Discover How To Turn On Fitbit Alta HR

Are you feeling vexatious to turn on Fitbit Alta HR? Mostly it happened when you can not be able to turn on after frequent trying. Don’t feel annoyed! It’s your time to explore the solutions.

When Fitbit Alta HR is not in use, you can see its screen remains dimmed. In the moving time, if your wrist turns into you, it begins awaking up automatically. Or you can tap it double-time for turning it on again.

Remember, Alta HR only responds when it is tapped not to swipe.

Dip into our article that is for assisting you to get authentic information to learn How To Turn On Fitbit Alta HR accurately.

How To Turn On Fitbit Alta HR

To Turn On Fitbit Alta HR, you should set up Fitbit Alta HR devices first. Without setting up the device, you can’t turn on your device at all.

So, in this middle part of the article, we are going to show you the whole process gradually.

How to set up Fitbit Alta HR devices

Before setting up the Fitbit Alta HR device, you have to charge it first. Otherwise, it won’t turn. Here, we are providing you the charging process of the Fitbit Alta HR device.

Charging process of Fitbit Alta HR device

For charging the Fitbit Alta HR,

It would help if you plugged the included charging cable toward the USB port, which is on your PC or a charger.

Clip-on the opposite edge of the charger into the port on the reverse of the Alta HR.

Remember, you have to lock the charging cables pins along with the port securely. While the tracker is vibrating, you get realized that it is a secured connection. And you can also notice a battery symbol on the screen. Three seconds later, you can notice that the battery symbol is disappearing.

For full charging, it takes up to 2 hours. For monitoring its battery level, you can tap it gently during the tracker is charging. You know that the wholly charged tracker usually displays a fixed battery icon.

You may notice a message which is instructing you so that you can be able to set up the tracker if you did not set up your Fitbit Alta HR yet.

If you have made a Fitbit account now, follow our steps below carefully.

For using it amidst the tracker, use the Smart Phone, PC, Mac.

Connect Fitbit Alta Hr To A Phone, Tablet, Or PC

When you connect a Fitbit Alta HR to an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Windows 10 gadgets for transferring (or syncing) data into the Fitbit application, then you can see its stats in full view.

Before turning on your Fitbit Alta HR device, it requires connecting the Fitbit account with a phone, tablet, or computer. It supports transferring all data again by connecting the devices.

For setting up Fitbit Alta HR, we are providing you two simple methods as if you can understand properly.

Method 1: Set Up Fitbit Alta HR With Your Android Phone, Tablet And More

The free Fitbit app is entirely consistent with 200 plus gadgets, which supports Windows 10, Android, and the iPhone operating system.

For starting,

Step 1:

Go to the link below where you can find the Fitbit app.

It’s good to know that the AppStore is for downloading IOS Application.

The Google PlayStore is for Android gadgets such as One Plus, Google Pixel, Oppo, Lava, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Symphony, Motorola.

Also, we run MicrosoftStore for Windows devices like Lumia phone, Surface tablet.

Step 2:

if you didn’t create an account with that store yet, you have to create an account first. Download and install the App for creating the account.

Step 3:

After installing the App, you have to open the App and hit on the Join Fitbit to create your Fitbit account. For more information, follow our guidelines properly, which can help you the most.

Step 4:

For connecting Fitbit Alta HR with your mobile or tablet, keep following our on-screen directions. You can “pair” it also. The pairing is meaning that the tracker and phone or tab are now able to communicate with each other.

After doing the pairing, see our guide to know more extra about your current tracker, now you can explore your Fitbit dashboard.

Method 2:

There are two different parts under method 2 for presenting their processes immensely.

  1. i) Set up Fitbit Alta HR with your Windows 10 PC.
  2. ii) Set up Fitbit Alta HR with your Mac.

Set up Fitbit Alta HR with your Windows 10 PC

If you didn’t have an Android phone ever, don’t worry! Here’s another solution for you by using Windows 10 Computer (which runs with Bluetooth) and the Fitbit application.

You can be able to set up, sync, and more without any wire if your computer has Bluetooth connection option. Otherwise, you have to use the dongle that has come with your Fitbit Alta HR box previously.

To install the Fitbit app for your computer

Step 1:Select the Start button, which is on your PC, then open up the Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Go to the “Fitbit app,” next click on the “Free” for downloading the App into your PC automatically.

Step 3: When you have not downloaded the App onto your PC, you could prompt it by creating an account along with the MicrosoftStore.

Step 4: Tap on the “Microsoft account” for signing-in the Microsoft account, which you have created before. When you don’t have a Microsoft account, don’t get stressed! Follow our guidelines for creating a new Microsoft account.

Step 5: Here, you can follow Step 3 of Method 1.

Step 6: Follow the procedures from step 4 of Method 1 again.

Set up Fitbit Alta HR with your Mac

Since you are a Mac user, it is quite easy to set up the tracker with your Mac instantly, by using Bluetooth Connection.

For setting up this method, firstly, you have to install a software app named Fitbit. For installing the Fitbit to Connect and set up your tracker, follow the process.

For installing the Fitbit app on your Mac

Step 1: You have to go here,

Step 2: Scroll it down and tap on the option for downloading on Mac.

Step 3: When it prompts, save the appearing file.

Step 4: For opening the program which you installed before, search the file next and double-click on it.

Step 5: Select the “Continue” to go through the program which you have installed earlier.

Step 6: When prompt is complete, select “Set up a New Fitbit Device.”

Step 7: Follow our guidelines strictly so that you can create a new Fitbit account yourself. You also can log-in to your previous account.

After setting up your Fitbit Alta HR device, you can turn on your device within no time.

Connecting More Than One Tracker To Device

Fitbit Alta Hr provides you the function that you can be able to connect different models and multiple trackers into your gadgets.

If you necessitate to learn How to Turn On Fitbit Alta HR, but still you have no idea about how you can do it, then regard one of those above processes stepwise. Now, turn on your heart rated wristband within two methods.

We are hoping that our practicable article is capable of supporting you a lot, which can help you to understand these methods efficiently.