the popular Shimano MTB shoes 2019 is the SH-XC7 that comes with a strong thread pattern for solid grip and power. It also allows you to avoid mud, water, and debris attacks too.

With Boa IP1 dials closure system, this MTB shoe gives good fitting benefits not more than a minute. It also gives extra security with the Powerzone wire guide and front strap to hold the foot in a safe way.

This MTB shoe on top comes with dual density rubber compounds that make sure the right balance of grip. It also ensures you have good stability, strength, and flexibility to use longer.

By and large, this shoe is a fine pick for those of you who want comfort and the highest off-road performance. It is also worth trying if you want good-looking mountain bike shoes.


  • The client service is good for solving issues.
  • Great pick for the wide feet.
  • This shoe is light in weight.
  • The closure system gives extra protection.
  • It comes with good rooms in the toe box.


  • Sadly, it doesn’t come in different colors.

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5. Shimano SH-XC501 Bicycles Shoe– Glove-Like Fitting Option to Try Out Now

The best MTB shoes for road bike should come with good fitting design and wrapping structure just like the SH-XC501. This shoe on top allows you to get rid of overlap for a fine fit.

But wait, that is not all. This MTB shoe comes with low stack height midsole that ensures your feet higher power shifting. It on top allows you to enjoy better efficiency and riding performance in rough ground.

This MTB shoe is also made out of mesh, TPU, and synthetic leather composite in the upper structure that ensures your feet warm and cozy feel. It on top allows good rooms to move your feet in a little shake. This MTB shoe as well as has strong breathability.

If you want a micro-adjustable, precise, and longer lifespan shoes, then it is your best bet. This shoe is also worth trying for a smoother ride.


  • Great pick for spin class use.
  • This shoe comes with a BOA closure system.
  • It lasts for a good while.
  • The shoe looks cool with most MTB bikes.
  • It is easy to wear and take out.


  • The sizes are wider than usual

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How to Choose the Best Shimano MTB Shoes?

How to Choose the Best Shimano MTB Shoes

After reading the Shimano MTB shoe review, you definitely want to check some aspects. To shorten your research time, here are some awesome facts which we find essential for you to easily pick the best mountain bike shoes in 2021:

Check the Sole

The sole of MTB shoes needed to be strong and good for mounting bikes. Most of the Shimano MTB shoes are made out of carbon, glass, or rubber material that ensures good stiffness, power shifting, and terrain support.

Consider the Safety

If you are a daily mountain bike rider, then it’s vital for you to consider safety. Especially, the toe boxes and ankle zone are the main part that causes accidents. So, check that when picking a new Shimano MTB shoe.

Retention System Facts

Another thing you want to check is the closure system to ride in a mountain bike. Most MTB shoes have lacing, Velcro, Boa style closure system to fasten comfortably. Check for the comfortable closure system.

Weight Matters

The Shimano MTB shoe weight does matter to easily stroke the pedal faster or changes the speed flow. For that, light-weighted shoes are good for shifting the speed quickly. Therefore, consider that before picking one.

Check the Tread Pattern

When in the market, check the tread pattern on Shimano MTB shoes to avoid the snag of slippage. For a mountain biker, it needs to have a tread pattern that helps to add terrain. Thus, check the tread pattern in the MTB shoes.

Shimano MTB Shoes Cleaning Tips

To keep your Shimano MTB shoe brand new, you indeed want to clean them in the right way. If you use the ideal cleaning tips, it will help your shoe to increase value, good look, and avoid peeling easily. So, here are some simple yet effective cleaning tips:

  • After every ride, you want to take out the shoes from your foot and immediately clean them.
  • Make sure to use a tiny brush or damp towel and simply rub them to clean the surface gently.
  • You want to use a good smelling spray to get rid of bad odor or sweat smells from your shoe.
  • Never forget to clean inside the shoe as it’ll lead your foot to smell bad and the inner surface to damage quickly.
  • Try to remove the buckle or laces before cleaning the shoe and wipe them too.
  • After wiping, dry them naturally.

How to Clip in Shimano MTB Shoes?

How to Clip in Shimano MTB Shoes

Once you have done getting your suitable Shimano MTB shoe, the major problem that comes across the novices is the clip-in. You see, clip in the pedals is quite simple if you do it gently and not faster. Check down below to find the quickest and safe way to clip in like a pro:

Tighten the Screws

Your first step is to tight the cleats a bit to easily engage once your foot and the pedals meet. Sometimes issues arise of not locking rightly, for that you should tighten the screws. Then, go to the next process.

Push Your Right Foot in the Pedal Upward

Then, push your right foot in the pedals in a 12’o clock position. Gently place your foot in the pedal to contact in the upward. Makes sure your front is touching rightly.

Go Down to Lock the Cleats

Next, place your heel to lock the cleats of your shoe with the pedals. When doing this, make sure you heard a little click noise that ensures a good fit.

Use the Same Process for Your Other Foot.

After clipping in your right foot, you want your left foot to insert in the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need MTB shoes for my mountain bike?

Yes, you do need MTB shoes for your mountain bike. Yet, if you have flat pedals, then it is not necessary to use MTB shoes for your mountain bike. Other than that, all clipless pedals need MTB shoes to ride contentedly.

Do MTB shoes make a difference?

If you look at it not deeply, you will find the MTB shoes similar to other options. But the MTB shoes do make disparity. The MTB shoes actually appear with strong liners and designs that make them look different. They also give lower stress to your foot to work when on the bike.

Are Shimano MTB shoes comfortable?

For its unique design, the Shimano MTB shoes are comfortable when riding on the mountain for a longer period. The Shimano MTB shoes also allow you to ride well with no feeling of tiredness.


And that’s it for today. We are hoping you will find at least one pick out of these five best Shimano MTB shoes. Buying a mountain bike specific shoes is not rocket science but it still needs your sincere concerns. You need to know about the main factors that decide whether you’ll enjoy your bought pair of shoes or regret it. And it’s better to spend more time researching and pondering before the purchase rather than sobbing later.

So, Give It Some Time & You Should Be Able to Meet Your Perfect Pair!