What Are The Best Heart Rate Monitor For Apple Watch 2022?

Tracking heart rate is one of the significant concerns among fitness lovers. A top heart rate monitor can be the best way to mine your daily workout data. So, why the best heart rate monitor for apple watch? Why not built-in oximeter-based apple watch heart rate monitor? Because it’s pretty basic, and sometimes it can’t be perfect for more persistence or weight-based workouts.

So, we’ve found some spectacular alternatives for your health goals. Our every product provides more accurate data for reliable results. You can consider any of the best external heart rate monitors for apple watches that are listed below:

  1. Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor– Best Affordable Monitor***Popular
  2. Garmin Forerunner 35– Best for Recreational Runners***Overall Best
  3. YAMAY Smart Watch– Best for Most
  4. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor– Perfect for Accuracy & Phone-Free Tracking
  5. Updated Version Smart Watch by SKYGRAND–Best for Longer Use
  6. Arbily Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor– Best For Swimming
  7. Power Systems Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor– Best for Training

7 Best Heart Rate Monitor For Apple Watch

Heart Rate Monitor For Apple Watch

Let’s grab the review in details one by one to get the expected one.

1. Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor– Best Affordable Monitor

Why It's Best
If you want to have a heart rate monitor with simple features but effective solutions, Polar Ft1 is a useful option for you. During your workout session, you will have error-free heart rate monitoring with this device.

Let’s start a smarter exercise with the Ft1 device. It acts as a personal coach during the workout session. If you start exercising out of your permissible heart rate position, it delivers you an alarm with its audible and visual alarm feature. It can also assist you when to speed up or to slow down the process of improving your fitness.

Despite being a cheap heart rate monitor, it offers some lucrative options. And you will love this simple device for its accurate operations. Accurate? How? Well, having a comfortable chest strap along with a wristwatch provides more accuracy avoiding interference from other nearby devices.

Besides, the monitor displays the heart rate reading continuously. You can also see the current time if you bring the watch near the chest strap. You don’t need to touch any button, by the way. Overall, it is a primary heart rate monitor with a replaceable battery and, of course, basic features with tremendous results.


  • Cost-effective device
  • One-button functionality for better performance
  • Comfortable chest strap
  • Displays a summary of your last workout session
  • The quick and consistent result


  • Incompatible with Bluetooth.

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2. Garmin Forerunner 35– Best for Recreational Runners

Why It's Best
If you want an updated version of heart rate monitor with built-in GPS tracker to attain more tracking records and also to enjoy fabulous features, you can go with this option. The Apple watch compatible heart rate monitor can provide you 24/7 support by monitoring your heart rate.

Garmin Forerunner 35 comes with few basics and attractive aspects that can track your fitness progress by tracking pace, distance, and more. You might have known that Garmin provides a wide range of GPS watches for fitness lovers, like runners, cyclists. It can even count every step, calories burnt throughout the day.

The Forerunner 35 GPS watch has a built-in heart rate monitor to track your daily activities. That’s why we call it also an activity tracker. It follows how fast, how far, and where you run. Moreover, it automatically uploads data to your Garmin account.

You can also have some connected features that offer you to enjoy social media, pulling text, music, and other notifications. Forerunner 35 is the right training partner that fits all the ways you like to move.


  • Built-in GPS tracker
  • Impressive battery life span
  • All-day activity tracker
  • Offers music playback
  • Tracks interval training


  • Unable to track swimming

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3. YAMAY Smart Watch– Best for Most

Why It's Best
For an active lifestyle or to get an accurate waterproof tracker, YAMAY Smartwatch would be an excellent pick for you. YAMAY is another best apple watch heart rate monitor to consider to stay persuaded and healthy.

YAMAY smartwatch has amazing tracking capabilities for men, women, and kids as well. It is cost-effective and comes with IP68 waterproof certification. Can you imagine that I am also a fitness freak? I love to start my day with a long run. I just wanted to have a smartwatch to make fun of my daily activities.

Luckily, YAMAY Smartwatch and fitness tracker seized my mind, and from that day, it has been a great partner for me. It allows me to trace heart rate, sleep patterns, step counts, and so on. What’s more!!

