7 Best Face Wash for 8 Year Old Kids To Get Smooth Skin

When it comes to the skincare of your children, there are many things you should be aware of. Of course, some parents leave out the importance of giving their kids introduced to proper skincare since they believe it’s too early.

We are not telling you to get your kid high-end and active ingredients dependent acne solutions. But the basic skincare regime needs to be a part of your dear one’s life. And the very first step here is finding the right facewash for your kid.

Today we would like to tell you about some of the best face wash for 8-year-old options.

Best Face Wash for 8 Year Old

Face Wash for 8 Year Old

Without wasting any more minutes on suspense, let’s jump right int the broad reviews for each of these top 7 picks.

1. Burt’s Bees Face Cleanser Say No to Redness with This One

For the best face wash for 11 year old, Burt’s brand is a good option. They create a luminous and more hydrating blend that helps your kid’s sensitive skin to calm down easily.

This gentle facial cleanser also makes sure to leave skin refreshed and glowing. It on top ensures your kid’s skin to get the richness of sunflower seed oils and coconut oil extracts.

On top, this facial cleanser comes with 98.9% natural moisturizing complexion that has no odors.  It also includes no harmful chemicals in the ingredients to make sure your kids use it twice a day.

Overall, this face wash is a decent pick for those who want all-natural and no irritation face care products. It also helps your kid’s skin type to be healthier and get back to natural form.


  • It takes care of acne and pimples in weeks.
  • Great pick for the price point.
  • It has no odor.
  • The face wash is good for aging skin.
  • Wonderful for dry skin too.


  • The face cleanser doesn’t produce suds.

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2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser– Mild Face Wash for All Skin Types

This face cleanser by Cetaphil brand comes with gentle consistency that ensures users to use no matter what skin type they have. It also allows your kids to wash daily with no trouble.

Plus, this gentle cleanser makes sure your kid gets hydration for softer and healthier-looking skin. It is also clinically proven which assures no harm to the teen and preteen skin.

This facial cleanser as well as gets rid of your kid’s skin dirt and makeup without upsetting the texture. It’s also great for your kid neck and hand to use for removing impurities.

On the whole, this cleanser is a big deal if you want a gentle face wash that doesn’t leave skin dry and tight. It also helps your kid’s skin to protect natural oil and cut extreme oily surfaces.


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • Great option for daily usage.
  • The face wash is amazing for cleaning pores.
  • It removes excess oil from skin.
  • Excellent pick for thin skin.


  • We don’t like its consistency.

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3. Teena Skin Care Face Wash– Get Rid of Oily Skin with This One

Teena Skin Care brand is known for its deep pore cleanser which not only clears complexions but also brightens skin. It, in fact, helps your kid’s visible acne and blemishes to go far away.

This facial cleanser also features salicylic acid agents that make sure your kids get rid of excessive oil. It as well as handles your kid’s skin to clean without giving a feeling of thirst.

Besides, this face wash comes with amazing pore cleaning ability that helps dirt and impurities to come out. It also leaves your kid’s skin tender and smooth after wash.

In general, this face wash is a perfect gift for a teen who wants a cruelty free cleanser that truly works. It on top includes hemp seed oil extracts that are great for dry and sensitive skin.


  • It prevents user skin from getting dry.
  • The face wash cleanses well and softens skin textures.
  • Amazing pick for acne sufferers.
  • It doesn’t irritate the skin after washing.
  • The brand provided client service is helpful.


  • Sadly, this face wash has strong odors.

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4. TruKid Face and Body Wash– Enjoy Eczema Relief Wash with This One

TruKid brand offers great blends of natural plant oil extracts that shoots away eczema pain in one wash. It’s also certified by the NEA so that eczema sufferers can use this face wash with no snag.

This face wash on top comes with versatile use benefits for both body and face to get rid of sensitivity. It as well as takes care of the pH level thanks to its natural ingredients that are safe.

And, it has steroid-free formula that helps prep skin to get moisture by reducing itches and flakes. This face wash also makes sure your kids never face the trouble of breakouts.

Generally speaking, this facial cleanser is good for all skin types and free of paraben or phthalate. It is also PETA certified animal cruelty free.


  • It comes with no fragrances.
  • This face wash is decent for both boys and girls.
  • Great option for help eczema.
  • It makes user’s skin soft and acne-free.
  • This face wash comes in good consistency.


  • Some buyers find the pump weird.

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5. Fairy Tales TBH Foam Face Wash– Hydrating Pick to Help Stop Breakouts

Fairy Tales TBH Foam face wash comes in hydrating and nourishing formulas for tweens to use without irritating skin. It also makes sure no rashes or blemishes on the skin of your tween.

This facial cleanser on top comes with no paraben, sulfates and other harsh chemicals so that users can use them daily. It also assures your kid to wash skin without feeling dry and tense.

With 4% salicylic acid, willow bark and jojoba oil, this face cleanser makes sure to do the job well. It also takes care of removing your kid’s skin dirt and dead skin cell.

