Resolve- Fitbit Versa Not Connecting to iPhone

fitbit versa not connecting to iphone

Is Fitbit versa not connecting to iPhone? I also encountered this problem. I was apprehensive then because I knew nothing about it.

After much research, I found a solution to this problem and was able to reconnect my Fitbit versa. Now I can solve this problem very quickly.

In this article, we will tell you how to solve Fitbit versa not connecting to iPhone issues very efficiently. By following this article, you can get rid of this problem too.

Fitbit Versa Not Connecting to iPhone How to Solve

If you are having trouble with any connection made to your phone, then you need to check some things first.

  • Check if the latest version of the Fitbit app has been downloaded to your phone.
  • To check if software updates have been made to your mobile device, first go to Settings and click General and tap on Software updates.
  • Be careful not to have any other Bluetooth devices nearby, as those devices may interfere with your sync process.
  • Note that the battery on your Fit device is dangerously low.

Are you still having trouble following the above process? Fitbit versa not connecting to iPhone. Then go along with the below methods.

Method: 1

This is the first method shown to us. This way, you may have to log in to your Fit account on another mobile or computer, so you have to place a mobile or computer or a tab nearby optionally.

Step: 1

You forcefully close your Fitbit app.

Step: 2

Then go to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Then turn Bluetooth off and restart.

Step: 3

Try to connect after unlocking the Fitbit app. If the Fit device is not connected, turn your phone off and back on.

Step: 4

After opening the phone, open the Fitbit app again. If it is not connected, turn it off again>again.

Step: 5

If you still do not have a Fitbit device attached, log in to another phone, tab, or computer to check your account.

Step: 6

Once your Fitbit device is not connected, try connecting to your Fitbit account by deleting all other devices from the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your mobile device.

Method: 2

If you are not capable of solving the problem by the first method, then you can follow this procedure. Let’s look at the two-step process:

Step: 1

Go to your iPhone’s Settings and test Bluetooth. If you see your version on the list, forget it.

Step: 2

Delete the Fitbit app from iPhone.

Step: 3

Then take your phone also your device to a room where there is no Bluetooth device other than your device.

Step: 4

Download the Fitbit app from the App Store a set up the Versa device again according to our instructions.

Note: The Fitbit version setup process is provided below for your convenience.

How to sign up for Fitbit on iPhone

To connect Fitbit with Versa device to your iPhone, you need to have a Fitbit account. How to Make a Fitbit Account? We show you how to create a Fitbit account.

Step: 1

Unlock the Fitbit app on your iPhone or iPad and Tap Join Fitbit.

Step: 2

Scroll the list and tap on the Fitbit device you have. Tap Set Up.

Step: 3

Fill out your account details and click the Checkboxes to agree to the terms of service and to sign up for Fitbit’s advertising and news emails.

Step: 4

Tap Next >Tap Let’s Go.

Step: 5

Use the sliders to enter your birthday >Tap Next.

Step: 6

Swipe up-down on the ruler to enter height > Tap Next.

Step: 7

Select one of the two gender options > Tap Next.

Step: 8

Swipe left-right on the slider to enter the weight and Tap Create an account.

Step: 9

Please scroll down on the terms and conditions, Tap I Agree.

You now have an account, and you can start using Fit.  Now connect your device to your iPhone.

How to pair Fitbit to the iPhone

After doing a Fit account, you need to connect the device to the mobile using the app. The process of connecting a Fitbit Versa device is shown below:

Step: 1

Tap the account button of the Fitbit app and Tap Set Up a Device.

Step: 2

Select the Fitbit that you want to pair from the available list and Plug your Fitbit into its charger. Tap Next.

Step: 3

Now the Fitbit app will search for the device. Now enter the code which appears on your Fitbit’s screen.

Step: 4

Tap “Next” throughout the setup screens. Read the information to learn more about your device. You can now start tracking your account login to track your activity.


So far, we have shown you how to troubleshoot an iPhone’s fabled version of the connection very quickly. I hope you found a way to solve your problem Fitbit versa not connecting to iPhone. We always put you through our research on ways to solve your complications.

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