Best Shoes for SoulCycle – Top 11 Picks That Fits Just Right

Outdoor exercise is sometimes too hard to do not because you are weak or unable. Usually, the reason behind is the fact that you are really busy with regular work and other life activities. Now, most people who have such a crisis would opt for indoor exercise options.

And one of the finest alternatives for such a case is SoulCycle. The indoor cycling scheme is for sure revolutionary and people are getting benefitted.

So today, let’s talk about finding the shoes for SoulCycle to meet your fitness and health recovery journey better than never…

Best SoulCycle Shoes For The Money

SoulCycle Shoes

Without wasting any moments, let’s just sink into the 11 recommendations we have for you. Here are the complete reviews.

1. Tommaso Pista Shoes– Find Best Potential Riding Ever With This One

Why It's Best
Tommaso Pista shoes designed for spin class riders for enjoying performance and value possible. It also makes sure you ride with more potential for better output while riding SoulCycle.

Unlike most SoulCycle shoes reviews, this shoe gives 2 to 3 holes cleats to ensure a better pedaling system. It also comes with dual cleat compatibility for helping spin class uses.

This shoe also comes with durable synthetic leather upper liner with the right amount of padding. It as well allows your feet to get enough comfort for riding all day long.

Besides, it comes with ventilated mesh that helps your feet to stay cool and sweat-free when riding SoulCycle. This thing also assures you to continue the practice for long hour riding.

On the whole, this shoe is an ideal option for those who love riding a bike daily without sacrificing comfort. It also assures a 100% fit guarantee and returns.


  • Great shoe for the price.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • The shoe comes with good accurate sizing.
  • It looks good on the feet.
  • Made of strong quality material.


  • Most buyers don’t like screws and cleats quality.

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2. Fizik R5 Shoes– Get Comfort and Pedaling Strength with This One

Why It's Best
Fizik SoulCycle compatible shoe brand think of comfort at first for their buyer to get better pedaling strength. It also assures you to ride a bike with better pedaling power to run faster.

Made of Microtex material, this shoe ensures you ride a bike with no trouble of quality. It also makes sure you ride a bike without thinking of the peeling issues.

This shoe outsole is made of carbon-reinforced nylon material that assures better durability and walking support. It also makes sure you never face trouble with stability and lifelong support.

Not only that, but this shoe also featured a reflective heel cap which helps greatly to ride well. It as well makes sure you enjoy riding with no trouble of slipping in.

If you want shoes that allow stylish looks and 3 bolt cleat compatibility, then it’s a perfect pick. It also features a BOA IP1 closure system.


  • Easy to fastening system.
  • Clean look with lifelike colors.
  • The carbon sole is very firm.
  • It doesn’t feel uncomfortable on feet.
  • One of the best shoes for cool weather.


  • For wide feet, it isn’t a good option.

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3. TIEM Slipstream Spin Shoe– Women Most Loved Sneaker for SoulCycle

Why It's Best
For the best shoes for SoulCycle, Tiem Slipstream is a must-have option for female riders. It also comes with a slip-on design to simply strap up in your feet whenever in need.

This shoe as well comes with an athletic textile upper which allows your feet to never feel tired whenever riding a bike. It also helps your feet to maintain the same riding speed.

On top, it comes with an SPD cleat assembly and rubber outsole which allow you to ride faster. This thing also assures you to walk around the studio while off the bike.

It’s too suitable for SPD cleats to fit perfectly to connect to the SoulCycle pedals. Yet, the cleats are not free as they need to be brought separately.

In general, it is a sweetie for those who want indoor cycling shoes with a single-strap closure system. This shoe also comes sat accurate sizing to fit well.


  • Simple to set up.
  • Good shoes for spin classes.
  • It is comfortable to ride with.
  • For regular riders, it’s a perfect option.
  • The brand offers good customer service.


  • They don’t include cleats in the package.

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4. Tommaso Strada 100 Shoes– Durable Liner Sneaker for Your Feet All Day Comfort

Why It's Best
Another mention of the Tommaso brand that it features a quality liner to ensure your feet get comfort for the daily ride. It also makes sure you are getting everything needed for spin classes.

Besides, this shoe comes at a reasonable price that allows users to get the best quality. It also ensures you are getting the right features on logical value.

This shoe also comes with versatile options that are good for road and spin class. It is also a perfect blending of comfort and performance to ride well.

On top of it, the brand offers 2 years of manufacturer warranty for their lovely buyers to enjoy better. If their buyers find trouble with shoes, they are free to replace them.

Usually, this SoulCycle shoe is great for you if in need of 100% free fit return and quality assurance. It also includes size chart for you to get.


  • The shoe has a good price.
  • It’s built with high-quality material.
  • The shoe comes with good fitting.
  • For big feet people, it’s a decent option.
  • It has light-weighted design.