In short, this face wash is great for those who want non-drying formula and efficiently deep cleans pores. It also helps your kid’s skin to get rid of breakouts.


  • Miracle option for oily skin type.
  • It gives no itchy feel after several uses.
  • The face cleanser helps to fight irritation.
  • One bottle lasts longer.
  • It maintains skin pH level.


  • The product has less information on ingredients.

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6. Good For You Girls Facial Cleanser– Rich-in Healing Plant Extracts with This One

This face cleanser comes in a gel formula that is enriched with healing plant and fruit-based organic oils for fresh and clean skin. It also ensures a clean dewy texture of your kid.

The face cleanser as well as lathers easily to wash away the filth and sweat on deeper layers of the user’s skin. It also ensures your kid’s skin stays moisturized rather than drying out.

On top, it is super simple to wash for tweens to use both day and night. For cleaning, users only need to take out a small amount of product to massage in a circular motion after that rinse well.

By and large, this facial cleanser is a good pick for those who want alcohol free options. It’s also made for all skin types.


  • It helps to stop acne.
  • Great option for kids, preteens and teens.
  • The face wash is decent for all skin types.
  • It has no harsh chemicals.
  • Brilliant option for acne-prone skin.


  • A few buyers don’t find it practical.

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7. Evologie Facial Cleanser– Pores Friendly Option for Healthy Skin

Evologie facial cleanser comes in patented YS3 tech that delivers powerful healing agents below the user’s skin textures. It also makes sure your kid’s pores are getting smaller in a few weeks.

This facial cleanser helps your kid’s skin to stay free of dryness, oiliness, and sensitivity. It as well as makes sure your skin is getting rid of dark spots.

Made of natural ingredients, this face wash is ideal for all skin types to help for removing dirt, oil, and sweat. It also makes sure your kid’s skin stays free of bacteria, germs or dead cells.

If you want a face wash that helps to eliminate scars and fine lines, then this facial cleanser is what you need to get. It also has 100% free of risk for your kid to use that skin to breathe.


  • It helps to remove acne and scars.
  • The face wash gives glowing skin.
  • It has amazing pick for combination skin.
  • For effectiveness, it’s hard to beat.
  • The customer service gives good advice.


  • It has a weirdly written instruction manual.

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What To Look For The Best Face Wash for 8 Year Old?

What To Look For The Best Face Wash for 8 Year Old

Finding the best face cleanser for kids and preteen is simple with little hours of research. To make things easier, here are some facts to consider for picking the best in both worlds.

Go with Non-Irritated One

8 years old kids should use a decent face cleanser that doesn’t react or irritate skin. If you find a good face wash that maintains Ph for smooth and fresh skin, it’s okay to pick.

Check the Ingredients

Ingredients are vital to consider so that your tween gets richness and hydration. Some brands offer ingredients including sulfate which is better to avoid for kids to use. For that reason, make sure to go with a natural face wash for your kids.

Pick Unscented Face Cleanser

A good face cleanser should come with no odors or fragrances. As fragrances included face wash causes redresses and pigmentation, your kid should avoid using these types. So, pick odorless face wash.

Choose Based on Skin Type

It’s better for your kid to use a gentle face wash that goes well with their skin. Although most brands offer all skin type suitable face cleansers, still check before picking.

Tips on Cleaning Face for 8 Years Old Kids

Tips on Cleaning Face for 8 Years Old Kids

Here are some tricks for your 8 year old kids to get a clean face faster. Let’s get started:

  • Showering helps kids to get a fresh and sweat-free face. So, guide your tween to shower daily.
  • You probably don’t want your kid to have sensitive skin troubles. So, check their skincare habit and guide them.
  • If your kid has breakouts or blackhead troubles, simply get them an anti-acne cleanser that is gentle.
  • Ensure your kid is cleansing once a day in the evening. Also, prevent your tween from using body lotion or body soap on the face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should kids wash their faces?

It’s good if your tween washes their face frequently as they spend more time outside by playing games. If you notice your kids get sweaty or dull, washing their faces for one time a day is enough, especially in the evening.

How to cure acne in kids?

Kids with acne trouble can be cured if you give them benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid cleanser to use. These acids are good for treating acne or pimples and leave face dry from excessive oil. If it dehydrates your kid’s skin, then give an oil-free cream.

What is the healthy skin care routine for preteens?

The best skincare routine for preteens is to follow a healthy diet and wash face regularly. Ensure your kid follows night and day skincare routine. Also, drinking water is an amazing hack for hydrating skin to stay fresh and clean.


Depending on regular soap bars for treating your kid’s delicate skin is definitely not an encouraging thing to do. And so, you should be well aware of finding the best face wash for 8 year old skin. This is the right time of getting your kid into proper face cleansing habits. And in the following future, your dear child would appreciate your efforts.

Good Luck Getting the Right Kid Friendly Facewash…