Biostrap Vs Whoop – Choose the Best One!

Nowadays, there are tons of health tracker options on the market. Biostrap and Whoop are the well-known fitness trackers among those.

Are you swinging to choose in Biostrap vs Whoop? Haven’t panic. Go over this review.

Our review will be going to support you for solving this difficulty. We present here the necessary data and descriptions in the relation between Biostrap vs Whoop.

Explanation of Biostrap Vs Whoop

Generally, Biostrap and Whoop both bid in heart rate monitoring and step counting trackers. There are some differences between them. Read the below:


Biostrap is the world’s most progressive health wearable and sleeps only king platform. It is one kind of full-body fitness tracker. Biostrap assists in counts your steps, monitorings your sleep.

Moreover tracks your resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation.


Whoop brand has provided the highest level of wearable tech that designed to count heart rate monitoring, sleep, recovery, and more. It is only concerned about biting the data.

Whoop’s accompanying app gives the most in-depth research of your fitness data that is available to the everyday workout.

The Compare and Contrast About Biostrap Vs Whoop



Biostrap is a prominent wearable tech brand. Whoop is a well-known fitness tracker brand.
Biostrap offers better frequent discounts and promotions than Whoop. Whoop’s brand recognition is better than Biostrap.
It contains an overall score of 3.6 based on six ratings. It has an overall score of 3.7 based on 32 ratings.
The Biostrap can perform the following measures (Only every 10 minutes):
  •  Blood oxygen saturation
  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Respiratory rate
  • Sleep calculation
  • Personalized inspirations
  • Record 100+ workouts
Whoop can perform the following measures (100 times per second):
  • Heart’s beats per minute
  • Heart Rate variability (HRV)
  • Electro-dermal activity
  • Ambient temperature
  • 3D acceleration

More Specification About- Biostrap

 Product Details

 Biostrap is one kind of famous brand that offers you, full fitness trackers. The major Biostrap products are Biometric set (includes Wristband), Total Health Set (includes Wristband and Shoepod), Fitness Set (includes Wristband, Shoepod, and Armband HRM).

Moreover, Wristband Strap, Armband HRM, and Chest Strap HRM are also Biostrap products. It comes with two or three days of battery life.

Cost of products

 If you are searching for biometric general sleep data, select the ‘ Biometric Set’ cost for $175 and contains the Wristband by itself.

Or, if you are looking to exercise tracking and counting sleep data, opt  ‘Total Heath Set’ to cost $250  and comes with a foot-worn sensor.

‘Fitness Set’ is another Biostrap product that add-on Shoepod, Wristband, and Armband HRM. The cost of this set is $320.

Moreover, Wristband Strap’s price is $30, and Armband HRM’s price is $95.


 Biostrap captures over 2000 heartbeats every 24 hours. It exemplifies an excellent set of gadgets to quantify the body.

This wearable fitness tracker introduced you to new features and exciting devices. However, the price point an the quality of Biostrap products are better than Whoop.

Every brand has a strength and weakness viewpoint. It is the first and foremost task to justify brand quality before buying products.



Highly sophisticated iOS and Android. Short battery life.
All-day tracking your HR, HRV, Sleep, and respiration percentage. Not creative design.
Provide you wireless charging.
Represent daily comeback score.
Detailed sleep and pulse PDF format.

More Specification About- Whoop

Product Details

Whoop first made its tools ready to consumers in November 2016 that includes a Whoop strap 2.0. It provides you those sensors which collect data 100 per time per second. But it’s battery life is not good.

In May 2019, Whoop broadcasted the third and latest version of its Strap 3.0. It provides you the essential fitness trackers. It allows five days of battery life and other exciting aspects.

Cost / Price

Whoop first had to knock down to enjoy $500 starting price. The current subscriptions cost $30 per month. Whoop’s cost details are below:

  • Six months membership: $30 per month ($180 in total)
  • Twelve months membership: $24 per month ($288 in overall)
  • 18 months membership: $18 per month ($324 in whole)
  • Lifetime membership: $399 one time payment ( only available for founding members)


Whoop guidance you the perfect accommodation between comfort and function. Not only Whoop supports you to pick the training days and rest days based on data but also assists you in unexpected regions.

Though many trackers record your heart rate during activities, Whoop is more valid than others.

However, this app also participates in counting how many burns on your body.



Count your resting heart rate as well as your heart rate variability. No smart notification or display.
Analyze your stress score and sleep performance and other data. No stage counting system.
Keep updated on day-to-day information.
The whoop strap is waterproof.
Five days of battery life.


Above discussion, you have already reaped the proper guidance about Biostrap vs Whoop. We tried to present here in-depth information on this topic.

Now, it’s your switch to choose the best one. Before purchasing, you should justify the product’s overall quality.