How to Use Polar Heart Rate Monitor- Two Different Process

Do you know how to use Polar heart rate monitor? If you are a fitness conscious person and just got your new Polar heart rate but still do not know how to use it, then you can follow this article.

In this context, we are trying to present three different methods of how to use polar heart rate monitor so that you can successfully use Polar H10, H9, and OH1 along with that monitor your heart rate from time to time.\\\\\\\\\\\\

Go through the entire article to learn the details and get started with your activities for the betterment of life!

How the Polar Heart Rate Monitor Works

Before starting your journey with the polar heart rate monitor, we believe you should learn the basic working principle of polar heart rate monitor so that you can experience more exciting fitness journey.

The polar heart rate monitor is a sensor that can sense your heartbeat using the optical heart rate monitoring technology or ECG. As a result of that, you can get the recorded data in the Polar’s official app.

You might have already known Polar offers different fitness trackers. If you go to their official website, you will see both the Polar H10 and the Polar H9 sensor uses the ECG method for keeping track of your heart rate, whether the Polar OH1 uses optical heart rate monitoring tech.

Polar H10 and Polar H9 come with a chest strap so that you can wear the sensor around your chest and monitor your heart rate during any physical activity.

On the other hand, the Polar OH1 comes with an armband and a clip so that you can wear it around your armpit. You may visit the official website of Polar to learn the detail features of all the products offered by Polar.

How to Use Polar Heart Rate Monitor

The Complete Using Guideline for Polar H10 and Polar H9. If you own the Polar H10 or Polar H9 and even any other fitness tracker by Polar that uses the ECG method to track the heartbeat, then you can follow these six simple steps given below-

Step 1: Moisten the Electrode Areas of the Chest Strap

If you have bought any of the above mentioned Polar heart rate trackers that use the ECG technique, then you already have seen the sensor, and the straps both contain electrodes.

So before starting your training, simply moisten the electrode areas of the chest strap by using water, as shown in the figure below, so that while you connect the sensor with the belt, it gets activated.

Step 2: Activate the Heart Rate Sensor

After finishing the previous step, wear the chest strap around your chest and attach the heart rate sensor with the belt, as shown in the figure below.

Thus your Polar heart rate sensor gets activated, and now it will start recording the data from your heartbeat.

Step 3: Sign in to Your Polar Account

Before starting your training, make sure you have downloaded the Polar app on your phone. So now, you have to sign-in to your polar account so that you can monitor your heart rate.

No worries at all if you have not registered yet because the Polar app allows you to use the Polar app without even signing into your account.

After successfully signing in to your Polar app, you will get access to over 100 sports profiles, and with the help of this Polar Beat app, you will be able to keep tracking of your training sessions throughout the years.

Step 4: Start Your Training

Before starting your session, make sure your Polar heart rate sensor is paired with the Polar app. So go to the settings option of the Polar app, as shown in the figure below.

After pairing the heart rate sensor with the Polar app, you will see your current heartbeat in the blue circle, as shown in the figure.

Now press the three dots icon marked as in the given picture and select save HR with sensor option so that the heart rate sensor can successfully transfer all the data to your polar app.

Select your desired training session and press the start option to start your training.

Step 5: Complete Your Training Session

If you are done with your training, in that case, press the stop icon to finish your session and save your training details to the Polar flow service to get the overall overview of your training session.

Step 6: Deactivate the Polar Heart Rate Sensor

After finishing all these processes now remove the Polar heart rate sensor as well as the chest strap. Remember, the sweat and moisture keep the sensor activated even though your training session is complete.

So to deactivate the polar heart rate sensor, wipe it with the help of any dry cloth.

The Complete Using Guideline of Polar Sensor with Polar Beat

If you want to learn about how to use Polar heart rate monitor with the Polar beat, in that case, you have to select the train with Polar beat instead of the save HR with sensor option, and the rest of the procedure will remain the same.

Let’s see an overall overview of this process.

Step 1: Start Your Training Session

After log-in to your Polar account, you will be able to choose various sports profiles from the quick list, as shown in the figure below. Make sure your GPS is turned on.

You can change any training related setting by clicking on the icon, as shown in the image, and set the duration or distance as you want from the free training option.

Now tap the start button and start your training session, do not forget to keep your phone with yourself all the time.

Step 2: Appropriately Finish Your Training Session

After completing your training session, press the pause icon, and after that, tap the stop button to complete your training session. Now you will get an entire overview of your training session.

Do not close the Polar Beat app or click on to the done option until the loading icon disappears, as shown in the figure below (blue-colored marking). It means your training data is still getting syncing to the Polar flow service.


We are hoping that now you have learned all the basics of how to use Polar heart rate sensor.

Following these two different methods, now you will be able to get all the data of your heart rate either directly from the Polar heart rate sensor or via the Polar beat.

So get moving and record your heartbeat at any time.