Garmin 245 Vs 645 – Which One Represents Best Value Finally?

garmin 245 vs 645

Garmin is having a pleasing moment right now with its upsurging popularity for providing some of the best music smarts and more. And the partial contributors to this hype are Forerunner 245 Music & 645 Music. The latter one being pricier, both actually deliver some of the most user-friendly and latest features. And so, it’s hard to make a final call on one certain option.

To make your confusion go away and help you with the choice-making, we’ve designed this review-based comparison on Garmin 245 Vs 645. From what you can expect to the overall winner to meet your needs, we’ll be talking a lot today…

Main Difference Between Garmin 245 Vs 645

Garmin 245 Forerunner Watch

Garmin 645 Forerunner Watch

Brezel Material
Fiber-reinforced polymer Stainless steel
Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth & ANT+ Bluetooth, ANT+ & Wi-Fi
Battery Life
Up to 7 days in smartwatch mood & 24 hours in GPS mood Up to 7 days in smartwatch mood & 12 hours in GPS mood
Run Profile
Running, treadmill running, indoor and outdoor track running, trail running, and virtual running Running, treadmill running, indoor track, and trail running
Display Type
LCD Sunlight-visible & transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
Face App Features
No Face It
Good For
Running, cardio, cycling, and exercise & fitness Running & walking

###. Overall Best Pick: Garmin 245 Forerunner Watch– Monitor Your Training Progress With This One

The Garmin Forerunner 245 is one of the coolest watches that allows fine to monitor your training load to use when doing exercise. And, it makes sure your body to achieve finesse easily and faster by motivating you to perform well. Read down below to find some good points:

Strong Battery Life

The Garmin 245 Forerunner watch comes with a brilliant battery life that can last for up to 7 days if you use in smartphone mood. It on top makes sure you are getting all the accessibility and function to use when working out. This watch also ensures good usage with no lag.

On top of that, it makes sure you are getting the finest usage benefit to using for a good while. This watch as well as makes sure you are getting 24 hours of battery life when in the GPS mood. It on top allows you to do anything with no struggle.

This watch as well makes sure you are easily charging with the given charging cable when the battery is low. It on top allows you to get good power to work out at ease.

Built-In GPS Support

Amazingly, this forerunner 245 watch comes with built-in GPS support that makes sure you are easily getting good info related to your workout in your hand. It on top makes sure you are easily working out while getting all the info in the watch with no struggle.

And, we don’t stop there. It also makes sure you are getting close to accurate stats and distance, pace, intervals, and other details to learn your capability faster to improve yourself. This thing also ensures you alter into pro faster and easier by working out.

Perfect Wrist-Based Fitting

The Garmin 245 watch comes with a perfect band that has a belt style closure to get a secure fitting. It on top makes sure your hand is looking good while working out with no feeling of a tight fit. This watch also ensures you are getting fine fitness by easily watching into your hand.

But wait, that is not all. The watch wrist-based fitting makes sure your hand to never feel allergy or rough fit. It also makes sure you are getting a better closure system that won’t wear out easily. The belt-style band on top makes sure both men and women hand fit fine.

Easy to Clean

Unlike other watches, it is super simple to clean for its great design. This watch on top assures less dirty surfaces when riding both indoor and outdoor to freely track with no trouble. It also makes sure the surface gets dirty after a long while for you to avoid messes.

This watch on top makes sure you are getting good support to use when doing any type of sports. And, it only needs you to only clean once a week for safe use. To clean the surface, use a wet tissue to wipe out the surface and dry with a waterless tissue.

Pop-Up Notifications

The Garmin Forerunner 245 watch is great to use to makes sure no disturbance when working out. It on top makes sure you are getting all the messages, texts, emails, and alerts right in the watch via connecting. This watch also makes sure you are pairing at ease.

In addition to that, this watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices to connect at ease. It on top makes sure you are getting the notification of nay apps or business works in your watch to easily notice yourself when working out. This thing also helps to focus on workouts.

Cool Tracking System

This watch comes with a great tracking system with useful options. It comes with a Pulse OX sensor that helps to sense the body oxygen and other data to easily track when working out. This thing on top ensures you are getting all the details in metric style to monitor easily.

Besides, it makes sure you are getting training stats by viewing your older and latest exercise history and improvement to make decisions faster and smarter. This watch on top makes sure easy tacking while you are sleeping or working out by giving speed and power feedback.

And, it makes sure you are getting aerobic and anaerobic training options to train yourself better. This watch also ensures influence workouts to develop.


