7 Best Batteries For Garmin Vector 3 – Perfect Picks For Garmin Owner

Are you looking for the best batteries for Garmin Vector 3 power meter? Then, you must read this article once.

Garmin vector 3 batteries ensure 120 hours of longevity. So, before that, you must replace the batteries and install a new one so that you don’t fall in any issue to get reading of your pedaling.

Again, in the cycling product, it’s a bit tough to get the sign of faults from battery issues. So, you must do in-depth research before buying to have the right and better product.

However, here we have listed out some of the best Garmin Vector 3 batteries. Some satisfied customers have highly reviewed most of these batteries.

So, read it out and give your vector 3 the perfectly coherent power source.

Best Batteries For Garmin Vector 3

If your pedal needs one battery for each, then you will need one CR1/3N battery for each pedal.  And if your pedal power requires two batteries for each then, you will need two LR44 or SR44 batteries on each pedal.

Before you replace the batteries of your Vector 3, you must know that Garmin recommends changing the cell battery of both pedals. Never mix any types of batteries when you are changing, change all of them at a time.

However, we are presenting here the top 11 best vector 3 battery reviews to have your pedaling without any interruption.

Without delaying anymore, let’s have a glance at them.

1. amVolt LR44– High Performing Cell Battery with Money Back Guarantee

These batteries are compatible with the devices requiring LR44, SR44, AG13, 303, 357, PX76, A-76, AG13, AG14, A613, GPA76, GPA7, GPA75, AG76, GP76A, GDA76, G13A, AG-14, G13A and similar types of required battery.

The batteries of AmVolt are perfect for those who need something reliable and long time servicing. If you buy these packs, you get a set of 24 pcs batteries.

And all the batteries are ultra powered and render high performances. So, why not buy a dozen of the product within the pocket limit and recharge all the small devices.

You can recharge your LED lights, toys, watches, Vector 3 pedals, calculator, small electronic tools, and many more. The battery can provide 1.5 Voltage of power, and all the stuff inside it is environment –friendly.


  • No health hazard stuff like Hg & Pb
  • Three years of life shell
  • Leakage-free
  • Operating temperatures are safe enough
  • Highly capable & reliable cell battery


  • To some customers, the Packaging seems hard to open.

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2. Energizer LR44– Silver Oxide Alkaline Cell Battery

The Energizer battery set comes in a pack of three. These batteries are ideal for devices supporting SR44, SR44W, SR44SW, SP303, SP357, V303, V357, 303, 357, 228, WS14, S05, GS14, GS13, SBA9, and other similar requiring devices.

If you store these Energizer batteries, you can store up to 5 years. So, buy these cell batteries for once and use them whenever you need them. Each battery cell comes in a size of 357/303 and provides 1.5 Voltage of power.

You can use these batteries for your smartwatches, Garmin Vector 3 power meters, toy, calculators, and other similar requiring devices.


  • Mercury-free cell battery
  • Durable battery with an extended shelf life
  • Environment-friendly material made Silver Oxide Cell
  • Operating temperatures are safe enough.


  • Some complaints not to support their devices, so check your device’s requirements before buying.

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3. Energizer A76 LR44– Perfect Battery for Great Value

The batteries are the right tool for replacing your devices that supports LR44, SR44, CR44, 357, G13, AG13, EPX76, PX76, 303, SP303, S303, SR44W, SR44SW, 1166a, 675,  RW82b, etc. types of devices.

Energizer A76 LR44 cell batteries are durable enough and render your tools for a long time.

The cell battery supplies 1.5 Volt of power. Buying these one pack, you can recharge all your minimal tools.


  • No Mercury (Hg)
  • Durable & long-lasting battery
  • Made of eco-friendly stuff
  • Perfectly working battery


  • Discharges over time

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4. DURACELL DL1/3N CR1/3N– Freshest Lithium Battery

Duracell battery set comes three with one in each. You can use it on the devices like Vector 3 or other minimal tools that require DL1/3N or CR1/3N cell batterie.

These are Lithium cells and continuously supply 3.0 Volt power. This battery is usable on Tono-pen XL-Tonometer. So, it’s also a biomedical replacement battery.

The cells come freshest and rated for supplying around 0.16 Ah capacitance.


