How To Solve Fitbit Alta Won’t Turn On?

Fitness trackers like Fitbit are handy in our day to day lives. Because these trackers can track heart rate, sleeping quality, a quantity of burned calories, the number of taken steps, and even can help users who have cardiovascular diseases.

Fitbit started its journey in 2009. It is the first invented fitness tracker that has been invented virtually. If you are a user of Fitbit, you may face some problems like it may stop to turn on.

For some causes, Fitbit Alta won’t turn on, and there are some solutions for it here; we are presenting these solutions for you. There are several reasons for its problem in turning on. Depending on those reasons, we have provided specific answers here.

Why Fitbit Alta Won’t Turn on

Even if many models of Fitbit Alta are available, like smartwatches and bands, all of them are affected by the same issues. Their troubleshooting processing is also the same though different models of Fitbit works differently.

Sometimes, when a Fitbit Alta won’t turn on, its battery gets drained. Even a standard amount of charge would not be enough to give the regular operative system to it. Your Fitbit may also be facing the same problem. A software error may be the cause of preventing the Fitbit to turn on and go into the regular operation.

We will now describe these errors and issues and how to solve these problems. Check this in detail.

How To Solve Fitbit Alta Won’t Turn On?

1. If the Fitbit is Dirty, clean your Fitbit

Your Fitbit Alta may be dusted or uncleaned. Your Fitbit may be kept in the storage for a while regular or may be held in such a place where a lot of dust, grime, and dirt can dust your device. Like this, the Fitbit device becomes too dusty or dirty. Standard causes a problem to turn the Fitbit on.


You have to clean your Fitbit device. You can use the same techniques that you do to clean your iPhone charging port. To do it, you have to take a can of compressed air or a cotton swab. You can dab the cotton swab or a toothbrush on a little quantity of rubbing alcohol. Then it will be ready to clean any metal contacts, including your Fitbit.

2. Charge your Fitbit for enough period of time

If you do not charge your Fitbit for enough time, then it may cause a problem in turning it on.


You should charge your Fitbit for a minimum of 3 hours. If you can, charge it overnight, when your Fitbit resuscitates.

3. If the power supply is not enough, use a different USB port

When your Fitbit is not getting enough power supply to charge the battery, it may cause a problem to turn it on.


You may try to charge it in your computer adapter. Instead, you should use an AC wall adapter port to plug the Fitbit charger. All types of USB wall adapter will work well in this case.

If you do not have the AC wall adapter, you have to charge your Fitbit on your computer. For this, you have to make sure that the charger of your Fitbit is plugged into a primary USB port of your computer. It should not be a USB hub port. And you must keep your computer standby for several hours until charging your Fitbit is complete.

4. Restart your Fitbit properly

When your Fitbit device shows some problems, you have to restart it correctly. Because improper, you are restarting or rebooting causes more difficulty.


The exact system to restart or reboot the Fitbit Device varies a little regarding the model. But it is easy and simple to restart. You have to plug it into the charger, and then you have to hold down the main button of your Fitbit for some time.

If you do not hold it for enough time, it may not start. That’s why hold it at least for 20 seconds and then release. When your restart is successful, then you will see the Fitbit logo on the screen. Then your Fitbit will come to life.

Sometimes, after restarting, the Fitbit is not enough to reach the standard operative system. It is because first time restart is not enough to accept the charge. So, it cannot be able to recover fully on one restart.

In this case, you have to restart your Fitbit for several times. If it is not recovering after 2nd restart, then restart it again. Repeat restarting for 3 -5 times more. Between restart, charge it every time. Do it until it turns on properly.

5. If restarting is not enough, reset it

Sometimes, restarting is not enough to function the Fitbit properly.


When this situation occurs, you have to reset your Fitbit. You can think of it as a last resort for your device. So, reset your Fitbit’s factory conditions to give it new factory features.

The resetting process varies quite differently depending on the model of Fitbit you use. You have to check the instructions about how to reset it in your device’s instruction page.

When cleaning your Fitbit, charging it properly, restarting it correctly several times, and resetting it, is not enough to turn it on, then there must be an issue in the hardware of it. Then the Fitbit should be fixed by troubleshooting. So, you have to contact the customer support of the Fitbit company.


Fitbit Alta is an excellent addition to our modern life to track our fitness regularly. So, having one of its models is exceptional. You have to keep it safe and clean. From this article, you have already known how uncleaned device causes the problem. Besides, for other issues, it is possible that your Fitbit Alta won’t turn on. So, try these solutions mentioned in this article and get back your Fitbit device.