Shimano RS010 Vs RS11 – Which is The Ultimate Winner of Stability?

Full-speed compatibility and dynamic gesture of wheelsets are the top-priority of a bike rider. Shimano has changed the definition of top-charted and branded bike wheels over their journey to introduce a range of collections. Among the varieties, RS010 and RS11 have gone beyond the top limit in terms of resourceful performance. However, both of them endow users with actual product value.

As both models from Shimano has a lot of resemblances, bikers with these two wheels set option often face the difficulty in selecting the most appropriate one. Here is an exclusive Shimano RS010 vs RS11 battle to end the confusion and unwrap all the exciting and classic brand specs.

Shimano RS010 Vs RS11 –  The Comparison Overview

Shimano’s premium RS010 and RS11 wheelsets offer broadly adjustable and consistent service to the modern cycle riders, gathering a variety of spec collections. Moreover, as medium ranged bike wheels, they provide the utmost rigidity during every paddle.

Nevertheless, to correlate the similarity and variance in Shimano RS010 Vs RS11 combat, the next portion of this article will assist you vigorously to decide on one of them.

Shimano RS010

Shimano RS11

Wheel Size
622´15 c 622´15 c
Rim Material
Light Aluminum Alloy
Speed Support
9,10 and 11- Speed 10 and 11- Speed
Average Weight
1,102 gram 1087gram
Bike Type
Cyclocross, Track, Universal, Recumbent, Folding, etc. Cyclocross, Triathlon, Road, etc.
Tire Type
Clincher Clincher
Available Color
Black Silver, White and Black
Brake Style
Rim Brake Rim Brake
 Product Model

Our Recommended Pick- Shimano RS010

In this feature, we would like to suggest Shimano RS010 for its remarkable braking aspect, improved mileage, and swift equipment engagement.

Further, this model has gained much recognition with the low maintenance facility and trouble-free alignment with the rider. Moreover, RS010 is one of the primary products through which the company has brought the bike wheels with aerodynamics technology. Now, let us travel in the world of the Shimano RS010 wheel’s exclusive specs.

Bearing style with Cup & Cone Form

RS010 from Shimano holds a unique Cup & Cone configuration for the wheel bearings. This V-shaped bearing type proffers better potency than usual closed-cartridge factory productions. As well, the superb capability to relocate tangential and perpendicular loads assure a smooth wheel revolving.

Asymmetric-curved Rims

A set of sturdy asymmetric rims of RS010 comes with partial aero formation along with effective spokes, spacious flange and competent wheel hubs.  The wheel rim contains 24 punctured holes, which permits the entrance of enough air both from the internal and external sides to cool down the bike brakes.

This super-service provider device also possesses built-in wear –indicator to identify the exhausting condition and exact replacement time of rims.

Durable Spoke Wires

The major part of the Shimano RS010 wheel is the slim metallic sticks called spokes, which turn around the middle hub and maintain stable movement. The spokes are produced with high-quality stainless steel with double-crossed laces and surround the hubs with alloy finishing. Further, these black-colored spokes successfully resist the possible rotating alteration of RS010.

E-Thru Axle Mechanism

Internal consistency of these wheels’ mechanism accompanies a particular skewer structure with E-Thru axle technology. The steel-made axle preserves Shimano RS010 with optimum toughness.  Moreover, this feature controls the overall weight constancy and facilitates functional procedures.


  • Astonishing mileage service
  • Well-fixed spokes with other instruments
  • Affordable price with premium support
  • Advanced aero assistance


  • Available in only one color

Shimano RS11- Another Alternative

Shimano is the real class mastermind behind the manufacturing of pioneering leveled wheels with a smashing and detailed approach. As a result, we have another dashing and impressive wheelset to introduce, which is Shimano RS11. Briefly, we can describe it as the updated and budget-friendly ride trainer offering impactful rolling.

Additional Flange Broadness

For the wheels’ amplified power-transmit ability, Shimano furnishes their product with a large flange to convey classic tensional and sideways stiffness.  Thus, this broadness offers a boosted triangulation support between the flange and device rim by maximum lateral sustainability.

Sophisticated Rim Construction

Like RS010, this version of Shimano also has well-refined alloy rims with 24 mm height and extended 208 mm width. Thus, the edges ensure both side firmness and an advanced foundation and uphold the wheels’ longevity on uneven roads.

Potential Hub Unit

Shimano RS11 brings a well-compiled hub into play to bear the radial and sideward load with ultimate robustness. Besides, the excellent spinning quality of the hubs enables the wheels to rotate precisely.  Hence, the bearing of the wheel acts with fine specification without failure.

Friction Resistant Seals

The complexity of the RS11 wheel seals has the abrasion-free property to lockout liquid and dirt. However, in this process, the particular design of them does not influence the rotational maneuvering. Also, the protection of the wheel bearing depends on the proper activity maintenance of the seals.


  • Superb silent performance
  • Substantial stiffness under tough rides
  • Aesthetic look
  • Intense load sustainer


  • Time-consuming acceleration

Which is the Ideal Choice for You?

Our favorite Shimano RS010 wheel combo can win the brilliant performance award for the arrangement of their reliable parts from top to toe. As a beginner and professional level set, it offers stable paddling experience to all classes of cyclists. Nevertheless, for regular training purposes and convenient office traveling, RS010 is a perfect pick.

On the other hand, with the most affordable price range, RS11 Shimano still delivers relentless manufacturing quality. From the customers’ aspect, RS11 is reliable equipment to commute the winter exercise bike.

Lastly, the great battle between Shimano RS010 Vs RS11 can be continued consistently under more debating speeches. Hence, just carry on your yearlong paddling and pick up the most explicit option for your bike by considering your actual taste and necessity.

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