How to Clip in Soulcycle Shoes – Do It Smartly!

Soulcycle is the opportunity for the people who can’t be able to do their indoor workouts. It has opened a new door to accomplish indoor cycling.

But sometimes people fall in an embarrassing moment when they don’t know how to clip in SoulCycle shoes.

Howsoever, in this article, we will be discussing the comfortable way to clip in Soulcycle shoes as the professionals do.

What Is  Soulcycle?

Before you wish to know the way to clip in, have some necessary info regarding Soulcycle.

The Soulcycle is like a haven in the NewYork city. People all around this city can have their indoor cycling practice here. There you will find some hearsay trainer always to motivate you and inspire you to go with your workout and have the dream goal of your health.

There you can find a sufficiently energetic environment surrounded by some beat of the music to have energy in yourself while cycling. And the members here are always cooperative with each other.

People from all walks of life, even pregnant women, Soulcycle has such variations of the exercise option to have the taste of indoor riding workouts in an extended way.

Soulcycle Shoe Cleats

The most important thing before cycling in Soulcycle is to have cycling shoes. And you can feel the full grasp of cycling if you have shoe cleats.

These spin shoes with cleats help in sustaining more power to spinning. It helps to maintain stability on the pedaling.

Mainly, there are two types of shoe cleats the SPD and Look Delta shoe cleat. Let’s know which kind of is appropriate for Soulcycle classes. Oh if you need SoulCycle shoes you can check the content where 11 best shoes described.

 SPD Shoe Cleat

SPD( Shimano Pedaling Dynamics)  from Shimano introduces some small categories of cleats. These shoes are convenient for both MTB bike ride and road ride. But for indoor cycling, it will provide you with fewer benefits.

Shimano has introduced so many shoe cleats. Some SPD shoes are clipless, and some are with two holes. But they are also compatible with indoor bikes.

And most of the time, the pedals in Soulcycle don’t seem to have a recommendation for SPD cleats. But still, you can use SPD cleats in Soulcycle cycling; the fact is it won’t help you to go with high energy. SPD shoes are usable in normal walking also.

Look Delta Shoe Cleat

Look Delta shoe cleat or Delta cleats are the cleats with three holes on it. The three holes are in a triangle position and look like the sign Delta. So, it is called Delta cleat.

Well, delta cleat is the perfect one for the Soulcycle or any other. Unlike, SPD cleats, Delta cleats can help to hold more strength and riding with more power and sweat fast to burn the calories.

If you don’t have spin shoes then, you can get it from the Soulcycle, but they also charge for it. Because the spin shoes are the must one thing you need when riding in Soulcycle.

How to Clip in Soulcycle Shoes

Now, the most awaited moment comes when you are starting your workouts with Soulcycle. It sometimes gets so embarrassing when you have to clip in your shoes, but you don’t know how to clip in it.

You see, people around you are clipping in so fast and then start spinning their pedals, and you feel so awkward. To avoid happening this kind of incident, let’s know the way to clip in fast and in a professional way.

  • Always start clipping with one foot leaving the other on the ground.
  • Keep your feet slowly on the front side of the pedal, where the pedal looks like the alphabet U.
  • Now, give a push from the ankle side like you are wearing a heel, and you will hear a clicking sound. If you feel it’s not set yet, you can sway your feet on both sides and you are done.
  • Clip other feet in the same way. And start with your pedaling.

How to Clip Out Soulcycle Shoes

When you have known the method to clip in the shoes, you should be known to the way of clipping out also. You will surely need it if you are a newbie to this.

Clipping out is more comfortable than clipping in.

Just give a pull in the cleats with your ankle to the outward direction of the pedal. And your feet will come out of the pedal.

If you think you can’t be able to hold on the pedal in a standstill form, then you can catch the resistor bale on the front side and hold it. Later try to clip out.


Never try to open the screw nuts of the pedal to clip out the shoes. It makes your pedal,  less durable, and unable to supply more power in spinning.

Cycling shoe cleats become loosen by regular riding. So, it would be much better if you tighten the nuts lying in the shoes.


No more feeling awkward while pedaling in Soulcycle classes. Read this article to know how to clip in Soulcycle shoes and clip-in fast.  Go on with your cycling with Soulcycle to gain the desired health.