Giro Reverb Vs Bern – Which One Suits to Your Head

Your head is an extremely sensitive component of the body and you can make sure it’s well secured when riding a cycle, bike, and join in sports competitions. For this security, you can purchase either Giro Reverb or Bern models of helmets.

The riding purposes of both of them are the same. But the thing is, Giro reverb comes into the market with lightweight properties, while Bern comes with a high ventilation system. Giro reverb Vs Bern will provide you more explanation of other differences for your clearance. Hence, go through our article for getting the right one.

The Most Common Features of Giro Reverb Vs Bern

If we look at the features, the cyclist, biker use the Giro reverb helmet because it provides a traditional guide to commuting in the new urban world. For an elastic framework auto-lock, they are conveniently flexible and their ventilation system performs well. As a result, your hair and head will be protected from getting too sticky and sloppy.

The Bern models are composed of top quality ingredients and meet all security and protection standards for bike helmets during the summer and winter season.

Giro Reverb Vs Bern

Giro Reverb


Average weight
1.3 pounds or less (1.1-2) pounds
Around Height
8 inches or slightly more 7 inches or more
System of Ventilation
9 vents ( average) 11 vents (average)
Black or red or matte white or matte dark blue or yellow or white squiggle Matte pavement or red or black or grey or matte steel blue
System of Fixation
Auto-lock system Crank fit in system
Average Price
$30- $60 or more $39- $103 or more
Best Picks To Consider
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Our Conferred Pick- Giro Reverb Review

We suggested you pick Giro reverb brands because this helmet is a safe and classic urban model with today’s best cycling quality. The product is perfect for giving your trips across the city a bit of style. In the presence of a self-adjustment device in it, eradicates the need for a power knob.

A pleasant and simple eliminable cap style viewfinder provides perfect details without sacrificing ventilation. Besides, it is speedier, more appealing, lighter, and cooler. To know more elaboration about the variation of Giro reverb vs Bern, go through the details.


These compounds are made of in-mold and a sturdy polycarbonate outer shell is paired with an interior foam shade that cushions any negative effects. Polycarbonate is an extremely impact-resistant material that can be designed, polished, and save any helmet plastic at cold and low temperatures.

From this component, you can get flame retardant and heat resistance properties. Moreover, it will provide you with ultra-security during riding. This construction makes a lightweight and more compact helmet.

Detachable padding

It makes no difference to have the border for your trip, but the system is good to have a removal option. As people are prone to sweat when wearing the helmet, this equipment is providing you an additional pad for the front of the helmet.

The padding is primarily required to keep the helmet more secure and safe. Moreover, retaining the foam will help to put your helmet in the proper place. The elements improve the friction with the polystyrene sheet.

Ventilation system

The ventilation system of this helmet contains nine vents. The only option to cool in the system is then by induced convection or cold air that passes through the head when spinning. The venting holes are located on the top or front of the helmet cap and cause the air to reach the helmet through the helmet cover.

From here, the air is mostly directed via polystyrene shock channels and is absorbed into the head.

Adjustable in sizing

If your head is small in size, you need a helmet that matches your head. They have a cool and flexible stripe in the back that prepares it easier for the helmet to cover your head.


  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable dimensions


  • Big in size

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Opposite Available Models- Bern Helmet

Bern approaches in a market with various patterns and comprises a 2-hole brace in the shell that suits well for the meteoroids and the asteroids. It is also fitted with a validated and patented dial setting device. This material has a fine shell that is the perfect combination for optimum health, stability, and longevity between internal EPS foam consistency and polycarbonate.

Furthermore, it follows and achieves the quality standard and is thus exceptionally safe to conduct. More features narrations are given below.

Composition and comfort

The ingredients of this product are also an in-mold type. In your dynamic fit device for the crank set knob, you can get tested and proven ABS/EPS fabrication and quality moisture sensor. Air canals suck out air via forward holes, enabling air to escape via back holes of the system.

Higher protection

When EPS rigid foam combined with ABS shell offers effective low profile security. It complies with the ski and snow requirements of EN 1077B and ASTM F 2040. The design of it provides extra comfort and protection.


  • Reliable and durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Quick to adjust


  • Comparatively large

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What will be Your Right Pick?

We are trying to find out the best one for you by providing Giro reverb Vs Bern information. If you are a biker or a cyclist and want to ride in the urban city, then you can pick Giro reverb urban cycling helmet. For the racer, the Giro reverb matte white bike helmet will be a good choice.

On the contrary, Bern unlimited Lenox can be used for the winter season for snowy weather. For all-season weather conditions, you can purchase Bern summer watts EPS helmet.