  • This forerunner watch is close to accurate to show the tracking result.
  • It is light in weight and hardly obvious on your wrist when using on the workout.
  • This forerunner watch comes with a 240×240 pixels display for a crisp high resolution.
  • It comes with brilliant battery life to support for a long while.
  • The package comes with a charging cable to charge the watch.
  • It comes with a nice shape, fitting, and size to use on any occasion.


  • The price is expensive than the Garmin 645 watch.
  • It doesn’t come with a Face It app to use.

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###. Our Second Best Pick: Garmin 645 Forerunner Watch– Create Your Custom Workout With This One

The Garmin 645 watch has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lenses with great modes that allow you to train yourself in a good way. It on top allows you to fine built-in activity profiles to match with any workout. Top judge better on Garmin 645 vs 245 watches, here are some good points:

Customizable Training System

In Garmin Forerunner 645 review, it has a brilliant training system that allows you to customize exercise all by yourself. This system allows you to work as a trainee and trainer at once. It also comes with metrics style stats that allow you to analyze your progress faster to work harder.

No wonder of this watch goodness as it comes with Biomechanical measurements such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, etc. to work out fine. This watch also makes sure you are getting good details when working out to train yourself.

Easy Monitoring

This watch comes with great info and details to monitor the performance with ease.  It on top shows your workout in numeric form for you to easily understand the details. This tracking watch also makes sure you are getting all the info to rain yourself better to recover faster.

It on top comes with training status with great exercise options to match the style when working out. This watch on top makes sure you are training in a productive, peaking, and overreaches way. It as well makes sure good training effect to improve your ability.

Great Design

The Garmin Forerunner 645 watch comes with a lovely design that allows you to use while working out outside. It on top has great and secure 5 buttons in the side-way to use when working out or running outside. The watch buttons are also easy to use and pressure-free.

On top of that, it is watertight with a 5 ATM rating to use on any weather with no snag. This watch also makes sure you are using it while swimming or running as it won’t damage. And, it allows you to use outside even in sunlight with no snag of the display to fade away.

Safe and Easy Tracking

This Forerunner 645 watch comes with safe and reliable tracking features that allow you to use on a daily basis with no struggle. It is made out of strong stainless steel that allows you to use anywhere with no snag of impact or force. This watch also makes sure good resistance.

But wait, that is not all. It comes with good compatibility to pair on the iOS and Android devices with no snag. This watch on top makes sure easy assistance to get important messages and texts in your hand when outside home. It also ensures an easier time finding option.

Great Connectivity

This Garmin Forerunner 645 watch comes with great connectivity via a wireless connection to link easily. And, it can connect via Bluetooth, ANT+, and Wi-Fi connection to bond with any apps at ease. This thing on top makes sure you download apps or widgets to use.

And, it makes sure you are using downloadable watch faces, data fields, widgets, and apps with no struggle. This watch on top makes sure a fine connection that will allow the faster and smoother transfer of data. It as well makes sure you are speed and cadence sensor support.

Easy Paying Option

This Garmin Forerunner 645 watch comes with easy to pay option even if you leave your phone and wallet. It in fact allows you to get the Garmin Pay that helps you to easily solve payment solutions when buying a product. This watch also allows you to pay for the buy via the watch.

On top of the face, it makes sure you are working out outside while tracking and getting good snacks or drinks. And, the Garmin Pay makes sure safe paying benefits with no trouble of stealing.


  • It comes with a great swim and running training mode to use when training with.
  • This Garmin 245 watch comes with a great battery life that supports a good while.
  • It comes with great quality and fitting that goes well with small hands.
  • For the price range, it is hard to beat.
  • It comes with fine usability to track or monitor the progress of the data during activities.
  • This watch comes with gives a precise result when tracking the workout process.


  • This watch doesn’t allow touch screen function.
  • Most people find this watch troublesome as it gets dirty easily.

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Final Thoughts

Both of these Garmin models are great in quality and overall outlook, so if you already have a preference, then just stick with it and don’t bother much about comparison. However, if you ask us, then we do have a winner to announce.

Someone who needs rich and quality features for fitness and training will surely favor Forerunner 245 a bit more than the latter one. With a less price point, you get almost all features of 645 in it along with a thin outlook and better battery life, so it’s surely overall a more value offering deal to grab.

However, if having a barometric altimeter is a must for you, then perhaps choosing the 645 will sound more appropriate. With its amazing running power data offerings and correct information on vertical oscillation, it’s not a bad model at all.

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