CAAD12 Vs SuperSix EVO – Which One is Best?

The initial cycles or bikes made from timber, but it not extended before steel showed more robust. Nowadays, alternative resources subsequently developed, always with the potential of the variability of profits, in the result that the recent cycle has gradually better. The bicycle engineering is slightly exceptional in that is has come to grip a variety of building materials.

Do you want to about CAAD12 Vs SuperSix EVO? They are the most updated bicycles in the present world. They also have a high demand for the young generation and market value for their amazing features and characteristics. There has been a noticeable increase in the superiority of bicycle engineering and design.

For choosing the best one from both of them, you have to know their qualifications and products’ specifications. Here we will explain the product’s performance so that you can easily select the right cycle for you. It may help you to fulfill your desire.

Comparison of CAAD12 Vs SuperSix EVO

Two of the bikes can handled carefully improved race gears that promise to be reliable and robust. Still, by using dissimilar structure materials, these bikes provide the buyer with what may best define as a choice of character. At first, the CAAD12 developed in 2016, while the SuperSix EVO also originated in the same year.

If you need to choose between the SuperSix EVO and the CAAD12, you should know that they originate from two different materials, Aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Besides some of the similarities, there are a lot of dissimilarities between them. Let’s see some of it.


SuperSix EVO

Bottom bracket height
26.9cm 6.9cm
Great wheels Average wheels
Frame materials
Aluminum alloy Aluminum frame, Carbon disc
Wonderful handling Sublime handling
Best compliment
Finest bike ever makes Road bike of the year
Brake levers
Shimano 105 Shimano Dura-Ace-11
Related Models
  • CAAD12 Disc 105
  • CAAD12 Disc Ultegra
  • SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc Red
  • SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Disc Ultegra

Recommended Pick- CAAD12

CAAD12 is boldly announcing that this is “the finest alloy racing bike ever made.” It features with 25.4mm diameter seat post, which Cannondale initiated on the Synapse. This Cycle’s weight is not so light as this is not an essential quality to wining the ride. CAAD12 won’t let you lose.

You can use this bicycle as you need or also for recreational purposes. This cycle is highly environmentally friendly and able to give you more pleasure during riding. Before selecting this product as your pick choice, you may curious to know its detail. Here we will describe:

Aluminum Alloy

In current years, Aluminum made a bit of a retort, with Trek, Specialized, BMC, Rose, and Canyon among those improving trivial alloy bikes. We think Aluminum not ever instead got a reasonable snap at the top. Just as cycles were getting stiff and light enough for riders to contest on, they were cleared away by carbon.

FSA Chainrings

CAAD12 is not as light as other bicycles. This latest cycle developed with crankset tips the balances at 735g ample with FSA chainrings. It is suitable for racing on glass-smooth roads in some of the enormous mountain arrays can might your verdict.

Rough Stuff

The performance on the bumpy roads is more impressive, like your expectations. This product will not disappoint by its working. The updated frame has the rock-solid stiffness, which you may expect from the right quality Aluminum alloy.

It may provide shocking information that it has combined the ability to float upstairs the vibration and noise that bad British tar proposals. The more notable still is the back termination. The compliance approaching from the grouping of the slimline seat and small seat-tube stays is jaw falling. It is comfortable and composure.

Brake and acceleration

Acceleration and speed are excellent. When the highway starts to upsurge, it merely flows with your effort. Suppose you need to attack and impulse on, peak rise, and begin to slope the CAAD12 may your perfect wingman. It handled its line luminously.

Predictable kits

The CAAD12 contains the typical packages that increase its expected levels—the wheels which provide reliable performance. The trifling seat stays together with the thin seat post to bring extreme levels of presentation.


  • Wonderful handing process
  • Not more expensive
  • Smooth and composed ride
  • Regardless materials of the frame


  • Tires are average

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Other Review- SuperSix EVO

The SuperSix EVO takes part in the annual Cycle of the year test and is considered the “Road Bike of the Year Winner.” It is a luminously well-rounded bicycle: comfortable, lightweight, and now with aero pinches that are most demanding for the young youth.


The wheels of SuperSix Evo are quite impressive, and its frame is also amazing. The tires of this product are perfectly ok. They tip the balances at 1,500g, and it would be tough to discover lighter at this amount, and it displays because they choose up speed so rapidly.

In the SuperSix EVO, front-wheel structures Cannondale’s swiftness device that blows into its own Strava or app. The app mainly used to display speed, distance, and calories spent and also how much oil you have protected.


Tires are enormously right to perform in SuperSix EVO. These updated tires are much better than any others and the first-generation cycle.


  • Great wheels
  • Sublime handling
  • Superb comfort
  • Race friendly design


  • Some mid-range components

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What Should be the Ideal Pick?

Knowing the CAAD12 Vs SuperSix EVO is essential to select which product can be the perfect pick for you. Both of them are good in qualification, but if you want the best product for racing, you have to choose the CAAD12 for you. It will be suitable for racing purposes.

SuperSix EVO contains fantastic wheels and tire for an excellent performance. But at a reasonable price with high quality, CAAD12 may be the best choice. Keep our recommended product in your brain, and you can easily select your desired cycle.