How to Sync Fitbit to Apple Health – 8 Simple Steps for You

Apple health app does an excellent job of monitoring your physical condition by tracking all the data whenever you perform any physical activities. Do you want to know how to sync Fitbit to apple health?

If you got your Fitbit, you might have tried to sync it with your iPhone’s health app. But there is no way to connect the Fitbit with apple health directly.

No worries because in this article we are going to present you 8 simple steps about how to sync Fitbit to Apple health so that you can successfully sync the Fitbit with the apple health and get an overall overview of your activities.

Before Starting Learn a Little More About the Sync Solver

Well, before getting started with the steps, learn a few more things so that you can perfectly sync Fitbit with the apple health.

To sync at first, you need to install a new app in your iOS that will create a gateway so that you can get all the data from the Fitbit in your apple health.

Sync Solveris the app that will allow you to sync Fitbit with apple health along with that it will grab all the data from your Fitbit account.

But remember, it is not a free app, so before installing this Sync Solver app, you need to buy it from the app store. Please do not bother; it will cost you about four to five dollars. So let’s get started with the steps.

How to Sync Fitbit to Apple Health

If you want to learn about the process of how to sync Fitbit to apple health in that case, you can follow our eight simple steps, which are given below.

Step 1: Go to the App Store

At first, you need to go to the app store from your iPhone’s menu, as shown in the figure below.

Step 2: Find Sync Solver for Fitbit

Now from in the app store search for Fitbit and after that go to the Fitbit’s official app, you will find a separate app there named Sync Solver for Fitbit. Tap on to it.

Or you can directly search for the Sync Solver for Fitbit in the app store and buy the app.

Step 3: Tap Sync Now to Connect to Fitbit

Now open the Sync Solver app, and it will be asking for your permission to send notifications press ok button then a new page will appear as shown in the figure below.

On the page, you will find a section containing tap sync now to connect to Fitbit so tap on the sync now option.

Step 4: Tap Continue to Proceed to the Next Step

After pressing the sync now option a new message box will pop up as shown in the picture below. You have to do is to press the continue option so that you can complete this step successfully.

Step 5: Turn All Categories On

After completing the previous step, your health app will open up so here you have to turn all categories on so that sync solver can get access to your health app entirely.

Step 6: Log-in to Your Fitbit Account

Now, this sync solver app will be redirected to the Fitbit app, as shown in the figure below. Fill the empty box with your email address and write down your password then press the allow option so that you can log-in to your Fitbit account.

Step 7: Allow Sync Solver to Get Info from Fitbit

After completing all the previous stages now, the sync solver will ask for permission so that it can successfully track all the data from the Fitbit as shown in the image below. Tap the allow button to proceed to the next step.

Step 8: Complete Syncing

When you press the allow option, then your iPhone will want you to open the sync solver app you need to press the open option so that you can complete the syncing process.

Now you will get all your Fitbit data on your health app, and thus you will be able to monitor your physical conditions as well.

Whenever you want to update your health app with the Fitbit’s data, all you have to do is to go to the sync solver and press sync now option.


We are hoping that you find this entire content quite helpful for yourself and all your queries have come to an end because following these eight simple steps you can successfully learn the method of how to sync Fitbit to apple health.

Use Fitbit whenever you are working out and get all the data from the Fitbit on your health app.