Stages 105 Vs Ultegra – Which one is preferable?

Do you want to keep track of your bike ride? Hence, you can’t choose between Stages 105 Vs Ultegra, which power meter you want to put your money in purchasing? The power meter is the device setting for power to the bike estimating the output.  Enhancing your ride is always a notable suggestion.

No matter which one you buy, buying advice always gives you a better result. Otherwise, the wrong outcomes take place with the blank head. After determining the frame of the bike, the power meter is the next thing you should focus on while buying or replacing.

Both stages 105 and Ultegra are the market dominators. Regardless of distinction, both power meter fulfills the same work. We understand that takes you indecision. Don’t stress much about that. We will go through in and out of each power meter to choose you over. Ready set go!

A Comparison Between Stages 105 Vs Ultegra

In the battle of Stages 105 Vs Ultegra, let’s focus on the core benefits of both power meters. Stages 105 has developed the degree of cycling capacity. On the other hand, Ultegra stands for the reputation of outstanding performance for general. So, it’s quite tricky to determine which one is the best. Let’s go deep.

Stages 105


Estimating Position
Crank Crank
Source of Power
Battery Battery
Nature of Axle
24 mm which is Hollowtech II 24 mm which is Hollowtech II
The Length of the Crank
70 mm, 172.5 mm, and 175 mm 165 mm, 170 mm, 172.5 mm, and175 mm
Black Grey
Less than Ultegra More than Stages 105
Light Lighter
Durable More durable
Confident in the road riding Top-notch brake and shift
Heavy Materials component Delicate Materials component
Top 3 Models
  1. 105 4iiii Precision PML100-S11D00A-Cycling Training
  2. 105 165mm PML100-S1A00A-Extremely Dependable
  3. 105 4iiii Precision PML100-S11B00A-Tech Compatibility
  1. Ultegra 4iiii Precision B07DFYS2GY– Waterproof Tool
  2. Ultegra Pioneer FC-6800-Estimating  pedaling efficiency
  3. ULTEGRA Power L GEN 3-Amazing Drive

Recommended Pick- Ultegra Review

Ultegra has become a trustworthy double-edged power meter. There is 3rd generation tech which makes it more reliable. The 3rd generation tech elements the previous bugs, like fragile radio and the entrance of water. Therefore, the bug generates material drop. The power meter puts down on the crank. However, the crank has two sides. One is drive and the other is non-drive. Later, the placement of tools is upon them.  The power meter marks the right and left leg weight of the rider.

Determination of Pace

There is an indicator to determine if the pace is good or bad. The device is time trial supportive. Therefore, the power indicator makes it more beneficial. Perhaps, the indication works as a data collector. Hence, the tool is impressive at keeping track.

Effortless Speedy

You cannot enjoy the speed without a power meter. So, this power meter imposes a great value on an effortless ride. The tool will build up your confidence and make it more engaging. You will enjoy both the head and tailwind.

Climbing and Racing

The power meter is useful for both climbing and racing. You can use it in the practice session or the racing time. The achievement will encourage you more. However, the tool will help you to detect the idea of race pattern and make ready for you a good game.

Calculation of CDA

With this power meter, you can enjoy the benefit of calculating CDA. The CDA is an aero drag. This will encourage you to practice even in your slow days. As the tool acts as a timer, you will know your required time and complete it with your session.


  • Great monitoring.
  • Temperature friendly.
  • Firmware improvement
  • Accelerometer upgrade.


  • Unclear left side slightly.

Stage 105 -Review

Stage 105 power meter restores the crank arm of the left side. The power meter contains the battery output for 200 hours. There is +/- 1.5% validity. The tool is lightweight. Therefore, the weight is 15 grams. You can use Bluetooth smart gadgets and ANT+ .with it. The device has the 3rd generation configuration. There are powerful radio antennas. The antennas are 6 times stronger than the older ones. However, the power meter is watches and bike computers friendly. An LED indicator is available to build the correctness.

Consistent Result Accuracy

The power meter provides a consistently accurate result. Therefore, measurement is a key factor during practice or riding. The tools give the result without causing problems. You can know the exact value and work according to the result.

Longevity Performance

Likewise the consistent performance, the power meter engages to long performance. The material is good and serves you for a longer period. However, the device is a regular practice or riding friendly intention to superior service.

Affordable Price

According to price, the power meter follows your budget. The device is worth your money. You can invest your money if you are looking for budget-friendly tools. Hence, you won’t regret it.


  • Simple installation.
  • Full power coverage.
  • Great structure.
  • Reliable use.


  • Available to single brand cranks.

What Should Be Your Choice?

After the observation of Stages 105 Vs Ultegra, both products are useful in their respective fields. The two tools provide excellent service. Hence, there is no major difference except the color and weight. Both follow the same tech.

However, if you like less weight, you can go with Ultegra. On the other hand, if you want to save your money, you can choose Stages 105. The color difference can be an issue. You can go with your possibly favorite colors, black or silver. The choosing factor depends on your taste and your need. You will pick one considering your facts.