How To Track Indoor Cycling On Garmin – Guide for Beginners

Cycling is a popular way to workout. During the winter season, cycling outside becomes very difficult. So many people want to keep fit by indoor cycling.

Indoor cycling makes it a little challenging to understand the amount of speed you ride. So if cycling is tracked by a device while cycling, then cycling gear and the measurements are easily known.

Are you concerned about how to track indoor cycling on Garmin? Don’t worry. We’re telling you how to track indoor bicycling in Garmin.

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How to Track Indoor Cycling on Garmin?

Indoor cycling is almost the same as outdoor cycling without GPS. Since you are indoor cycling, the speed of cycling is tracked using a speed sensor.

You can track your workout with a Garmin device. It’s a device that allows you to know the amount of cycling you can do when you pedal with a bicycle.

I’m going to tell you the whole procedure on how to track indoor cycling on Garmin. So let’s go through the entire process.

  • First, go to Settings and enter the sensor menu. Swipe right and click “Add new” to add a new sensor.
  • Swipe right again selects “Cadence” and search for the sensor.
  • When you find the sensor, open it, and you add the size of your wheels. You can choose “Auto,” which dos it automatically. After doing this, leave it.
  • Go back and go to the main menu, choose your activity- indoor cycling.
  • Now put your watch on the bike cheap. Start pedaling and click start.

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What is Tracking Device

Garmin tracking Device is a device that tracks your workout and records your speed and measurement. This is something you can use to track your daily workout.

It can be used for every type of exercise, such as running, cycling, etc. You can use it to work outdoors at home using speed sensors like outdoor – for example, indoor cycling.

Top Garmin Tracking Device

Here we will tell you about some of Garmin’s most popular tracking devices from which you can choose your favorite.

Garmin Vívosmart 4

This tracker is available in multiple colors and complements your manner with its distinctive design. Its metal trim accents and dazzling, easy-to-read show. The display is only on when you need it. Whether you’re going to the office, gym, and pool or wherever in stuck between, vívosmart 4 is the perfect fit for your everyday life.

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Garmin vívosmart HR

Not just does it calculate steps, calories, floors climbed, and strength minutes, it uses GPS satellites to track how distant and how speedy you go throughout about any activity -since running to rollerblading. It also includes a shift bar that gives you a vibrating reminder to find up and shift when you’ve been unmoving for too long. Keep on connected with smart notifications that take account of email, text, call, social media, calendar alerts, and more, right on your wrist.

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Garmin vivofit 3

When you are walking around the office or going for a jog, vivofit 3 can involuntarily discover your movement using Garmin Move IQ and display it on Garmin Connect. Carry it contentedly 24/7 to watch sleep and count steps. Yet get a prompt to move after an hour of inactivity. Its water challenges so that you can use it in any situation.

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Garmin vívoactive 3

Vívoactive 3 is the smartwatch for your dynamic life. Build contactless payments with ease, right from your watch, and with additional 15 preloaded sports apps; you can select how you like to get fit. Fitted GPS lets you record the distance, speed, position, and other for your outdoor behavior.

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What is a Cadence sensor

This common device mounts to the left chainstay and comes with both a cadence sensor magnet and a speed sensor magnet. It has to zip up and start recording after spinning the wheels and cranks with the Garmin CPU.

Cadence sensors are more important for cyclists who want to maximize their workout results. These devices act like speedometers and measure cyclists’ rotation output per minute. Many cyclists use it to measure distance, speed, or even effort while cycling. Oh sorry for interrupt but don’t hesitate to check few unique shoes for platform pedals.

Cycling is a simple sport. The pedal cadence is measured every minute by the pedal. This cadence can determine how much speed or slow the gear spin slows down with your overall speed. Now we are sure you get your answer ‘how to track indoor cycling on Garmin’.


We have shown you the complete method of how to track indoor cycling on Garmin. By following this article, you can fit your indoor cycling track at home.

For your convenience, we’ve talked about some of your popular Garmin devices that can help you stay fit by using a daily workout track to suit your needs.