The fitness tracker device offers you more practical features and positive services. You can control music on your phone through it and also can get an alert if someone leaves a message, an email, or a call for you. Oh, don’t worry, if you need to go deep in the pool or even rain. It is a certified waterproof smartwatch.


  • Long battery life
  • Band is replaceable
  • Pedometer options with full-color screen.
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Standard waterproof tracker
  • Sleep tracker


  • Can’t trace swimming data

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4. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor– Perfect for Accuracy & Phone-Free Tracking

Why It's Best
Do you need a speed fitness tracking device? If so, you can go with this Polar heart rate monitor to get more accurate results than previously. It provides a water-resistant and comfortable chest strap with an electrode-based heart monitoring system.

The H10 is one of the most accurate fitness trackers I have reviewed. You can get a specific reading by Polar H10 connecting to your iPhone or Apple watch through Bluetooth LE.

Apple’s health app starts tracking your fitness data while you are connecting it. Surprisingly, H10 provides a little amount of onboard storage even you’re not near a connected device. It logs your workout session in the absence of your devices.

The device also offers a longer battery life with its enhanced functionality contains updateable firmware. So, you can step into the Polar’s legacy to enjoy more accurate and consistent services.


  • Authentic readings
  • Convenient chest strap
  • Onboard memory
  • Significant battery life
  • Works even without nearby devices


  • Lack of proper app design

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5. Updated Version Smart Watch by SKYGRAND– Best for Longer Use

Why It's Best
Those who are interested in buying smartwatch with more features, but don’t want to break the bank it can perfectly suit them. There are more than 61% of customers who rated it five stars reviews. Hurry up. You can also be a part of it.

The Skygrand smartwatch provides several features to adjust to a healthier lifestyle. There is a built-in Nordic 52840 Chip having advanced updates. The device can track real-time heart rate regularly and also offers a comprehensive analysis of sleeping data. So, it also provides full, accurate data with the highest integration.

It logs all-day data, including steps, burned calories, active status, sleep quality, and more. It comes with 9 exercise modes that can help you better understand your all-day activities.

You can stay motivated and relax your mood with this all-day tracking device. It also helps you to get notifications on its brighter display. It notifies you for any incoming calls or messages. Moreover, you can operate it clearly when swimming or bathing.


  • Best affordable smartwatch
  • Accurate result
  • Waterproof and touch screen
  • Smart coaching features
  • Several sport modes


  • The charger is short

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6. Arbily Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor– Best For Swimming

Why It's Best
Without investing more, you can have the Arbily Smartwatch that is an apple watch compatible heart rate monitor. It also offers you to work out smartly.

Do you know that the smartwatch has been upgraded after hundreds of tests? The manufacturer continually optimizes and improves the functions and introduces innovations in appearance. Thus it has become one of the best choices among customers.

It can automatically track your steps, heart rate, pace, distance, calories, and more. Naturally, it is an all-day activity tracker. You will find 14 exercise modes to record your workout.

The smartwatch monitors your heart rate automatically and accurately. It stores three kinds of real-time heart rate data to trace your health all day.


  • Affordable smartwatch
  • Proper activity tracker
  • Multiple sports modes
  • Waterproof
  • Longer battery life
  • Menstrual remembrance


  • Can’t trace swimming data

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7. Power Systems Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor– Best for Training

Why It's Best
The name implies the inner meaning of the watch. It has attained more elite customers’ reviews for its power systems that is actually the main philosophy “Power Your Potential”. You can go with a Polar FT7 heart rate monitor without any question.

Polar FT7 comes with an energy pointer and the features that FT4 offers. Energy pointer is a useful feature that helps you to improve your fitness or to burn fat. The feature visually shows the main changes in your workout. Thus you can focus on the ultimate goal that you want.

Another calorie counter feature named Owncal that calculates the number of calories burned during your workout session depending on your weights, heights, gender, age, and how hard you are exercising.

The FT7 heart rate monitor also provides an audible alarm that alerts the users if they are exercising beyond their zone. The device also helps you to make a balance between training and rest.


  • Adjustable battery by users
  • Audible alarm system
  • Weekly training history
  • Innovative energy pointer
  • Heart touch button-free function


  • 30 meters water resistant
  • Fitness Zone is not manually adjustable

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How to Choose the Perfect Heart Rate Monitor for Apple Watch

How to Choose the Perfect Heart Rate Monitor for Apple Watch

Monitoring your heart rate is mostly necessary for living a healthy life. There are tons of HRM in the market nowadays. Among them, apple watch is the best HRM device from all perspectives based on different criteria. Following thing are commonly considered to find the very best HRM for apple watch.