  • Flawless power supply
  • Reliable & fresh product
  • No corrosion when stored
  • Reasonable price with a reputed manufacturer


  • Can not work on the devices that need more than 3 Voltage

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5. Duracell 2L76– Some Smart Technology Included Battery

Some Garmin Vector 3 pedals need one 3V battery on each pedal. So for those pedal power meter, you can have this premium quality battery.

It has a high density of energy. And the cell also has a more comprehensive operating temperature limit.

These batteries of DURACELL comes with some advances in battery performances. The cell battery performs under a superior type of low temperature. So, no tension for any exploitation of the material inside.


  • Highly extended life shelf
  • Remains fresh up to ten years
  • Perfect for continuous draining performances
  • Nicely stays for years if you take good care


  • Technology may fail sometimes once and a while

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6. Viridian CR1/3N– Strongest Tactical Battery with Extended Shelf Life

The battery is the best vector 3 battery that uses one on each pedal.  It provides 170 milliamps of power. And you will find the cell running for a longer time comparing others.

Oh! The significant part comes here. This battery renders around a shelf life of 15 years. And yes, the materials are eco-friendly and made as recyclable designed.

Viridian tactical powerful batteries come in a pack of four. You can use them not only for Vector3 power meters but also in laser lights, glucose monitors, weapon mounting lights, calculators, toys,  flashlights, and other CR1/3N supported devices.


  • Wrapped design helps in perfectly insulating
  • provides 30% more energy than other cell batteries
  • No harmful chemicals & you can recycle also
  • Advanced Lithium technology
  • You can trust the performances even under fire


  • May need to remove the wrapping for some devices.

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7. Maxwell LR44(A76)– Proper Sized Alkaline Battery

It is an Alkaline battery with long time durability. The diameter of this cell is 11.6mm, and its thickness is  5.4mm.
It is compatible with LR44 cell supporting devices such as small electronics Vector 3, calculators, watches, etc.
It provides the device with a high level of capacity. You get the package comes with ten batteries. And all the batteries supply excellence of continuous power performance.


  • Durable primary type cell battery
  • Effective to work in any temperature
  • Top shaped battery
  • Convenient package for further storage


  • Does not work on all devices

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8. SKOANBE AG13 LR44– Eco-Friendly Battery with Continuous Voltage Supplement

If you need batteries for the tools that require LR44, SR44, CR44, SR44W, G13, AG13, 675, A76, PX76, A-76, SR44SW, RW82B, EPX76, and such other tools, this is choosable.

This set of batteries comes ten pcs in a pack. And you will get the fresh batteries ever. These batteries can supply 1.5 Volt power. And the excellent performing criteria in voltage providing of the battery makes it preferable to all.

The battery contains no harmful chemicals like Mercury and Lead. You can use these batteries on Vector 3 pedals without any doubt and other small electronic tools.


  • Earth-friendly material made
  • No Hg & Pb
  • Durable & ideal for versatile use
  • Five years of Shelf life
  • Sealed with non-leakage technology


  • Less familiar brand

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9. Vinnic 357 SR44– Long-Lasting Battery Than Other Cheap Branded One

The batteries from Vinnic are Silver Oxide made. But it is more durable than that of Alkaline coin cells.  You can use this battery for any SR44, SR44W, 357 requiring batteries.

The batteries work perfectly fine. And you will be amazed to know that its a price worthy item than other cheap branded product service.

The battery supplies 1.5 Voltage of power. Battery set comes in a package of 10 cell batteries.


  • Works as your expectation
  • Works longer than the cheaper Alkaline cell batteries
  • Great batteries


  • Must use before the expiration date

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10. Duracell LR44 Duralock– Widely Used Small Alkaline Battery

The batteries from Duracell Duralock gives such an incredible power supply. It is an Alkaline battery providing 1.5Voltage of power.

You can use these batteries on any minimal electronic devices like calculator, watches, toys along with the Vector 3 pedals.

These batteries are coin-shaped cell batteries. The diameter of the battery is 11.6 mm. And you get a 5.4mm thick battery. You can find these batteries with an expanded period of life.


