StairMaster Vs Treadmill | Climbing Stairs or Walking?

Climbing and walking both are good types of cardio exercises which will raise your heartbeat rate through StairMaster or Treadmill. You can prefer a StairMaster for climbing and a Treadmill for walking. Instead of going outside for walking or climbing stairs you can practice your exercise on them.

In the StairMaster, the duration and speed of climbing are set according to the need. A Treadmill allows walking even run at any speed. You will find the climbing easy if you are used to running. But if you are practicing walking than it will be weary to do your exercise in the StairMaster.

In this article, we will provide some fruitful information and comparison about StairMaster vs Treadmill on which basis you will be benefited from your cardio exercise.

Compare the Features Between StairMaster vs Treadmill

StairMaster and Treadmill both are good for the physical workout but the uses make them different from others. Know the comparative features of both of them.

Workout on the StairMaster

 Workout on the Treadmill

Planned exercise
There is a screen to set the age, weight, preferred heart rate, and speed. The screen can show the time, energy and heart rate.
Cardio benefits
Climbing provides more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. Walking or running reduce stress and pump more oxygen-rich blood to the vain.
Burn calories
A 30 mins activity of climbing can burn 180 pounds calories for a person. Burn more calories than climbing. A 30 mins running can burn 240 pounds calories for the same person.
Health condition
Reduce high blood pressure and joint pain on the knees. Reduce high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Improve bone density.
Reduce the stress level and make the mind positive. Release depression and anxiety and make mind positive.

StairMaster for swift climbing

Stairmaster is a fitness exercise machine that allows one to climb up. Climbing is good for lower body muscles. The duration and speed are set according to the need of a person. There are two types of StairMaster, one is climber type and the other is mill type.

Treadmill for walking and running

A treadmill is a machine of losing weight through a walk or run. It’s also effective for practicing race. It’s a moving platform with a wide conveyor belt powered by electronic motor or flywheel. There are medical Treadmills also which are connected with many medical diagnoses and therapeutic devices.

More Elaborate Info About StairMaster and Treadmill

StairMaster and Treadmill offer you two types of exercise and you can vary your requirements to the machines. Know the actual uses and differences of the machines to perform your exercise correctly.

1. Provide Customize Planned Exercise

The StairMaster has buttons (start, stop and pause) for safely use. You can insert your age, weight, preferred heart rate and set your speed. You can adjust your interval time to control your exercise. It shows the calories burn, resistant level and programs on the screen. In the stepper, there are quick forcing steps and the step mill has a rolling stair set. You will find the freedom to exercise anytime at any state.

The Treadmill has a screen also to show the workout options and safety features. You can set the control panel depending on your fitness level. Set your preferred speed and slope, a certain amount of time and energy, you will find your heart rate on the monitor. The fitness trackers also help you to plan your exercise.

2. Cardio Benefits from Head to Toe

Stair climbing is a good exercise for the heart and lungs of a person. It is effective for those who don’t run every day. The climber StairMaster has two food stops that are pulled by a chain and you can shift your body weight from one step to another step. The mill StairMaster provides the facility to climb like walking. It enhances the heart and lungs that they turn stronger and pump more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. A 30 minutes session five days a week can stronger your lower body part.

A treadmill is beneficial for walking or running in the same place. Generally, it is easy to run on the soft surface than climbing steps. It reduces stress levels and pumps oxygen-rich blood in vain. You can set your duration and make a plan of your walking. 20-60 minutes of walk-in five days a week can provide you a good and healthy heart.

3. Burn the Calories Through Workout

A StairMaster is a machine of mixed cardio and resistant quality. It is good for the lower part of the body.  It gives more strength and burns more calories according to the weight of a person. A fast climb with heavyweight will burn more calories than the less weight person. In 30 minutes of activities, a 125 pounds person will lose 180 pounds calories and 185 pounds person lose 266 pounds calories.

The Treadmill burns more calories than StairMaster because is a pure cardio machine. It is good for losing weight. In 30 minutes, 5mph running exercise a 125 pounds person will loss 240 pounds calories. Of course, the heavyweight will burn more calories.

4. Strength Benefits of a Body

The StairMaster requires balance at the time of pumping and climbing legs. It makes strong the core muscles, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, stronger the quadricepshamstrings, and glutes. It’s also strong the calves while you climb on steps or hills.

A Treadmill will increase your inner strength and build muscles stronger. It improves your joint flexibilities which reduces the risk of bone disease and arthritis at the old age. A regular workout of walking or running will solid your hip, legs, and arms.

5. Improve Health Condition

Climbing exercise on a StairMaster can reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Regular workout helps to control blood sugar levels and joint pain on knees. Stair climbing improves the shape of the lower portion of the body.

TreadMill helps to burn more calories without any risk. You can easily lose 100 calories on every mile running activities. Your bone density will improve and the risk of osteoporosis will go. It is a pretty good option for quick weight loss. The regular exercise will reduce high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

6. Motivational Benefits for Mental Health

StairMaster makes you climbing. During climbing the body releases endorphins which reduces the stress level and feels mind good. The upward climbing will make your mind positive. You can practice your climbing with the rhythm of the music.

The Treadmill allows you to run. Running is a better motivational exercise for the brain and you feel happy during your exercise on the Treadmill. It helps to release depression and anxiety.

There are some drawbacks found in Stairmaster and Treadmill which you should know for your health issue. It is important to conscious about the cons of the two machines to avoid unwanted situations.

Cons of StairMaster

  • It is hard for beginners who are uncoordinated for climbing.
  • Sometimes it’s weary to climb upright.
  • Upper body parts may face problems. So it will be wise to consult a doctor before climbing in the StairMaster.
  • There is a risk of injury for the anti-gravitic climbing.

Cons of Treadmill

  • It is tough to stay moving on a Treadmill.
  • Difficult for the beginners because you don’t get a sudden break.
  • The older style Treadmill doesn’t provide the best workout.

StairMaster vs Treadmill- Chose the Perfect One  According to Your Need

If you want to burn more calories than StairMaster will provide you much exercise. It is hard to work out in a Stairmaster than Treadmill. It gives you the alternative choice of walking which is more efficient. It strengthens the lower body part and legs. On the other hand, Treadmill is a good machine for losing weight. If you are preparing yourself for a race like 5k, the Treadmill will be your daily trainer. You can practice marathon also.


In the end, you have to decide about your exercise and chose your machine. It is important to consult with your doctor before practicing any exercise. We hope your conflict between StairMaster vs Treadmill will erase after reading this article.