  • Unfortunately, they don’t allow color options.

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5. Venzo Bicycle Shoes– 3 Velcro Strap for Easy Wear with This One

Why It's Best
If you want biking shoes, Venzo is the most favorable brand that gives the simplest design. It comes with 3 velcro straps to wear and remove easily just by simply put in and out.

This shoe as well comes with highly breathable mesh that assures free air to go into your feet to feel refreshed. It also helps you when riding SoulCycle for a longer hour.

In addition to this shoe, it comes with a textile with a removable lining sockliner to pedal faster. This thing helps you to pedal comfortably without feeling the need for extra effort.

It also comes with a quick-drying option to simply clean with no need for drying tools. With this option, you are able to wipe the surface and leave it for drying automatically.

This shoe features everything from features to quality for you to enjoy riding SoulCycle. It’s also good for a fast fit and feel.


  • Easy to attach for SoulCycle.
  • It’s snug to wear.
  • One of the coziest shoes for spin classes.
  • The shoes are lightweight.
  • It has an affordable price point.


  • Some buyers don’t like its customer service.

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6. Tommaso Milano Shoes– Casual Sneaker for Increased Power Transfer

Why It's Best
Tommaso Milano Shoe comes with a frank design that ensures your feet to increase the power transfer to ride well. It also helps you to ride faster for making your personal best record.

This shoe on top makes sure you feel comfortable and relaxed when wearing for daily spinning. It also assures you to hop off from your bike to walk at ease.

No wonder of its versatility as the shoe adds power to every pedal stroke with a hidden inner shank plate. This thing also allows you to get comfort and speed.

This SoulCycle shoe also comes with a 100% return policy from the official brand website to have a replacement. They offer products very carefully for their buyers to get the optimal quality.

It is right for you if in need of powerful performance and accurate sizing options. Also, the shoe features a secure heel cup for a cozy fit.


  • The shoes are perfectly synthetic.
  • It gives better power transfer.
  • The quality and price are decent for novices.
  • It is comfortable to wear while spinning.
  • Great option for daily indoor cycle riding.


  • The only drawback is the heel may slip sometimes.

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7. SHIMANO EVAIR Marne Fishing Shoes– High Heel Sneaker to Enjoy Riding in Hot Summer

Why It's Best
From every outlook, Shimano Evair Marine Fishing Shoes are a blessing for riders in hot weather. The SoulCycle spin shoes also make sure you ride well without feeling warm or heated.

It also comes with ultra-light-weighted EVA material that makes your feet feel not painful while riding SoulCycle. This thing on top ensures you to walk freely on any surface.

In our experience, the Evair shoe has a 100% water-free surface which is good for any weather conditions. It’s also good for fishing and boating as an alternative.

This shoe as well comes with a one-piece molded absorbs heel which helps you to get rid of unnecessary shock. It on top keeps your feet away from increasing fatigue with fast pedaling.

Generally speaking, if you like ergonomic shoes that feel cozy to wear and easy to handle, then it’s right for you.


  • It comes with full waterproof surface.
  • Most comfortable shoes for the boat and beach.
  • The shoes are light in weight.
  • Perfect gift for gym lovers.
  • The shoes dried out quickly with no odor.


  • A few buyers don’t find it long-lasting.

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8. Giro Manta R Shoes– Keep Your Feet Cool All Day with This Option

Why It's Best
Giro Manta R shoes come with amazing air flexes designed to keep your feet cool all the time when worn. It also makes sure you don’t feel discomfort when riding in your SoulCycle.

This synthetic shoe comes 6 inches in height and 10 inches in width for big feet persons to wear easily. It also comes with many size options that are accurate and reliable.

Not only that, but the shoe also features 2 hooks and look straps with one ratcheting top belt for a precise fit. It also helps you to get a safe attachment for riding SoulCycle.

This shoe also includes a rubber toe guard to protect you from losing balance issues. It also makes sure you don’t find trouble walking or riding SoulCycle.

On top, the shoe features antimicrobial treatment for environmental support. It’s a good option if you want lasting wear and rugged grip shoes.


  • It has 4 different color options.
  • Get the job done in spin classes.
  • It is easy to switch out.
  • The shoe comes at a decent price.
  • It looks stylish.


  • We would like it more if they improve the sole quality.

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9. Five Ten Freerider Shoe– All Rounder Sneaker for Riding with Traction

Why It's Best
With a cool layout and versatility, Five Ten Feerider shoes give more traction to ride like a pro. It as well makes sure you ride faster with a flat pedal grip than other shoes.

Women’s one of the most favorite shoes for riding SoulCycle features lace closure to feel like an expert. The lace also assures you to simply put in and tie for fitting.

