Nobull Vs Metcon – Which CrossFit Will Win Your Preference?

Need to buy a pair of CrossFit shoes? Here, you have the two best options, Nobull and Metcon. All you have to do is just to know about their characteristics according to your priorities.

Nobull and Metcon (Nike) are designed for stiff CrossFit WOD workout both for men and women. These are multifunctional, lightweight and form-fitting which will give comfort to a wearer. The material used in the shoe is light to the feet and breathable for heavy activities.

Know the descriptions, features, drawbacks, and prices of the shoes and make your everyday exercise speedy to choose between Nobull vs Metcon.

Some Comparing Features Between Nobull Vs Metcon

Nobull and Metconare the best quality exercise shoes in 2019 and still have their realm in the market. The comfortable outsole, durable material, lightweight, cushioning flexibility and affordable price all make them more essential among the athletic shoe world. But there are some differences also which are varied from each pair of shoes. If you are looking for something exceptional you must need the comparing features of the shoes.

Nobull CrossFit WOD shoe

Metcon CrossFit WOD shoe

Fabric of the shoe (synthetic)
SuperFabric (upper layer) & Mesh (base) Flyknit
The midsole has a small cushion. Lightweight foam cushioning.
Mash base layer
100 %. 360-degree protection of the upper level. 100 %. 360-degree protection of the upper level.
Removable heel
No removable heel is added. Tiny heel added. 8mm (man) & 6mm (woman)
Sole of the shoe
Flat Rubber sole. Flat Rubber sole. A plastic clip is set the underfoot for smooth use.
Waterproof quality
Waterproof upper. Waterproof coating.
Suitable workout
Lift, jump, climb, slide, grind and CrossFit run. Lift, squat, jump, power-cleaning, wall balls, climb and CrossFit run.

More About- Nobull CrossFit shoe

It is necessary to choose a perfect pair of shoes for daily exercise. Here Nobull can be a good choice. Nobull is famous for heavy weightlifting, powerlifting, and box jump. The shoes are so stylish that you can use them in general wearing. The outsole, midsole and the upper are made of best quality elements. Here the supreme qualities are presented for you.

1. First-rate outsole and midsole makes Nobull sturdy

The rounded outsole of Nobull is highly applicable for a heavy workout. This design is made with rubber material and special for weightlifting and powerlifting. The thin and flat outsole gives a wearer enough room to spread the toes and a good range of motion. The midsole has a marginal cushion made of foam. The carbon plating used on the sidewall of the shoe gives it a durable quality. These qualities are good for Box jumps and run.

2. Lightweight “SuperFabric” material of Nobull’s own design

The top layer of the shoe is made of “SuperFabric” which is very tough and has a “guard plate”. It protects the fabric from any sharp instance. The high-quality mesh fabric gives comfort and support to the ankles of a wearer. It is breathable and frivolous even on your foot can’t notice its existence. The “SuperFabric” gives a relaxing mood on the time of heavyweight exercises which is better than any other trainer’s shoe.

3. Comfortable upper aids the feet

The upper of the shoe is padded and secure the foot throughout the usage. It allows the wearer to move around easily. The upper uses durable fabric to made and have the quality to last a long time. This shoe gives a good effort for a long period even on strenuous exercise.

4. Multifunctional with the sense of security

The shoe is made of highly abrasive waterproof materials. So you don’t need to worry about its stability and any splash of water can’t get through on it. The midsole is slightly firm to avoid the shifty experience. The high-top design and “Superfabric” ensure secure feeling to the wearer in their shoe.


  • very lightweight.
  • Nobull is tough also, so you can complete any CrossFit WOD workout.
  • Flat sole gives a stable feeling during exercise.
  • Natural materials on sole make comfortable feel.
  • It has a sock-liner.


  • Sometimes this shoe requires less durability.
  • Not suitable as a regular running shoe.

More About- Metcon (Nike) CrossFit WOD

Nike Metcon is a bit heavier than Nobull. The excellent quality of cushioning and TPU knit gives it a comfortable friendly feeling. It has many versions like Metcon 4, Metcon 5, Metcon react and so on. Rubber sidewall helps in rope climbing and a plastic clip on underfoot makes the wearer easy to join any jump work. Have a look at some sites of the shoe.

1. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) infused knitted upper

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) infused knit or Flyknit is also known as battle knit. It is a digital lightweight knit process which is used in Metcon and gives a breathable and comfortable touch. It results also lightweight feel.

2. Flat heel with a removable Hyper lift

Metcon of its low and flat rubber sole provides the wearer a pair of the tiny heel which is removable also. You can insert them into your weightlifting exercise. It will add an additional 8mm high heel for the man and 6mm high heel for the woman.

3. Rubber sidewall for rope climb

A rubber sidewall is used in the shoe’s upper level to prevent slipping. It gives confidence during the rope climbs and another climbing exercise.

4. Wider toe space for CrossFit run

This shoe has a wide toe box for comfortable movement of toes. Though it has wideness to movement, it is not so stiff for a run. You could complete your 100-meter sprint or 800-meter sprint of CrossFit workout easily and securely.


  • Metcon is less lightweight than Nobull.
  • The stable platform gives the feeling of connection to the ground.
  • Strong Flywire cable is used in the shoelace.
  • Metcon React has a quick pull lacing system which is also known as Ghostlace.


  • Metcon is slightly heavy.
  • Not suitable as a regular running shoe.

Nobull And Metcon, Which One Should I Pick?

Nobull is famous for its simple design and lightweight. The “SuperFabric” makes it comfortable to the wearer. These shoes are very beneficial for weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit run. You can use it as your regular activities also. You need to cost around $129 from Amazon. Nike Metcon is a bit heavy but durable to use. These shoes are famous for rope climb, squat and CrossFit run. The rubber sidewall and plastic clip on the sole make it sturdy to the user. Its price is a little bit high, around $129 – $209 from Amazon. You should choose your shoe according to your CrossFit workout.

Final Words

Nobull and Metcon both are good shoes for exercise. You can do your daily gym activities by them. If you are looking for something special, then read through the whole article. We wish your all confusion between Nobull vs Metcon will eradicate completely.