  • Great capacity primary battery
  • Ideal for general use
  • Trust-worthy for its Voltage supply
  • Works fine


  • Perfect size to swallow, so keep away from children
  • Seems to discharge even a few millimetres loosen

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11. LiCB 20 Pcs Pack– CE & ROHS Certified A Grade Battery

LiCB batteries are perfect for the devices requiring LR44, SR44, CR44, 303, 357, AG13, SR44W, A76, G13, SR44SW, S357, L1154, SP303, RW82B, EPX76, PX76, GP76A, V13GA.

These batteries have been tested under verified strict control qualities. So, you can have the full belief to use it. Each cell is 11.6mmx5.4mm in size. Each of them can supply 1.55 Voltage. And the battery has a lifetime of 3 years.

The batteries are Alkaline batteries. Also, you get 0% of Hg and Pb. So, no harmful chemicals inside to be afraid of any dangerous incidents. These small cell batteries are proper ones for using on watch, calculators, toys, medical devices, laser pointers, small electronics stuff, etc.


  • Stable supply of voltage
  • Mercury & Lead-free
  • Leakage-Proof
  • Great product within a reasonable price
  • Use of environment-friendly material

Available On Amazon

Factors to Consider Before Buying Batteries For Garmin Vector 3

Factors to Consider Before Buying Batteries For Garmin Vector 3

Well, to get the best batteries for Garmin Vector 3, you must need some research. Garmin power pedals have some battery recommendations and requirements.

Apart from these, you should be sure of the battery quality and the facts that need to fit with your pedals rightly.

So, don’t get finished with the vector 3 battery reviews only. Have some patience. And read further to know the facts so that you don’t get the headache of faulty and wrong product.

Battery Requirements

When you are purchasing batteries for your Vector 3 pedals, the battery requirements are the first thing you must consider. Decide first whether you need the LR44/SR44 types or the CR1/3N types.

Battery Size

Be sure of the battery size before purchasing. Garmin Vector 3 needs the coin-sized cell batteries. The thickness of the battery should be 5.4mm.

Shelf Life

Make sure you have checked the shelf life. It cites the durability time of the batteries—the more extended shelf life meaning a longer period of running ability.

Insider Materials

Battery materials are very crucial to check. There are two remarkable types of use of battery materials. The Alkaline one and the other one is the Silver Oxide.

If any battery consists of other than this stuff or not check properly, otherwise, the cells composed of quality-less materials can explode in usage sometimes.

Reliable Supplier

Who is the supplier, it’s also essential to check. Any random supplier can betray you by sending replica products. So make your purchase from the reliable, well-branded suppliers.

How to Fix Garmin Vector 3 Battery Problems

How to Fix Garmin Vector 3 Battery Problems

Sometimes it might happen that you have changed the vector 3 batteries but still not working. Well, worry, not. We have some tips here for you depending on few cases.

  • While changing the batteries, you may find two black colour square shaped rubber tapes like an electrical tape in the battery casing. It may come out while removing the old cells.
  • Check it.  If taken out then, put a new one shaped as 5mmx5mm or more extensive than this.
  • Always use an Allen key or 4mm hex key to open the battery cap.
  • Never tighten the cap key too tight. Over tightening can break the ring supporting inside the battery case.
  • Never use two different types of batteries or new batteries with old ones. When you are changing cell batteries, change both sides and all the batteries.
  • You can clean the inside area with alcohol or water and dry out properly before placing a new battery.
  • Use some baby oil or mineral oil inside with a toothpick or earbuds. It will prevent the batteries from any corrosion with each other and with the battery contact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I replace LR44 batteries with SR44 one?

Yes, You can. It won’t damage your devices. Generally, the LR refers here for Alkaline, whereas SR refers to Silver Oxide use.

Which One is better Alkaline or Silver Oxide?

Both are perfectly well enough. The difference is a minor. Comparing to Alkaline, Silver oxide batteries provide an operating Voltage of high performance.

Are these batteries rechargeable?

No, all of these batteries mentioned in this content are not rechargeable.


In this article, you will get to know about 11 best batteries for Garmin Vector 3  that will power up your pedalling with the right fit. Besides these, you will get the info regarding fixing issues. And some essential facts mentioned here will ease your trouble you may face in the purchase.

So read it now and provide your Vector 3 perfect source of power.