Garmin 245 Vs 645 || Which Is The Best Smartwatch For Runners?

garmin 245 vs 645

Are you looking for the best smartwatch purely dedicated to running purposes? Then you must read this article.

The Garmin has a variety of smartwatches. Some of them are best for triathlons. There are also some budget-friendly Garmin watches. Also, you can find several devices which experts only for running. And it makes us pretty confused.

Now we’ll concentrate on two of the most famous models of the Garmin Forerunner series. Those are FR 245 and FR 645.

We’ll also compare them parallelly. Admittedly, that’ll help you to resolve your confusion about Garmin 245 vs 645.

The Clash of the Forerunners: Garmin 245 vs 645

When talking about serious runners, Garmin has a full series of smartwatches only dedicated to them. From those, the FR 245 and the FR 645 are our favorites. Without further ado, let’s compare them head to head. 

FR 245FR 645
38.5 g41.8 g
42.3×42.4×12.2 mm42.5x 42.5 x 13.5 mm
240×240 pixels240×240 pixels
Gorilla glass 3Gorilla glass 3
Sunlight readableSunlight readable backlit display
Bezel material
Carbon fiber polymerStainless steel
Battery(Work out+GPS+Music)
7 days + 24 h+6h4 days + 14 h + 6 h

What’s the difference between Garmin 245 vs 645?

Though they both belong to the same series of Garmin watches, they are quite different in terms of looks and usage.

1. Design: They both have a nice slick and slim design. The FR 245 has a different bezel. Garmin made it from the carbon-based plastic fiber. And it’s black.

On the contrary, FR 645 has a stainless steel bezel. That has a silvery glow.

2.Size: The FR 245 is comparatively thinner and lighter than the 645. It weighs about 38.5 grams, whereas the FR 645 weighs 41.8 grams.

The 645 is almost a millimeter thicker than the 245.

3.Display: Though the resolutions are the same, the 245 has a live HR option on the display. That is missing on the 645 watches.

4.HR monitor: The FR 245 uses a heart rate monitor that includes a Pulse OX option. While the 645 doesn’t have this feature.

5.The Chargers: As the FR 245 is the newer version, it uses an up to date charging connector. This connector can also be seen in the FR 945 and some other watches as well.

Additionally, The FR 645 has charged a clip attached to the charger. That must be carried everywhere you go.


1.Garmin Pay: While most of the latest watches from Garmin has the Garmin Pay feature. The FR 245 doesn’t have it.

Adversely, FR 645 uses this contactless payment method. It enables you to purchase things on the run with nothing but your watch.

2.Menu-settings: You can go to the settings directly, scrolling the menu in the 245 watches. There you can also see the icons right beside the options.

While in the 645, you have to go through some steps to find the settings option. The 645 doesn’t use any icons in the menu.

3.Activities: FR 245 offers some activities like: Running, walking, yoga, pool swimming, trail running, biking (indoor and outdoor), rowing (indoor and outdoor), strength, cardio, elliptical, stair stepper, treadmill.

The 645 has those same activities. Additionally, it has activities like skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing, Sup, floor climb, and HRV stress.

4.Data Screens: The 245 has 10 data screens; at the same time, the 645 has 19 data screens.

FR 645 has the speed fields, including the vertical speed. The 245 doesn’t have this feature.

5.Elevation: While Forerunner 245 has just one option in the elevation area, the 645 has a ton of options here.

6.Compass field: The 245 do not include any compass field. While forerunner 645 has this element.

7.Sensors: FR 245 uses Pulse OX to measure the oxygen level in your blood.

This feature is not available in the 645. Instead, it uses the Muscle oxygen field sensor.

Also, the 645 has some cool features apps like a thermometer, barometric altimeter, and gyroscope.

8.Music: Both of the models have music versions. There they include Spotify and DEEZER.

Moreover, 645 can also use iHeart radio. Also, it can use Garmin express, podcasts, and audiobooks.

9.Battery: The 245 can run up to 7 days with a single charge. While the GPS is on, it runs for 24 hours.

You can use the 645 up to 4 days. And with the GPS on, it lasts for 14 hours.

10.Body battery: The 245 has a trait named Body battery. It helps you by telling you about the energy level of your body at different times of the day.

Fitness Facilities:

1.Running Power: The 245 can calculate the running power accurately without any external accessories.

The 645 is not capable of it.

2.Strava Live: The 645 have a function where you can use the Strava if you have their membership.

More About Garmin FR 245:

Forerunner 245 is the improved version of the FR 235, releasing in 2015. Let’s talk about some of its excellent features.


FR is so light that you hardly feel its presence. The perfect fitting makes it easy to detect your HR accurately.


It has a transflective display with a five-button configuration.

Advanced Training:

It offers you to use advanced training. Such as training load, training status, recovery time, and advisor. You can also use VOmax and SPOsensors.

Incident Detection:

This feature enables you to contact someone with just one press. If you somehow get injured while working out, just use this button. It’ll immediately call for help.

Pros & Cons:


  • It doesn’t have a touchscreen and uses buttons, which makes it easy to control while exercising and sweating.
  • It offers a variety of advanced training, including the Garmin coach.
  • It allows you to make a quick call in an emergency.


  • You always have to carry the charger while traveling, as it’s a unique one.

More About Garmin FR 645:

Though it is slightly more expensive, it offers a vast amount of activities.

HR sensor:

The 645 uses a heart rate sensor that is perfect for running. Also, while cycling and swimming, it’s okay. But it can not perform well during weight lifting.


This device is waterproof up to 50 meters of swimming.

Ultra-track mode:

This device has an ultra-track mode. That helps the battery to save energy while using GPS.

Garmin Coach:

There’s an option named Garmin Coach. It helps you fix a training plan as well as contact with professional trainers.

Pros & Cons:


  • It allows you to set daily goals.
  • It has a moving reminder to alert you to be active.
  • It has a vast amount of sports features.


  • It can’t track sleep correctly.


Garmin is one of the top smartwatch producing companies. They always try to come up with more and more user-friendly devices.

But finding out these many devices in the market can make a user overwhelmed, just like you. That’s why we’re here for you. We’ve analyzed the two best Garmin devices for runners, from their looks to their fitness and feature.

Though both the Garmin 245 and 645 are running experts, they come with a music addition as well. The music addition includes up to 500 songs restore capability.

Let’s hope this article was helpful to solve your conflict between the Garmin 245 vs 645.

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