SPD Vs LOOk KEO – The Ultimate Battle

Usually people like us, who are new in riding; collect most of the equipment that is not needed. Even professional riders are gear lovers and want the best riding experience. Where it is common for professionals to use various pedals and cleats but for beginners, it’s not possible.

Considering beginners on the mind, SHIMANO and LOOK have brought up some SPD and LOOK KEO’s pedals and cleats to make it manageable for them. But as usual, we all have the same question which one to choose.

To make it easier for you to find out the best pedals and cleats we came up with this guide. By SPD VS LOOK KEO, you will get a clear picture of which one is for you. Let us break down their characteristics with a broad overview for professional and beginner riders.

SPD VS LOOK KEO- Broad Overview

SPD pedals are mostly used for many bikes or cycles and LOOK KEO’s pedals are suitable for road cycling, they both have incredible achievements on pedals and cleats. So let’s have a look at SPD VS LOOK KEO, to know their major differences.

Comparison Table Of SPD VS LOOK KEO



Known For
Two-bolt pedal and cleat Three-bolt pedal and cleat
Platform Material
Chromoly/aluminum; plastic platform Stainless steel
Body Material
Alloy or carbon composite Composite
 For beginners who don’t want high performance For professionals who want high performance
Best For
Spin class bikes, Mountain bikes, and many other cycles High-end road cycling
2-bolts makes an easy connection with shoes 3-bolts makes more stronger connection with shoes
Cleat Type
SPD Keo Grip Cleats
Shimano Look
Top Model
  1. SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain Pedals
  2. Shimano Unisex PD-A530 SPD Road Dual Platform Pedal
  3. SHIMANO PD-EH500 SPD Bike Pedals
  1. LOOK Keo 2 Max Road Pedals
  2. LOOK Keo Classic 3 Pedals, Black
  3. LOOK Keo 2 Max Carbon Road Pedals – Black

We brought to you some top models of SPD and LOOK KEO pedals and cleats to select one for beginners and professionals. So let’s know them and for your kind information, you will get more data about those products by clicking them.

Recommended Pick- SPD

With these Shimano SPD pedals and cleats, you will get a controlling system with a level of better performance. Most importantly you will be able to use regular shoes and it won’t make any changes to the performance of pedals.

So let’s just know some of their other aspects to understand why it is in our proposal pick. Borrow some knowledge for a better pedaling ride.

Comfortable and efficient

With SPD pedal styles, your pedaling experience will be more efficient and comfortable. Recess cleats will help to walk on hard or long surfaces easily.

Reworked in features

They are reworking with their qualities by unifying the transfer power system. Even the single outsole and pedal integrated, and toe clips are also eliminated in newer pedals.

Adventurous modes of riding

Riders can control the riding style whether it is a normal or adventurous mode. This SPD also improves the energy of the pedal and this nature of the pedals gives tremendous performance throughout the ride.

Better control system

Shimano SPD pedals system makes it more relaxed and allows you to handle the system. You can actually monitor your own rides with this pedal.

Mud shedding design

SPD pedal has an accessible binding system that will take the garbage and mud out of the pedalings. This will automatically remove all the dirt without facing any problems.


  • Rideable in regular shoes
  • Lighter weight
  • Accessible to clip in and out
  • Easy to install and adjust


  • Too tight factory settings

Fellow Competitor- LOOK KEO

In the 70s and 80s LOOK KEO had some major problems but fortunately, they overcame those flaws. Presently they are providing high-end performance for professional riders who don’t have any problems with the shoes that creates issues in walking.

LOOK KEO has several more characteristics for updating its features and giving its customers a better ride. Hire this pedal system if you are convinced.

Updated carbon pedals

LOOK KEO has uploaded the carbon pedals that will help to optimize the strength transfer. It will further amplify the comfort level of the riders.

Performance consistency

Whether you are riding by selecting 8 or 12 distance floats, this pedal will remain the same and make consistent performance. Changing will not make any difference with your performance level.

Re-designed Stainless steel

For testing your margins on the road and making you feel confident, they re-designed the stainless-steel plate. By redesigning, it will be appreciated the cleats faultlessly and provide you a safe connection.

Modern slimmed-down design

In their recent pedals, they are giving you the modern slimmed-down design by extending the wide-area and increasing the usable surface extra 25%. This will support you to stabilize the ride and your foot will feel more pleased.


  • Stiff and light
  • Comfortable to clip on and off
  • Great looking with amazing value
  • Easy to install


  • Hard to unclip

What Should Be Your Pick?

Here you get to know about two different types of pedals with great quality and comforts. If you are looking for all-time usable pedals then we will highly suggest you choose SPD instead of Look Keo. Because of the fact that everyone is not a professional rider.

SPD is a very good choice because it is a good fit for your riding experience and although its performance is well worth your money. It is more habitable, even you can walk a long distance with the compatible shoes which came with these pedals. Although you will also be able to use normal shoes and that will not create any difficulty in your ride.

Where SPD is for beginners and all kinds of riders, LOOK KEO is for the professional riders. Its high-quality performance without any problem is undoubtedly the best for skilled riders.