This shoe as well features a Stealth S1 rubber outsole for you to enjoy an unbeatable grip. It also ensures you are having better efficiency when riding SoulCycle at ease.

On top of that, it comes with regular fit and textile lining for riding SoulCycle with no trouble. This thing also assures you to feel cozy when spinning.

For girls who want the regular fit and maximum comfort, this shoe is the best option ever. It also features suede and meshes upper.


  • It helps to pedal faster and efficiently.
  • The shoe is suitable for professional riders.
  • It has lacing style to get good fit.
  • The shoe has good toe box space.
  • It looks killer and helps retain grip.


  • Not good for long hour spin classes.

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10. Five Ten Freerider Pro Shoes– Fast Drying Sneaker to Clean At Ease

Why It's Best
Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes come with 100% waterproof liner and dry out design to use on wet surfaces. It also helps greatly to clean the outline without fearing the quality issues.

This shoe as well comes with an impact resistance design that means it doesn’t affect if it gets hit. It also helps you to never fear if it gets hit or falls from anywhere.

With signature sticky rubber construction, it makes sure your feet feel cozy while pedaling. This thing also helps your feet to get a grip for better riding on SoulCycle.

What’s more? This shoe is liked by many young boys for its durability to perform well even for years. It also assures better pedaling strength for a longer period of time.

This shoe is an amazing investment for men who want unbeatable footing and endure riding. It also comes in lace closure for simple fitting.


  • The shoes include various sizing options.
  • It helps to pedal buttery smooth.
  • Built-in water-resistant material.
  • It is safe to practice for a long-time.
  • Wonderful shoes for trail riding.


  • This shoe isn’t good for heavy rain session.

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Facts to Consider for Picking The Shoes for SoulCycle

Facts to Consider for Picking The Shoes for SoulCycle\

Finding the best SoulCycle shoes needs lots of research to learn details on this topic. Depending on the comfort, design, and features, you can assure good SoulCycle spin shoes. Read down below to find out more.

Pick Shoes Based on the Quality

You should think of the quality before picking shoes for your SoulCycle. Thinking of choosing cheap shoes to save cash will result in regrets. Yet, good quality shoes assure no trouble of peeling or material issues. So, pay attention to the quality of selected shoes for nothing but well.

Go with Built to Last Shoes

Shoes come with reinforced nylon construction to assure lifelong support for your SoulCycle. Most brands offer strong design in toe box and outsole to ensure lasting value. This thing also assures you to ride hard without fearing rip-off issues. So, note that before going shopping.

Choose the Sung One

If you are a regular spin rider, it’s quite vital to think of comfort before anything. Riding most bikes need comfort to be adjusted with good features to trust well. For that, check the laces or straps, mesh, anti-slip surface, liner, and toe box before choosing one.

Inspect the Outsoles of Shoes

Another thing that needed to be checked is the outsoles of shoes for SoulCycle riding benefits. It also should include a good airport, non-skid strips, and 2 to 3 cleats for a better ride. So, pick shoes based on its outsoles.

How to Select the Right Fit?

Most cycling brands draw on the European-style size scale for fitting shoes. To be honest, it’s quite hard to select the right fit of a person as there’s no typical size scale. The commonest thing for learning which shoe is right for you is the comfort of shoes when wearing.

Depending on the comfort of your heel, toes, and midfoot, it’s better to learn the best size for wear. Also, think of your feet’ growth and needed setup like larger or smaller ones before picking. But, don’t go in too large or smaller shoes as it might be hard to ride.

Another important thing to consider is the shoe cleats placing. Fitting cleats in the right position and angle under the balls of your feet ensures no pain in pedaling. For DIY people, put cleats under the thickest part straight on the pedal spindle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to get shoes for SoulCycle?

If you want a perfect ride with better handling, it’s better to go with shoes for SoulCycle. Unlike other indoor cycles, you need clip-on shoes which are important to get for riding SoulCycle. Riding SoulCycle shoes helps riders to ride faster.

How to clean SoulCycle shoes?

To clean SoulCycle shoes, you should gently wipe the area with a damp sponge. Then, use paper or tissue to help the shoes absorb moisture and sustain shape. Don’t forget to clean the outsole with a soft brush. And after that, dry the surface.

What type of shoe is good for SoulCycle?

As SoulCycle needs cleats and clip-on shoes to attach to the pedals, it’s better to consider it before getting one. The SoulCycle shoes are Look Delta and SPD friendly but outdoor ones are not suitable for the job. So, pick based on compatibility.


And that was our complete evaluation of the best shoes for SoulCycle available these days. Hopefully, you would be able to find your ideal pick from these 11 recommendations. And if you can’t still make your mind, there are so many resources available to get yourself capable of making the right decision.

Do your research, think about it deeply, and finally pick the most ideal choice for shoes that will rock your SoulCycle plans. Good Luck!