Garmin Vector 3 Vs 3S – What Happens When Two of The Best Options Clash?

When you are worried about the cycling intensity, the place where you truly need to get your focus on is the right method of gauging that intensity. And it should be from the most powerful readings that happen right at the source.

That’s when you must get interested in power meter pedals. Two of the most popular and hyped options are from the same brand, Garmin. As expected, both of these models are good enough to get you easily confused about which one to pick. We are talking about the ongoing dilemma between the Garmin vector 3 Vs 3s. Today, we plan to sort the complexity in your mind.

Garmin Vector 3 Vs 3S Power Meter Pedal

Garmin Vector 3

Garmin Vector 3S

Sensing Technology
Dual sensing technology Single sensing technology
Tracking Reports
Total power, left or right balance, cadence, and cycling dynamics cadence and total power
Battery Support
4 LR44/SR44 battery for 120 hours of usage 2 LR44/SR44 battery for 120 hours of usage
A sleek & pod-less design Light and classy-looking
Good For
Improved cornering clearance and simple setup Provide greater floating clarity
Price Range
Expensive with quality options Friendly range

###. Overall Best Select- Garmin Vector 3 Pedal-Based Power Meter– Track Your Power Accurately With This One

Unlike others, The Garmin Vector 3 pedals power meter has great measuring comfort to track your power and distance. It on top has a sleek and thin design that allows you to get better clarity and turning comfort. To judge, here are some fine points of Garmin Vector 3 reviews:

Specification of Garmin Vector 3 Pedal-Based Power Meter

Material Composite pedal body
Float System 6 degrees floating system
Spindle Diameter 9/16 inches
Pedal Wrench Type 15mm

This pedal comes with great options and quality feel that make it one and only set. It on top has a quick to set up designs with a 9/16 inches spindle space that allows you to easily fit into the bike easily. This pedal as well allows you to quickly install with no need for professional help.

Though the Garmin Vector 3 price is expensive, it comes with a brilliant tracking system that allows counting your speed, balance, cadence, and others. It on top makes sure you are getting the fastest details of cycling progress daily with the latest and previous updates.

But wait, that is not all. This pedal power meter comes with a fine battery life of up to 120 hours so that you can use it while practicing cycling. It on top makes sure you are using for a longer period of time with no snag. This pedal as well needs an LR44 battery type to work right.

Made out of composite material, this pedal tends to last for a good while with no snag of rust or oxidize. It as well as has a stainless-steel wear plate and spindle that makes sure easy fitting with no breakage. This pedal on top allows you to use in the bike with no wear or tear.

On top of that, this pedal is born light and comfortable to step in for pedaling fine on a longer period of biking. It as well as helps you to get smoother pedaling and tracking at the same time. This pedal power meter also allows you to get a snug feel on the foot while pedaling for hours.

It as well comes with Cycling Dynamic data measurement that makes sure counting pedal strokes while pedaling for improving speed. This pedal on top allows you to get tracking results in the compatible apps with a device.

To sum it up, this power meter pedal is an ideal pick if you want one for road bike & clipless pedal compatible options. It is also good for you to get fine clarity and stack height pedal.


  • One of the finest power meters for expert and semi-pro riders to fit in the cleats.
  • This pedal power meter is great in design to lasts for a longer period of time.
  • It comes with good client service that allows you to get good advice.
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat at a good deal.
  • This power meter is useful and good at measuring power, cadence, and cycling dynamics.
  • It is strong and durable to last against rust, corrosion, and impact damages.


  • This power meter is expensive in range.
  • It takes more time to connect to the Bluetooth and ANT+ connection.

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##. Our Recommended Second Best Option- Garmin Vector 3S Pedal-Based Power Meter– Tough Option To Try Out Now

With reliable and strong construction, the Garmin Vector 3S pedal power meter makes sure long-term usage. It on top makes sure you are using while cycling indoor or outside with a tough and rough feel. So, read down below to meet with the fine points that make it runners up:

Specification of Garmin Vector 3S Pedal-Based Power Meter

Material Stainless steel wear plate & spindle
Floating System 6 degrees floating system
Spindle Diameter 9/16 inches
Pedal Wrench Type 15mm

The Garmin Vector 3S is thin and compact in design that makes sure you are getting fine control and poise while biking on the bike. It on top allows you to get a cool feel on foot to pedal down snugly even in long run. This pedal as well makes sure easy pedaling space to stroke well.

On the face of it, this pedal power meter comes with 1% accuracy on both sides that make sure good stroking power on different road conditions. It as well allows you to get better power and dropouts on any surface. This pedal power meter also helps giving details precise and clear.

Thanks to its ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, you are able to pair with any devices to use apps for getting a good tracking setup. It on top makes sure you are getting good analysis, data sharing, mapping, and others via a wireless link. This pedal also allows using apps with no snag.

And, we don’t stop there. This pedal on top comes with single sensing tech that allows tracking cadence and speed of your ride. It as well makes sure you are improving your body fitness and habit faster by riding. This pedal on top allows you to get power data for motivating your skill.

No wonder of this pedal goodness as it comes with a 105 kg weight capacity to load things while riding. And, this pedal power meter is designed to hold people who are average in weight to carry with no breakage snag. It on top makes sure no trouble of slip or faulty strokes.

Amazingly, this pedal is compatible with Garmin Vector and Look Keo cleats to fit into it while riding the bike. It on top makes sure a 6-degree floating system so that you can turn and twist cozily without harming to your leg or angle. This pedal also helps smooth & quick strokes.

In short, this pedal-based power meter is a fine pick if you want a stronger and smarter option for outside and inside use. It is also good enough to try out for you to progress on riding.


  • The battery support of this power meter is great for long-term usage.
  • This power meter pedal is built with strong material that allows it to survive any crash.
  • It measures the details well enough to get good access.
  • This power meter pedal comes at a reasonable price range.
  • It comes with 1.0% accuracy to show results in a clear record.
  • This power meter pedal is suitable to use Look and SPD cleat hardware to use on cycling purposes.


  • The package doesn’t come with cleat hardware.
  • It shows tracking results in low speed.

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Overall Thoughts

To be honest, both of the models from Garmin are actually very high in quality with fantastic built-in sensors and phenomena accuracy providing. Good enough to keep your rides easy and comfortable every day.

Vector 3 is great with measuring the total power, cadence, left-right balance and of course the enhanced cycling dynamics. It’s slightly better at providing you a versatile and more accuracy depended on performance.

But then again, the affordability of Vector 3s does make it still a great option to go for. The single sensing device will help you amazingly with measuring power on left. Later it goes for the cadence calculation and approximate total power using that.

Ultimately, if you have made your mind on a particular one between these sleek twos, you are already winning.