Shimano 105 R7000 Vs 5800 – See Which One Wins?

Shimano has brought some esthetic technology to the groupset. Shimano 105 R7000 and 5800 models are one of them. Due to similar brand products, it is fair enough getting a head spin. Don’t worry. You are in the right place, giving peace to your brain.

So the Shimano 105 R7000 VS 5800? Let’s get the core difference. One is updated, the other is not. The question is whether this change creates the same value for customers? Years after years, the brand offers an achievable goal and presents the economy techs for the road journey.

Considering the terms of observation and machinery, Shimano has introduced the models to keep pace with recent times. The impressive fact is over the years, 105 group sets serve as a companion to the riders. We are going to find out.

A Comparison Between Shimano 105 R7000 Vs 5800

The brand has resettled fulfillment, which brings a significant difference. In the battle of Shimano 105 R7000 VS 5800, we try to understand how they work. Shimano 105 5800 equals the same speeds to the braking energy with greater arms control. On the other hand, Shimano 105 R7000 sets out the helpful group sets for the new riders to have a challenging ride. Let’s determine the primary differences.

Shimano 105 R7000

Shimano 105 5800

Newer version. Old age Version.
Cassette Proportion
11 to 28, 11 to 30, 11 to 32, 11 to 34
and 12 to 25.
11 to 32, 11 to 28, and 12 to25.
Compatibility with classical front derailleur devices. Compatible to ancient front derailleur devices.
Control Over
More control over. Less control over.
 Bulkier. Bulky.
Hydraulic Brake
Possess a hydraulic brake genuinely. No own hydraulic brake.
Small scale hoods Large scale hoods.
Hands Adjustment
Wide range of hands adjustment. Shrink range of hands adjustment.
Crank Proportion
50 to 34, 52 to 36, and 53 to 39. 50 to 34, 52 to 36, and 53 to 39.
Crank Extent
170 mm. 172.5 mm, and 175 mm. 170 mm. 172.5 mm, and 175 mm.
Top 3 Models
  1. Shimano R7000 All season-Easy Install
  2. Shimano R7000 Caliper Road  Set-Dynamic Braking System
  3. Shimano R7000 Crank Se-Power Exchange
  1. Shimano 5800 Road Foot-Feed-Lighter Pedals
  2. Shimano 5800 Road Group Set-Subtle Gadgets
  3. Shimano 5800 Crank Set-Durable for Longer Period

Recommended Pick- Shimano 105 R7000 Review

Shimano 105 R7000 has notable service.  Ultegra coverage for the protection of glazing and black chainset. The concluding demonstration brings the resourceful aspect of riding. However, the repositioning of the inside ring lowers the risk of cross-chaining. As a result, an extraordinary ride is possible. The levers and hoods group set both are so functional to control. Besides, the inclusion of the chamfered top is for comfortable gripping.

Dual Regulation systems

There are dual regulation systems in levers. The updated version redesigns the levelers. However, the pieces of machinery are transferable but concise.  Even noticeable changes in the shape of the levelers. Also, a rubber cover is surprisingly a benefit.

Rear and Front Derailleur

The rear derailleur is more engaging than the earlier version. That acts as a protector and lessens the risk of accidents.  The layout is suitable for straight mount shapes. Furthermore, the Front Derailleur takes advantage of a cam positioning to turn on the shift. The addition of cable is for customization screws.

Balanced Brake

A pivot form of a balanced brake is in the groupset. The brake is adjustable to mount outlines. There is a space for 28mm tires. The use of rim brakes makes up to the mark. However, the modulation of rim brakes is convincing and comfortable. The performance of the brake is over-all outstanding.

Lightweight Crankset

The updated Crankset proceeds to balance in the groupset. A lightweight crankset uses a similar bar diameter to exchange efficiently. However, the R9100 and R8000 both follow 146mm.  Shimano provides a 24mm-diameter axis alternative. The Crankset profoundly joins the tire endorsement.


  • Excellent capability.
  • Prominent design.
  • Inclusive gears.
  • Impressive handlebar.


  • Comparatively less gravitas.

Other Review- Shimano 105 5800

Shimano 105 5800 has multiple chainsets. The design is 4 arms Hollowtech II restoring the 5 arms outline. However, the chainset is strong. The group sets to broaden the structure all the edge of the chainring arena to enhance the firmness ratio. There is a diameter of indenture. The chainset manipulates the diameter and the conventional dual-chain sets. Besides, a single crank arm goes with the entire chainring dimension. Two colors are available in the market.

Sturdy Materials

The materials are so hard and durable. The group sets can run in the dusty moist or the rough condition. Moreover, the user-friendly nature keeps discipline under the section.

Progressive Tech

There is progressive tech for high performance. An extended enforcing arm increases the riding.  The braking system is good even the inside plates cables are tech-friendly.

Disc Brake Computability

A hydraulic disc brake is in the group sets. The brake is suitable for users. However, the brake materials are solid and good for tough situations.


  • Standard Value.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Fantastic Shifting.
  • Potential racing capacity.


  • A little bit heavier.

What Should Be the Perfect Choice for You?

In the battle of Shimano 105 R7000 VS 5800, we can see R7000 is the pro version. R7000 brings some updated useful features to make it even more productive.

The updated version is indeed beneficial. However, if you think those features are not a major issue to you, you can stick to Shimano 105 5800. On the contrary, if you think you need the updated version to upgrade the ride, you can go with Shimano 105 R7000.