How to Become a Soulcycle Instructor – A Complete Guideline to Your Dream Soul

Are you dreaming of becoming a SoulCycle instructor? The writing of this article will guide you to all the requirements and activities to become a part of the revolutionary Soulcycle team.

Soulcycle is not just the name of indoor cycling training but something beyond workouts. You can’t imagine or feel the revelation that Soulcycle makes inside you until you become a part of it,  whether as a trainee or as a trainer.

Those who know a little bit of Soulcycle also know of their positive output. And most often, people dream of seeing themselves pedaling on the yellow front bike among the whole.

And our this writing can show you the paths about how you can make up to reach that place meaning how to become a SoulCycle instructor.

SoulCycle Classes

Before you jump to the requirements for being an instructor, you should have some idea about how the Soulcycle classes are held.

The Soulcycle sessions are in a dark room with some candlelit with around 60 stationary bikes there in a class. And if you are thinking about how long is a Soulcycle class then, each session is of 45 minutes workout. Oh, you should check SoulCycle shoes or running headphones if you need one. By the way, let’s go!

What You Need To Be a SoulCycle Instructor

Well, Soulcycle classes are quite different from other training classes. In Soulcycle, the instructor doesn’t have to be just a trainer but a motivator, a cox of whole trainees.

So, most of the time, people search for some exact rudder about how to become a SoulCycle instructor. Well, let’s see the things that can make you eligible for a soul cycle instructor.

1. Training Knowledge

Well, as a fitness trainer, you should have some knowledge of fitness training. It would be better if you have 1 to 2 years of experience as a fitness trainer professionally.

But if you don’t have any experience except knowledge of training, then have no worries. The Soulcycle team gives the opportunity of audition to prove your ability.

2. Basic Fitness Knowledge

You must have a fundamental knowledge of human anatomy. Besides, you also need to study the mechanics of body movements, also known as kinesiology. Apart from these, a trainee must have to be capable of modifying the exercise according to the circumstances.

3. Strong Versing Ability

In this qualification of any instructor, the Soul cycle is a unique and different one than any other training institution. Soul cycle sessions are done rhythmically with some pieces of music playing there. Here, the instructor has to be strongly versed in choreographing the motivating speech with the beats.

In soul cycle classes, the instructor has to make a list of some unique songs before going to the class. Then during the course, they need to choreograph the inspiring lines with the beats of the song continuously.

A soul cycle instructor has to be very active in this quality. They have to be well-versed and smart enough to draw the attention of the trainee all the time.

The instructor needs to create inspiration and motivation inside the trainees and bring some excitement with full-on fun in pedaling. And for this, the instructor has to be self- confident, operative, diligent, and weariless ever.

How To Apply To Be A SoulCycle Instructor

Soulcycle is a fitness training institution where both the trainer and trainee are going to get something extra besides workout. People from general to celebrities would prefer to join this training session and enjoy the exciting workouts.

The number of this great community has been increased within one decade of the establishment. And it’s been growing. So, there is a scope for you also to join this community.

If you think you have the qualifications mentioned above, you also can hit the chance. To join this revolutionary team as an instructor, what you have to do is.

  • Send a mail of your resume to, along with a cover letter.
  • In the cover letter, you must write about the duration of your riding, the reasons for joining the soul cycle, and what the things are that you love about SoulCycle.

Once you mailed them, then you have to wait for their call for the training program. And remember, the soul cycle team always wants someone who is dedicated to learning and developed their teaching. And Soulcycle seems to give preference to those who are willing to instruct anywhere that the Soulcycle needs.

Soulcycle Instructor Training Program

If your email got selected, then you will get a letter for giving audition, which also known as the training program. This training program includes around ten weeks, and it has no guarantee if you are going to get the job or not.

Mostly the training program will be held in NYC and LA.  Here, you will be going to get the teaching ideas, introducing to the tools that you need during training.  The candidates must be proficient in these following things

  • Should grab the maximum music source, especially the Macbook computer, is preferable.
  • Should have expertise in iTunes applications.
  • Proper transport system to join the regular training
  • Able to join any impromptu meeting or any workshop.
  • Able to exhibit various Soulcycle pedaling movement

And the contestant has to provide training to three communities of riders.  Once if you can cross over these three teaching sessions, then no one can stop you from being a part of this team.

Remember, Soulcycle does not provide any payment during this training session.

Benefits of becoming a Soulcycle Instructor

A soul cycle instructor can make up a maximum of 150$ in the beginning. You can join this grand community both as a part-time and full-time employee. Besides, there are lots of benefits you can get as an instructor of this great community. They offer

  • Discount on retailing
  • Health benefits for the full-time instructors
  • Credit for Apple music
  • Physical therapy free of cost
  • Stipend for technological items
  • Discount on Apple devices

Final Words

Soulcycle creates an opportunity for having quality and fun in workouts. Nowadays, people are like being addicted to it for its innovative training methods.

But technically, there are no specific things that can make you the best Soulcycle instructor ever. It needs some little creativity inside you, and the rest is to know how to instruct.

So, if you need any information or instruction regarding how to become a SoulCycle instructor, then you can read this article. Undoubtedly, you will find each detail here that you need to know if you wish to be a part of it as an instructor.