The value of heart rate

Being healthy and keep a closer look at our health condition, calculating heart rate, or keep track of it is the most crucial thing in our busy lives. When we do exercise, our HR goes high or low, depending on how fast we perform the exercise. But we can’t count them without an HRM tracker. Heart rate tracker helps us to get the exact quantity of it. Sometimes we need to perform an exercise for a long time keeping low heart rate. Whereas most of the time, we focus on keeping it high to burn body fat so fast.

In this case, Apple watch heart rate monitor do precisely, what we need to do for us correctly. They calculate the bit rate of our heart automatically and show us the result. Though lots of devices are competing with the apple watch in this industry, apple watch is the best choice from the user’s end.

Electric HRM vs Optical

It is very clear to every user to pick an optical device like an apple watch over an electrical HRM. There is a lot of reason you can find in the very first consideration. Among them, perfection comes first. Secondly, a stylish device like a watch that you can use anywhere anytime to look more elegant. You can use the apple watch as a symbol of style in your hand.

For example, when you are going to the grocery shop walking by the road, and you just set the monitoring mode from the watch. You will get the result of how your heart rate is going at that very moment. Whereas, if you use a chest strap instead of an apple watch, it looks vulgar, and you may not be comfortable in a public place. So better to stick with a smart device like an apple watch.

Does Heart Rate Monitor Provide Accurate Data?

Basically, there are two particular reasons why people use a monitoring device for heart rate. First of all, they want to know the regular heart rate while they do normal activities. Secondly, they check how is the difference between their heart rate from the one while they workout and training.

People tend to check their pulse by two fingers. It might be around 70, which they can’t get an accurate pulse. Whereas your device do it perfectly from every end, and it is vital to know the precise rate to maintain a healthy life. Most importantly, your HR does not outlast the same while training. It becomes faster than your normal HR when you cannot estimate it accurately. So yes, the heart rate adviser gives you a better result over the normal process.

How to Check Your Heart Rate?

There are several ways to measure your heart rate. It’s a simple process to measure heart rate. But sometimes you may not be in a sweet condition to do that by yourself. So, you can use heart rate monitors that are compatible with your apple watch or iPhone. By connecting to the trackers, you can get the more accurate heart rate data with the help of straps around your chest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good resting heart rate by age?

Heart rate varies from person to person. Every person has different heart muscle functions. Typically, a normal heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Slower heart that beats less than 60 per minute can cause some physical problems sometimes. If heart rate is faster than 100 beats, is a faster heart. But the experts state that ideal resting heart rate is closer to 50 to 70 beats. However, heart rate depends on the situation or health condition of any person. So, if you track your heart rate, you can be your personal monitor while you heart rate is below or upper for your present health condition. You will always be notified with your favorite heart rate monitor trackers.

How heart rate monitor works?

It is a device that you need to wear to get the heart rate continuously. It measures and shows the data. When you use a chest strap, the electrode sensors detect each heartbeat and send the data to a receiver display such as a smartwatch, health app, or fitness trackers. You will see the number of beats per minute on the screen. Moreover, heart rate monitors can measure the intensity of your exercise that you want to achieve the target.

Is it worth getting a heart rate monitor?

If you want to establish a specific heart rate zonea top heart rate monitor with a fitness tracker can be very useful. If you love to trace your all-day activity logs, calorie burned, sleep patterns, and all other physical activities, a heart rate monitor can assist you by showing the data. It is fascinating to see how your heart rate was while you were working hard. However, they are not expensive enough to purchase. If you want a personal monitor for your fitness, you can certainly go with any one of our listed products. We always try to review the best products that suit everyone’s budget. Every pick will be money worthy, we assure.


Hopefully, you have got a clear idea about which apple watch compatible heart rate monitor suits your fitness and budget? You know the facts and have the top external affordable options that can provide reliable and accurate data. So, what’s more! Just take action and enjoy your fitness.

We assure you that our picks won’t make you repent at all. Happy Journey!