Garmin Edge 130 Vs 820 – Which One Wins The Battle?

Garmin is one of the most well-known brands that produce bike GPS devices to make the best use of your outdoor cycling. It will also help you to guide your route and protects you from sudden accidents.

If you want to replace or change your GPS tool, this article will helpful for your guidance to make your choice. In this context, we will present a complete review of two popular Garmin’s devices, the Garmin edge 130 vs 820.

Once you know all the functions and features of these two tools, it will be easier for you to select the most suitable one.

Garmin Edge 130 Vs 820

Choosing one tool between Garmin edge 130 vs 520 depends on your demand, need, and preference as both of the Garmin devices perform effectively and maximize efficiency. For selecting the proper one, you should get a complete idea about these two.

So let’s begin with their features comparison.

Garmin edge 130 Vs 820 – Features Comparison

Follow the comparison to observe the differences between 130 and 820.

Garmin Edge 130

Garmin Edge 820

Display Size
1.8 inches diagonal 2.3 inches diagonal
Display Resolution
303 x 230 pixels 200 x 265 pixels
1.2  ounce (33 g)   2.4  ounce (67.7 g)
Black Black, white, silver
Battery Life
15 hours 15 hours
Touch Screen
No Yes
Top 3 Models
  1. Garmin Edge 130–Small but powerful
  2. Garmin Edge 130 Plus -Boost your performance
  3. Garmin Edge 130 Black–Easy to use
  1. Garmin Edge 820 – Capacitive touch display
  2. Garmin Edge 820 GPS Bundle -Premium product
  3. Garmin Edge Explore 820 –Provide advanced cycling dynamics

Recommended Pick: Garmin Edge 820

Between these two Garmin products, we refer to Garmin Edge 820 as it has considered the best cycling computer with accurate base mapping, rearview radar, 16GB of internal memory, and a color touch display. It also provides Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity. Easy to operate as it supports menu layouts and a quick responsive touch display. The improved monitoring performance with Strava segments, barometric sensors, VO2 max, water resistance, and updated cycling dynamics make it unique from other competitor devices.

Here we discuss all the highlighted features of Garmin edge 820.

Touchscreen display

The display is very responsive and has a menu layout. It is lightweight, and the touchscreen has compacted with 2.3” high-resolution screen that functions well even if you are wearing gloves or your hands get sweated.

Group and live tracking

You don’t need to worry about getting lost. You can easily stay connected with your fellow riders with this cool feature- Group and live track. This feature shows you the location of your co-riders and ensures your peace of mind during outdoor cycling.


As it provides 16GB of internal memory, you can download and install free apps on your device. It has base mapping, smartphone, and Wi-Fi connectivity, smart notifications, social media sharing, and supports auto-uploads. You can also connect it with the ANT+ sensor to stalk your heart rate.


It includes FTP, VO2 max, and recovery advisor that provides an approximate recovery time. The strava live segments help to real-time updates and receive notifications. Delivers accurate stress score during riding, and the updated cyclic dynamics transferred data on Garmin fitness tools.

Easy to operate

When it comes to running the device, the process is very easy. The combination of the color touch display and button plays makes the task hassle-free. The display screen is similar to smartphones. Thus it is no longer a complicated task to get familiar with the device.

Long battery life

The longer battery life makes your ride more thrilling. It provides extended 15 hours of battery life, and 50% of the battery can save using battery save mode.


  • Great device
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accurately tracks heart rate
  • Maximizes your outdoor activity


  • Not cheap

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Details of: Garmin Edge 130

This device is small but powerful gives you instant data, includes power meter and speed sensors. Now let’s hop into its key features in detail.

Display screen

This small-sized compact device has come up in black color and provided tons of features. It can easily track down your performance and receive information and data as it is lightweight, so it is easily portable. You can adjust the screen depends on your preference.

Settings and connectivity

It is a versatile device, supports power meter, speed sensor, and heart monitor connectivity. You can connect it with other tools to get other notifications like- weather updates. It also has a live track facility.


Garmin edge 130 works well as a navigation tool. The GPS tracker, Galileo satellite, tracks your outdoor riding. You can download your paths from Garmin Connect IQ, and it will guide your route.


The device has designed to level up your performance. The power meters show how much power you produce during your ride. So it helps to boost your performance. The strava live segment pokes you to push yourself to reach the utmost level.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Redouble your performance
  • Gives advanced information on weather and location
  • Provides high compatibility


  • Does not support base maps

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What Is Your Ideal Selection?

If you search for a simple, effective, portable, and compact tool but in a small size to track your outdoor adventures, the Garmin Edge 130 is a perfect choice. It is lightweight so you can easily carry it and offers multiple facilities to meet up your demands.

Garmin Edge 820 is suitable for those looking for a GPS device with some advanced features, touchscreen facility, Android compatibility, and updated cycling dynamics. This device is water-resistance, so you can effortlessly use it with your wet hands.

Now you know all the necessary information, features, similarities, and dissimilarities of these two tools, so pick the right one for you and make your outdoor thrills more exciting.